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How to Launch Your Business with $100 in 15 Days

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What’s Rype Journal

Rype Journal was created for you.

Rype Journal is an inclusive space where we pull back the curtains every month to give you an inside look at the backstages of Rype by sharing our updates, learnings, and resources used for the month stated.

Each month, you’ll find in our published journal: what’s new for the month, what we’ve learned, and what’s coming up in the future for Rype.
Why We Share a Monthly Journal

As we’ve shared in our Manifesto, education and learning is at the core of our mission at Rype.

Our goal with Rype Journal is to spread the knowledge, lessons, and resources we have learned to our supporters (whom we refer to as “Rypers”), so you can learn from our lessons, and increase your chances of success.

We’re doing this because we know how difficult it can be to start something new, and we believe in the power of passing along the knowledge we have gained along the way through teaching.
After all, teaching is the most important foundation of Rype.

The journal is not just for entrepreneurs or businessowners building their own businesses, but it’s for creatives, language learners, and anyone who has the curiousity to learn about the backgrounds of a startup company from the groundup, resources you can adopt to improve the quality of your life, and lessons in business & life that are rarely talked about in the media.

Ready… Steady… Rype!

Read the full article at: http://rypeapp.com/blog/journal-june-2015/

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How to Launch Your Business with $100 in 15 Days

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