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  1. 1. Scott Sittner “Not a Desk Jockey” I am Hands On. I can Lead, Train, or Do It Myself. Project Manager, Person in Charge (PIC), Generalist in Overall Industrial Quality Management QA/QC, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO/IEC 17025, AS 9100, NCA 3800, ANSI Z540.1, and ANSI, ASME NQA-1, ASME Section III, 10 CFR50 Appendix B 9001, Certified Lead Auditor, Supply Chain Manager, Conduct of Operations, Licensing, Commissioning, Decommissioning, Safety, Environmental, Health Compliance (Developed the Department of Energy Requirement Source Document Program) Process Improvement, Training, Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), New-Construction Overview, Operations, Human Performance, Corrective Action, Work Package Closure, Document Review Expert, Continuous Improvement, Root Cause Analysis, Human Performance, Total Quality Expert. Email: scott_sittner@yahoo.com (initial contact by email preferred) Mailing Address: Scott Sittner 3377 BETHEL RD, SE STE. 107, PMB #150 PORT ORCHARD, WA 98366 U.S.A. LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-sittner-600b8997 SKYPE Address: USA & International SKYPE (Telephone Line, Video and or Audio):scott.sittner Primary Number: USA Telephone Direct Line SKYPE (I can access Internationally): (360) 205-3822 Qualifications • Over 30 Years Experience, as an accomplished, “Hands On”, Project Manager, Person in Charge (PIC), Senior Quality Assurance-Control Director, Manager and Consultant, ASME Certified NQA-1 Lead Auditor (10 Separate Certifications) Certified Audit Trainer, Certified DOD Level III Lead Auditor, Process Improvement Professional, Conduct of Operations,. Rad Worker II Qualified for both DOD, DOE ISMS and DOE operations, including Commercial Nuclear ASME Stamp Acquisition. Developed the first Nuclear Waste Cask Quality Program in the USA. ASME NQA-1, NRC Inspection Manual 51051, 10 CFR 50, Appendix B and ASME Section III, NCA-3000 & 4000. AS9100/ISO9000. • Quality Assurance Records created in compliance with regulatory requirements - such as Engineering Change, Action Tracking, Procurement Engineering, etc.; or process documents - such as Work Order Packages, RRPs, RFQs, Purchase Orders, Contracts. Developer of the S/RID Program. • Senior Management level experience in planning, directing, organizing, and controlling complicated National and International Projects of various types, BWR and PWR Commercial Nuclear, Coal Fired, Power, Cogeneration/Combined Cycle, BOP, Petroleum, Construction, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Natural Gas, Federal Grant and Environmental Projects to include Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NNSA and the Army Corps of Engineers. • Proven, Professional, Know-How of DOE, DOD, National Laboratory, Commercial Nuclear, Manufacturing, Site/Client/Vendor, Operating Policies, Procedures, Licensing, Requirements, Regulations both Scientific and Technical. On the National and International level. Practical, Hands-On, Experience and Knowledge of Nuclear and Electrical Work Control Processes, Procedure Compliance, Managing Hazardous Energy, to include the Development, Review and Approval, Work Assignment, Creation, Issuance and Execution, Close-Out of Work Control Packages, Associated Lock-Outs, Tag-Outs and Turnover. Developed and Monitored the Execution of Site Work Scope, Work Performance and Schedules.10 CFR Part 21, 50, 71, 72, 73.21., App B, ASME Section III, NQA-1, EM-QA-001, related DOE guides such as DOE-G-414.1-4, DOE Order 414.1D, and IAEA-TECDOC-1169, NCA-3800, NCA-4000, RCRA 40 CFR, (261.4C) CERCLA 104- 120, NEPA, APQP, PPAP, AS9100C, ISO9001 and other QA systems. License Termination Rule (LTR) (10 CFR Part 20, Subpart E). NUREG-1757, DOE-STD-1029, • “Consolidated NMSS DeCom Guidance”, Regulatory Guide 1.184 Decom of Nuclear Power Reactors. • Project Manager of a $400 and $175 million dollar budget, commercial nuclear Construction and Operational Reengineering / Process Improvement / Licensing effort. • Developed numerous Process Improvement programs, to include procedures, training and related software. Functioned as the Master Black-Belt for DOD Chemical-Demilitarization Project. • Proven record of establishing cost effective project controls, value engineering, configuration mgmt.. and records mgmt.. systems. DSA/TSR Implementation in a Haz-Cat 2 Nuclear Facility. • Strong leadership, customer commitment, creative problem solving and integrity. • Established leader in Operational and Programmatic Readiness, RCRA/TSCA. • Exceptional grasp of Root Cause Analysis and Business Process Improvement concepts FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 1 OF 8
