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Lifestyle Modification

  1. LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION Rumani Chakraborty 3rd Year, Electrical Engineering IIEST, Shibpur 1
  2. Lifestyle includes the behaviour and activities that make up your daily life. This depends on: 2 LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 2 What is meant by Lifestyle? Work done Food eaten Leisure activities done
  3. LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION What is meant by Lifestyle Modification? Lifestyle modification involves altering long-term habits, typically of eating or physical activity, and maintaining the new behaviour for months or years. 33
  4. With increasing prevalence of life-style diseases in India, one out of four Indians is at risk of dying from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardio-vascular ailments or cancer before the age of 70, according to estimates of various global and domestic organizations. 4 LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 44 Health Problems associated with Lifestyle Modification
  5. 5 LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 5 Behavioural Material Psychological Environmental Pollution StressDiet Smoking Alcohol consumption Drug addiction Lack of physical activity Health Problems associated with Lifestyle Modification
  6. LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 6 Health Problems related to Diet Reasons • Increase in sugar intake • Consumption of sodas • Increase in calorie intake • Intake of processed foods • Decrease in egg consumption • Usage of processed fats and oils Effects • Lack of energy • Poor concentration • Heart disease • High cholesterol • Obesity
  7. Health Problems related to Smoking Short term effects • Heart rate • Blood pressure • Injury to heart and blood vessels Long time effects • Loss of appetite • Yellowing of teeth • Halitosis (Bad breath) • Lung cancer • Low sperm count (in males) LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 7 Smoking as a strong addiction Increase of smoking among youth Availability of smoking implements such as cigars, hookah, etc.
  8. Health Problems related to Alcohol Consumption Short term effects • Heavy sweating • Blurry vision • Nausea • Anxiety • Mental confusion Long time effects • Brain damage • Cancer • Ulcers in stomach and intestines • Irregular heart rate • Fewer sperm count (in males) • Harm to unborn babies (in females) LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 8 Drinking with others considered to be “cool” Major impacts on health of today’s youth
  9. Health Problems related to Drugs LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 9 A disorder, now commonly seen in youth Willing to try under peer pressure or depression Amount of intake determines the effect Effects • Weakening of immunity system • Nausea, vomiting • Abdominal pain • Decrease in liver function • Infection in heart • Adverse effect to central nervous system
  10. Health Problems related to Lack of Physical Inactivity LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 10 Sedentary activities like sitting, reading, watching television, playing video games etc. Increased use of automobiles and other technologies. Effects: lethargy, obesity, pain in bones and muscles Sitting Watching TV Playing video games
  11. LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION 11 How to modify our Lifestyle? Balanced diet No smoking No alcohol No drugs Include physical activities Regular and adequate sleep