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Single Dust Recovery and Pneumatic Fan (SNDP

  1. Course: Project | By: Ahmad Qureshi 1
  2. 2 Projects Benefits Revamping Dust Recovery & Pneumatic System of Cigarette factory to hit the Energy and efficient and quality feed of tobacco to ‘Making machines’. 39 individual fans replaced by two dust and pneumatic fans
  3. Who has done this Project? My Role in the Organization EEFs OPAs 3
  4. 4
  5. 5 Requirements Documentation Management Plan Traceability Matrix
  6. 6
  7.    7 
  8. 8 Scope Baseline Stakeholder
  9.  9
  10. 10
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  12. 12
  13. 13 ProcurementStatementofWork The work to be done on each procurement is called procurement statement of work. The procurement statement of work must be clear, complete and as concise as possible. It should also describe the work and activities that the seller is required to complete. The activities also include meetings, reports and communications.
  14. 14 ProcurementStatementofWork Types Design Equipment Purchasing |Cardwell Functional Functional requirements | Local Contractors
  15. 15 ContractType|Selected Fixed price | EPA Design procurement FP|AF Functional Procurement
  16. RFP IFB RFQ 16
  17. 17 No of years in business Financial stability Ability to complete work on time Price or lifecycle of product Technical ability Quality of past performance Selection Criteria Selected Sellers Seller Ratting System Independent Estimates
  18. 18