  2. 2. • ASME “N” Stamp Program Development, Audit, Acquisition and Program Maintenance. • Human Performance, Error Awareness and Error-Reduction Techniques. Employment History 2012 - Present Project Manager, Quality Management & Consultant, Transition Manager, 2001 - 2011 Certified Lead Auditor, Chief Quality Engineer, Person in Charge (PIC): 1996 Self Employed Contractor to varied industries, Port Orchard, WA.. Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Energy, Los Alamos, PBMR, ConocoPhillips, SEMPRA, SOCALGAS, PSEP, Natural Gas, Commercial Nuclear, Industrial, Electrical, Manufacturing and Contract Engineering Companies, developed, ISO, ASME NQA-1, QC-1 Management Programs for Government, Commercial Nuclear, Dry Cask Storage, Chemical Demilitarization, Petroleum, Chemical, Medical Device Manufacturing and more. • Performed process needs, licensing, conduct of operations and improvement analysis; licensing expertise, restructured total program as needed; developed and wrote procedural documentation to meet requirements and to support the various goals of the client. ASME Stamp Program Preparation and Acquisition. • Rewrote site Audit, Surveillance and Management Programs. • Evaluated 400 Petroleum Vendors-Suppliers for product and service ISO Quality while Audit Manager for a World Class Petroleum Project in BoHai, China. • Performed surveillances in Code of Federal Regulations Compliance, 1910.120 Hazardous Waste Operations and Compliance, Continuous Improvement, Industrial Hygiene, Quality Program, Temporary Modification, Management Plan, Standard Operating Procedures, Training and Work Orders, RCRA.TSCA. • Reviewed turnover packages for Pre-Commissioning and Systemization, evaluated vendor Quality Assurance Programs to the Quality Program Plan. • While contracted to the PBMR, Pebble Bed Modular Reactor. Johannesburg, SA. Mr. Sittner wrote and defined the Nuclear Quality Program by merging ASME- NQA-1 Program to ISO 9001 in support of the transitioning from a conceptual development phase to one of international project delivery. • Upon completion of the Design Feasibility Study, Mr. Sittner developed 42 sets of Project Management and Control Processes and Procedures. In areas of process improvement, engineering, procurement, construction management and project management in order to take the project from the conceptual phase through Interim Phase for the design, development, construction and commissioning of a Demonstration Pebble Bed Modular Reactor Power Plant. (11/01 to 02/11) Nuclear Projects La Salle Nuclear Station, Pebble Bed Modular Nuclear Station, Davis Besse, Los Alamos, United Arab Emirates.: Chemical Water Treatment: Lyondell 2011 - 2012 Corporate Quality Consultant, Nuclear Overseas Quality Department, Person in Charge (PIC): • DOOSAN Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Ltd. Changwon, South Korea. • Recognized as the largest Nuclear Fabricator in the World. • Developed the Corporate Root Cause Analysis Program, performed related training activities, Conduct of Operations and RCA activities as Team Leader. • Analyzed and redlined as required, the entire Nuclear Quality Collection of Requirements, of over100 procedures. Enhanced Cyber Security Process. • Supported Audit by the USNRC, Utility Owner and Customer • Reviewed and supported the NCR and DN process, Corrective Action Program • Analyzed quality tendencies and incorporated improvement. • Established the Vendor Oversight Plan. • Established Proactive, Preventive Action Plan on Quality Issues • Set-Up Curriculum of Quality Training and Education. • Established Counterfeit and Fraudulent Item Process. • Set-Up Commercial Grade Dedication Process and Procedure. • Set-Up Self-Assessment Procedure and Conducted Self-Assessments. FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 2 OF 8
