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Marketing is What We Do

  1. Marketing is What We Do Ruth Burr Lead SEO SEOmoz @ruthburr
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  3. Don’t Make Me Yell “Show Me the Money” @ruthburr
  4. What Does Grandma Think You Do? @ruthburr Image Source
  5. It’s Called “Marketing.” @ruthburr
  6. It’s Called Marketing “Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. Marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the art of selling products, but selling is only a small fraction of marketing. As the term "Marketing" may replace "Advertising" it is the overall strategy and function of promoting a product or service to the customer.” - @ruthburr
  7. Remember This? @ruthburr
  8. How About This? From 2005! Poor choice in naming, Mr. and Mrs. Doll. @ruthburr
  9. Everybody Loves Panda! I mean look at this guy. @ruthburr
  10. How Google Makes Money @ruthburr
  11. Why Building Links is Important @ruthburr Image Source
  12. Why Building Content is Important @ruthburr Image Source
  13. Why Not Being Spammy is Important @ruthburr Image Source
  14. Why Google Loves Brands ™ @ruthburr
  15. Inbound Marketing Metrics • Engagement • Share of Voice • Revenue/Sales/Leads • LTV • Multi-touch attribution • Repeat traffic and customers @ruthburr
  16. What’s Your Secret? Eat less. Exercise more. @ruthburr
  17. SEO Tactics That Never Stop Working @ruthburr
  18. Talk About Your Stuff In the Language People Use to Search NOT “chocolate cupcake” “mini cocoa cake” @ruthburr Image Source
  19. Make Sure Robots Can Crawl & Parse Your Site @ruthburr Image Source
  20. Fix Your Broken Stuff @ruthburr Image Source
  21. Create Good Stuff People Want & Encourage Sharing @ruthburr
  22. Build Relationships that Build Links that Drive Traffic @ruthburr Image Source
  23. Make Sure Users Get What They Want/Expect @ruthburr Image Source
  24. Thank You! Ruth Burr Lead SEO SEOmoz @ruthburr

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  1. How many of you want links? How many of you want traffic? How many want better rankings? Do you really want these things, or do you want MONEY?
  2. Marketing is what we do.
  3. Marketing! LOOK IT UP. This is what we do. Notice it doesn’t say anything about links, or Google, or PageRank, or anything. Marketing is about promoting and selling things to people. People are the ones who have money to give you!
  4. Remember when pagerank sculpting was a thing? And it took a ton of work? And then it stopped working?
  5. This is a comment that came through on the SEOmoz blog just the other day. People are still trying to build links with blog comment spam and it’s terrrrrrrible.
  6. I love panda! The Panda update was really stressful for SEOs but it was actually great for searchers. Remember when you couldn’t search for anything without getting an eHow or article? How frustrating and not useful that was? I’m glad that’s better now.
  7. When we’re doing SEO it’s important to remember how Google makes money. Whenever you use a web service for free, it’s because what they’re selling is you. Google makes money because they have the biggest market share, which means they can charge the most for ads because they have the most available impressions. That means that Google has a vested interest in making sure that people who search on Google can find what they’re looking for, so they keep using Google, so Google can keep charging so much for ads. Everything we do to try to rank in Google should be focused on helping Google achieve that goal – help people find what they’re looking for.
  8. Search engines look at links because they’re social proof. They want to know that other people think you’re good and know what you’re talking about. Guess what? People want to know that too. Why not build links that are going to drive people – people with MONEY – back to your website?
  9. Content is important because that’s what people consume online. It’s what they like. It’s what they share. If you’re not creating content for people, you’re not creating content that search engines want to rank, because they’re interested in what people want. Also, again, people are the ones who have money. Plus, if you create content just for search engines you are helping to ruin the internet, our most precious resource, and fill it up with spam.
  10. When you hire a plumber, you know more or less what he or she is going to do. You hire a plumber because they have specialized skills and tools that you don’t have. If you hired a plumber and they refused to tell you anything about what they were doing, you probably wouldn’t want to pay them. It’s the same with SEO. EXCEPT, if you hire a plumber and he/she does a bad job, you don’t think “plumbing must not work.” That’s the danger of doing shady SEO. You impact the whole industry’s reputation. It’s time to start treating SEO like a legitimate business practice and doing legitimate business things instead of tricks and spam.
  11. Google loves brands because brands have trust. Brands have authority, and that’s what Google’s all about. Stop complaining about brands outranking you and start thinking about how you can build a brand. Branding is an old-school tactic, much older than the web. It’s marketing. It’s what we do.
  12. Here are some of the old-school Marketing metrics that apply to inbound marketing today. Notice that “number of links” is not one of them.
  13. SEO is like losing weight. When people ask “what’s your secret?” and you say “eat less, exercise more” they get bummed and say “that sounds hard.” It IS hard! But it works. Creating great content and building real relationships and a strong brand takes a long time, but it works and it never stops working.
  14. Keyword research just means speaking to people in their own language.
  15. Don’t do pagerank sculpting. Don’t worry about keyword density. Instead, make sure robots can easily find and completely crawl your site and tell what each page is about.
  16. Google doesn’t want to send people to a broken site. The less broken your site is, the better off you’ll be.
  17. Creating stuff that people like is the best way to build a brand and a community. You want people to say “Oh I love them” when someone mentions your site. You do that by creating content and an experience that people like. That’s how you get shares and links!
  18. All 3 of those traits are important. Relationships that build links that drive traffic. Links alone aren’t enough. They should be links that a person could see, click on, come to your site and buy something. Those are the most valuable links for search engines, too. If you take the time to build RELATIONSHIPS, instead of just links, you can find sources who will share and link to your content over and over again.
  19. If someone’s searching “cookie recipe” don’t take them to a page that says “buy cookies.” It’s not enough to rank for a keyword if nobody buys anything, so make sure you’ve got a great user experience and that your content matches searcher intent.