  3. 3. • Communication support. (03/11 to 03/12) Nuclear Projects: Tepco Mutsu-Cask, Shin-Wolsong 1&2, Shin-Kori 1,2,3,4, Shin-Ulchin, Vogtle 3&4, VC Summer 2&3, Sanmen. 2000 - 2001 Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager, Certified Lead Auditor, Conduct of Operations, Person in Charge (PIC): • BNFL (A British Crown Corporation) Scotts Valley, CA • Responsible for the ANSI, ASME, NQA Program dealing with Design and Fabrication Management of Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Components with reference to 10 CFR part 71 Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material and part 72 Licensing Requirements for the Independent Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste. Dry Cask Program. • Developed the Corporate Process Improvement Program, Conducted internal and supplier audits, conduct of operations, corrective actions to closure, statistical process control, maintained corporate manuals and procedures, • Interfaced with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (10/00-11/01) ANO-1 2000 Site Quality Assurance/Control Manager, Certified Level III Lead Auditor, (PIC) • United Nations, Department of Defense, United States Army, EG&G, Tooele, UT. Defined the Site DOD Quality Program and established the site ISO 9001 / 14001, Six Sigma Program, Site Conduct of Operations. • Spearheaded the site restart effort follow a site shutdown by the DOD subsequent to the release of toxic agent into the atmosphere. Developed, managed and was accountable for all aspects of the Restart Effort for a 24-hour chemical demilitarization operation and subcontracts (largest effort in the world) in conformance with the Program Management for Chemical Demilitarization requirements, National consensus Quality Standards, and internal (EG&G) and external Government Standards. Responsible for the physical operation of the site laboratory and analysis for toxic agents. (7/00–11/00) 1998 - 2000 Vice President, Project Manager, Director of Quality Assurance, Transition Manager, Person in Charge (PIC): • Thucydides LLC, Stevensville, MI (Partner) • Project Manager for the Operational and Programmatic Readiness portion of the D.C. Cook nuclear restart effort. Responsible for the evaluation and problem resolution of all NRC Operational and Programmatic Process Improvement Issues which had placed D.C. Cook on the NRC “ Watch List”. CON-Ops. • Provided overview of Licensing, Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions. • Prime Consultant for the Quality Assurance Program Description Rewrite effort. • Developed the logic and requirements for the Consumer Power’s Storage Cask effort in support of S&L and Thucydides LLC (9/98-6/00) DC Cook Nuclear Station, Big Rock Nuclear 1992-1998 Project Manager Quality, Price-Anderson Compliance Officer, RCRA/TSCA, DNFSB POC, Certified Lead Auditor, Transition Manager, Person in Charge (PIC): • Hanford Environmental Restoration Effort, Richland, WA, Corporate Price- Anderson Compliance Officer, Corporate DNFSB POC, Project Management and Total Quality Management-Improvement Authority. Responsibilities included Site and Plant Process Improvement, Management Systems and Plans for Program, Acquisition, Business, Configuration, Conduct of Operations, Environmental Compliance, Health and Safety, Licensing, Information Resources, Public Involvement, Qualification and Training, Systems engineering, Test and Evaluation, and Total Quality. ISMS and DOE. • Developed template for National TWRS Program Management Integrating Procedures. Established functional element tree definition, requirements policy/strategy, application, and requirements hierarchy. TRU Waste, Tank Waste Remediation System Projects: Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant, Initial Pretreatment Module, Multi-Function Waste Tank Facility, Multi-Purpose Processing and Storage Complex, and Tank Waste Projects. FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 3 OF 8
  4. 4. • Developed the Management Execution Plan Template, Site Configuration Management Plan, Self-Evaluation Program for the Award Fee Plan, Project Charters. Participated in the areas of Value Engineering, Commercial Facilities Design and Construction Process. Defined Compliance Assessment Program, Performed Audits, Management Assessments and Surveillances in Env. Health, Safety and Quality, Con-Ops DOE O422.1. (9/92/96,9/96-9/98) 1987-1992 Senior Site Construction Project Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, (PIC): • ENSYS, Columbia, MO. Business Process Analysis and Process Improvement. (Owner) • Managed varied staffs to 800-2000 Professional Personnel, Provided Business Management, Technical, Maintenance and Quality expertise in Project Management. As the Senior Site Project Manager, directed the activity of 35 Project Managers from multi-corporations. Responsible for budgeting, planning, scheduling, project controls, resolution of employee concerns and Quality of all projects relating to: Civil, HVAC, Cable Tray, Conduit, Small/Large Bore Piping, Instrument Lines, Concrete, Training, Licensing, Materials Control, Corrective Actions, Mechanical/Nuclear/Civil Calculations, simulators and associated QA records. • Reduced projects budget by >$17,000,000. Established controls and maintained schedule. Responsible for evaluating, compliance with and effectiveness of Watts Bar’s engineering, construction and start up programs, such as: Design Basis Verification Program, Fire Protection, Electrical/Cable Issues, Vendor Information, Q-List, Radiation Instrumentation, Licensing and other Engineering Programs. Reengineering Process Improvement Manager with $300,000,000. budget. (7/87-9/92 and 6/96-9/96) Nuclear Projects: Yucca Mountain, Watts Bar Nuclear Station, Indian Point Nuclear Station 1986-1987 Vice President of Operations and General Manager, Project Manager Person in Charge (PIC), Director of Quality Assurance,Cert. Lead Auditor: • Plant Technical Services , Hurst, TX. Managed 200 professional and technical employees in the field of Nuclear Consulting and Licensing. (8/86-7/87) Nuclear Projects: Clinton Nuclear Station, Comanche Peak Nuclear Station, Callaway Nuclear Station, Zion Nuclear Station Coal Fired Projects: Big Brown Steam Electric Station, Fayette Power Project, Limestone Electric Generating Station, Martin Lake Steam Electric Station, Monticello Steam Electric Station. Cogeneration/Combined Cycle: Pigeon Point Landfill Energy 1985-1986 Project Manager, Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Transition Manager, Person in Charge (PIC), Certified Lead Auditor: • IMPELL, Lincolnshire, IL . Provided expertise in Project Management, Process Analysis-Improvement, Maintenance and Quality Assurance. • Responsible for 250 engineers and designers, Administrative Controls, ALARA, Allegation Investigation, Audit, Business Analysis, Certification, Configuration Management, Corrective Action, Employee Concerns, Field Engineering, Issues Management, Licensing, Management Assessment, Procedures, Program/Process Development, Program Management, Quality Assurance, Records Management, Regulatory Compliance, Systems Engineering, and Training. (7/85-8/86) Nuclear Projects: Comanche Peak Nuclear Station, Dresden Nuclear Station, Cooper, Fort Calhoun, Zion Nuclear Station Coal Fired Projects: Fisk Electric Generating Station, Joliet 29 Generating Station, Waukegan Electric Generating Station 1983-1985 Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Person in Charge (PIC): • Source Associates, Lamar, MO. (Owner) • Owner-Manager of Engineering Systems and Process Analysis. Responsible for 4 Level III Supervisory Engineers, 12 Lead Engineers, 300 Engineers and Technical Assistants, through Engineering Activity, Review, Problem Resolution, and Close. Instituted Priority Scheduling, Verification, and Status control. Established Program Policy, and Reporting. FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 4 OF 8
  5. 5. • Developed Programs in ALARA, Allegation Investigation, Audit, Certification, Diagnostics, Document Review, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control, Employee Concerns, Licensing, Management Assessment, Plant Maintenance, Mechanical, Procedures, Process Reengineering, Procurement, Project Management, Receipt Inspection, Records Management, Staffing, Statistical Process Control, Surveillance, Subcontracts, Systems engineering, Vendor Surveillance and Training. (11/83-7/85) Nuclear Projects: Clinton Nuclear Station 1983 Quality Assurance Manager, Transition Manager, Person in Charge (PIC): • EBASCO, New York, NY. Managing Engineer over Quality Assurance, staff of 85, Supervisors, Lead Engineers, Engineers, Clerks, and Technicians. • Functional Activity included Business Processes, Problem Resolution, Licensing, Document Review, Records Management, Turnover, and Startup. in the areas of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Controls, CMI, HVAC, Information Management, Welding, Structural Steel, NDE, Training, and Procurement. Administered the project turnover with a savings of $30 million to the client. (6/83-11/83) Nuclear Projects: Waterford III Nuclear Station 1981-1983 Certified Quality Engineer II: Fluor Daniel International, Fulton, MO Electrical, I&C, Mechanical Callaway Nuclear Station 1981 Management Consultant: Source Associates, Lamar, MO 1980-1981 Student/Instructor: University of Delaware, Newark, DE 1979-1980 Professor: Indian Hills College, Ottumwa, IA 1978-1979 Director: National Endowment Grant, Washington, D.C. 1977-1978 Teacher/Coach: East Newton Schools, Granby, M0 1975-1977 Teacher: Neosho Public Schools, Neosho, M0 1975 Teacher: TOEFL Crowder College, Neosho, MO 1971-1975 Construction Management: Coats Construction Co., Carthage, M0 1969-1971 Infantry Rifleman, 0311: United States Marine Corps, Viet Nam Veteran Rifle / Pistol Instructor Education (All Education is from Legitimate, Fully NCATE Accredited, Federal and State Supported Institutions.) Fulbright Scholar Belgium, Netherlands International Exchange of Scholars M.S. Education Pittsburg State University B.S. Education Missouri Southern State University A.A. Education Missouri Southern State University Postgraduate Management University of Delaware Postgraduate Academic Dean Certification University of Iowa Certifications Systems Engineering Systems Management Development Corp. Washington State University Configuration Management (CMII) (Separate, Distinct, Certifications) Institute of Configuration Management, Arizona State Univ., Univ. of Leeds, Univ. of Tennessee • Configuration Definition and Documentation • Engineering Change Control and Traceability • Change Boards and Change Administration • Formal CM Requirements and Legal Liabilities • Organize to Manage the Resource Drivers • Comprehensive Review of the CM Process • Software Configuration Management Certified Quality Assurance Level III (ANSI/ASME NQA-1, ANSI N45.2.6, 10 CFR 50, separate, distinct certifications) • Quality Assurance Management (all technical disciplines) • Electrical / Instrumentation & Controls FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 5 OF 8
  6. 6. • Vendor Program and Product Surveillance • Mechanical • Procurement and Subcontracts • Vendor Surveillance • Receipt Inspection • Documentation • Certified Lead Quality Auditor (10 Separate Certifications) ANSI/ASME N45.2.23/NQA-1, 10 CFR 50 • Certified Quality Audit Program Trainer ANSI/ASME N45.2.12/NQA-1, 10 CFR 50 • Quality Assurance Management Certification U.S. Army Corps of Engineers • Employee Concerns Program Training Commercial Nuclear • Employee Concerns Program Interviewing Commercial Nuclear • Employee Concerns Program Investigation Commercial Nuclear • Radiation Worker Commercial Nuclear • Hazardous Materials Department of Defense • Hazardous Waste Operations Department of Defense • Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Department of Defense • Plant Systems Description Department of Defense • Process Development Department of Energy • Root Cause Analysis Department of Energy • Risk Evaluation Department of Energy • Occurrence Reporting Department of Energy • Performance Measurement Department of Energy • Statistical Process Control Department of Energy • Suspect Counterfeit Items Department of Energy • Team Building Department of Energy • DOE O 422.1, Conduct of OperationsDepartment of Energy • Permanent Professional Certificate: Iowa, No 203906, Academic & Vocational, College Director/Dean • Permanent Secondary Certificate: Missouri, Public Teaching Presentations and Publications • How to Survive an Audit, U.S. Department of Energy, 1989 • Scientific Notebooks, U.S. Department of Energy, 1989 (Official Federal Standard) • Commercial Nuclear Requirements Information Source Documents Program, 1991 • WIPP Site Project Management Plan, Westinghouse, 1991 • The Performance Based Assessment Program, U.S. Department of Energy, © 1991 • Hanford Configuration Management Plan, Westinghouse 1994 • LaSalle Operational Plan, COMED 1996 • Commercial Nuclear Process Improvement Team Work Book, © 1996 • The Pro Active Management System, © 1997 • Operational Readiness Review, It’s Components, Structure and Purpose, 1998 • Root Cause Analysis Made Easy, 1999 • Root Cause, Problem Discovery and Resolution, U.S. Department of Defense, 2000 • Diagramming Quality Management Relationships, U.S. Department of Defense, 2000 • The Defense in Depth Quality Model, 2000 • Auditor Training Evaluation Techniques, 2000 • Corporate Auditing Program, First Energy, 2001 • Quality Assurance and Control from the Ground Up, © 2001 • HAZWOPER: An Evaluation, U.S. Department of Energy, 2002 • A Graded Approach to Quality Assurance, 2003 • The ASME NQA-1 Standard, A Developmental Evaluation, 2003, NQA-1 History and Basic Elements 2011 • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis 2011 • Root Cause Analysis: Conducting the Process and the Investigation 2011 FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 6 OF 8
  7. 7. • The Root Cause Timeline and Sequence of Events 2011 • The Wide Variety of Root Cause Methodology 2011 • The Root Cause Analysis Causal Factor Tree 2011 • The Root Cause Analysis 5 Why Process 2011 • Root Cause Change Analysis 2011 • Root Cause and Effect Diagram 2011 • Root Cause Tool: Initial Root Cause Report 2011 / Root Cause Tool: Causal Factor Worksheet 2011 • Root Cause Tool: Change Analysis Worksheet 2011 / Root Cause Tool: Change Cause Analysis 2011 • Root Cause Tool: Fishbone Diagram Template 2011 • Root Cause Tool: Root Cause Analysis Worksheet 2011 • Root Cause Tool: Structure of a Problem and Quality Flow Chart Template 2011 Affiliations • National Council on Systems Engineering membership no. 1925 • American Society for Quality membership no. 99975 • American Nuclear Society membership no. 90002 • Association for Configuration and Data Management membership no. 284 • Freemason, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shrine General Information • All information contained in this resume is certified to be true and correct. • U.S. Security Clearances: (USMC (previous) Top Secret, none currently required, other than standard site access.) • Country of Citizenship: USA Fossil / Coal-Fired Power Station Activities Big Brown Steam Electric Station 1,187 MW TXU Generation Company Fairfield, TX Fayette Power Project 1,690 MW Lower Colorado River Authority La Grange, TX Fisk Electric Generating Station 374 MW Midwest Generation EME LLC Chicago, IL Joliet 29 Generating Station 1,320 MW NRG Energy Joliet, IL Limestone Electric Generating Station 1,706 MW Texas Genco II Jewett, TX Martin Lake Steam Electric Station 2,380 MW Energy Future Holdings Tatum, TX Monticello Steam Electric Station 1,980 MW TXU Generation Company Mount Pleasant, TX Waukegan Electric Generating Station 803 MW Midwest Generations EME LLC Waukegan, IL Cogeneration/Combined Cycle Pigeon Point Landfill Energy Delaware Solid Waste Authority Wilmington, DE Nuclear Power Stations and Department of Energy Site Activities Arkansas Nuclear 1 2,568 MW PWR Entergy Operations, Inc Russellville, AR Arkansas Nuclear 2 3,026 MW PWR Entergy Operations, Inc Russellville, AR Argonne National Laboratory Department of Energy Lemont, IL Big Rock Point 67 MW BWR Consumers Energy Charlevoix, MI Braidwood Station, Unit 1 3,645 MW PWR Exelon Generation Co., LLC Braceville, IL Braidwood Station, Unit 2 3,645 MW PWR Exelon Generation Co., LLC Braceville, IL Callaway Plant, Unit 1 3,565 MW PWR Union Electric Co. Fulton, MO Clinton Power Station, Unit 1 3,473 MW BWR Exelon Generation Co., LLC Clinton, IL Columbia Generating Station 3,486 MW BWR Energy Northwest Richland, WA Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 3,612 MW PWR Luminant Generation Co., LLC Glen Rose, TX Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 3,612 MW PWR Luminant Generation Co., LLC Glen Rose, TX Cooper Nuclear Station 2,419 MW BWR Nebraska Public Power District Brownville, NE Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 2,817 MW PWR FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. Oak Harbor, OH Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 3,304 MW PWR Indiana Michigan Power Co. Bridgman, MI Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 3,468 MW PWR Indiana Michigan Power Co. Bridgman, MI Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 2,957 MW BWR Exelon Generation Co., LLC Morris, IL Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3 2,957 MW BWR Exelon Generation Co., LLC Morris, IL Fort Calhoun Station 1,500 MW PWR Omaha Public Power District Ft. Calhoun, NE FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 7 OF 8
  8. 8. Hanford Nuclear Reservation Department of Energy Richand, WA Indian Point Nuclear Generating Unit 2 3,216 MW PWR Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. Buchanan, NY Indian Point Nuclear Generating Unit 3 3,216 MW PWR Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. Buchanan, NY LaSalle County Station, Unit 1 3,546 MW BWR Exelon Generation Co., LLC Marseilles, IL LaSalle County Station, Unit 2 3,546 MW BWR Exelon Generation Co., LLC Marseilles, IL Los Alamos National Laboratory Department of Energy Los Alamos, NM Pebble Bed Modular Nuclear Station 400 MW VHTR Centurion Gauteng, South Africa Savannah River Department of Energy Aiken, SC Waste Isolation Pilot Project Department of Energy Carlsbad, NM Waterford Steam Electric Station, Unit 3 3,716 MW PWR Entergy Operations, Inc Killona, LA Watts Bar 1 3,459 MW PWR Tennessee Valley Authority Spring City, TN Yucca Mountain Project Department of Energy Las Vegas, NV Zion Nuclear Power Station Unit 1 1,040 MW PWR Commonwealth Edison Zion, IL Zion Nuclear Power Station Unit 2 1,040 MW PWR Commonwealth Edison Zion, IL References James Burkhardt, PE Director of Quality Assurance, (Author of QC-1, Nuclear Weapons QA Program) 12 Los Alamos National Laboratory, Weapons Quality, Mailstop C343, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545, Office: (505) 667-7929, Mobile: (865) 804-3961. yyy@lanl.gov Reginald S. Conway Quality Assurance Expert for Petro-Chem and Nuclear Construction 35 2501 Poplar Spring Rd., Ft. Worth, Texas 76123, Cell: (817) 879-8181 Reginaldsconway@yahoo.com Peter Currell, PE GE Energy UK Ltd, Superintendent, Retrofit Outage Coordinator – Ukai Project, India 6 Willans Works, Newbold Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 2NH, England UK Mobile Phone: (+44) 7875 881462, Local India Cell No: (+91) 97 2652 0726 peter.currell1@ge.com Carl W. Engel Certified Executive, Project Manager, PMP, Director, IBM Project Management, Center of Excellence, 31 Global Methods World Wide Project Management Method Leader, Method Initiative Leader, 77 North Fork Drive, Pendergrass, Georgia 30567, Mobile: (706) 825-0427. carl.engel@gmail.com Joe Sharp, PE Westinghouse AP-1000, Inspection Manager, Doosan Heavy Industries, Chang Won, South Korea. 6 Formerly of Waynesboro, GA, for Vogtle 3 & 4 Mobile: (706) 980-9758 jsharp@sharporg.com From March 2011 thru March 2012, Scott Sittner served in South Korea as the Corporate Quality Consultant and only non-Korean, for Doosan Heavy Industries, the Largest Nuclear Fabricator in the world. FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 8 OF 8
  9. 9. FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 9 OF 8
  10. 10. FILE: SITTNER RESUME 8 PAGE JAN 2017 Scott Sittner 9 OF 8