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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Beginner to Advanced

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Learn the beginner to advanced strategies in search engine optimization by the SEOGoddess. Jenn Mathews has been optimizing websites since 1997 having worked as an in-house SEO Manager up to Director level for companies like Classmates.com. This unique approach to optimizing websites teaches you enough to either optimize your website yourself or know enough to understand what your consultant or SEO is suggesting.
The SEO with the SEOGoddess workshop is offered all over the U.S. at various Wappow! and other conferences, and in Seattle, WA as a stand alone 4 hour workshop. For more information visit http://wappow.com

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Beginner to Advanced

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization Jenn Mathews (SEOGoddess)
  2. 2. Who am I? Twitter.com/SEOGoddess Facebook.com/theSEOGoddess SEOGoddess.me
  3. 3. What We Will Be Covering: • What is SEO? • Why SEO? • How Search Engines work • How people use Search Engines • Keyword Research • Keyword Placement • Checklist – • Internal SEO Checklist • External SEO • SEO & Social Media • What not to do • Advanced SEO • -Getting buy in -Analytics • -SEO in an Org -Maximizing ROI • -Projects
  4. 4. What is SEO? keywords website linking Rankings
  5. 5. Keywords ̵ User types in key word ̵ User types in 2 word phrase Computer ̵ User types “long tail” key term SearchAs the user is researching they will type morespecific words and phrases to find exactly whatthey are looking for.
  6. 6. The Results
  7. 7. Why SEO? ̵ Roughly 9 Billion searches each month on Google alone ̵ Conversion rates 120%-180% more than banner advertising, social media, or traditional marketing
  8. 8. How Search Engines WorkUser searches with key word User Interface Search Engine Results Database of information about Web robots, World Wide crawlers, web pages Web collected by and spiders robots, crawlers, and spiders
  9. 9. What We See Engine Sees a Search ̵ We see styles, fancy fonts, images, interactivity, and general user experience. ̵ Search engines see letters (symbols), words (symbols grouped together parted by spaces), punctuation, and limited html tags like <a href=“link”> and <img src=“picture” alt=“text for image”>
  10. 10. Database
  11. 11. What Happens? ̵ User enters key term and clicks “search” 500GB Laptop Computer Search
  12. 12. What Happens? ̵ The program (Search Engine) looks 500GB Laptop Computer through the database and pulls up the results that have the most relevenceBlah Blah Blah Blah Blah 500GB Laptop Computer 500GB Laptop Computer Blah BlahBlah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
  13. 13. How People Use Search Engines #1 Paid Results #4 Paid #3 Standard Natural Results Title, Description #2 Special Results Videos, Products, Images, etc
  14. 14. Heatmap – Eye Tracking 2005 = click
  15. 15. Heatmap – Eye Tracking 2011
  16. 16. Get to know Search Engine Features ̵ Google ̵ Language ̵ Number of results ̵ Personalized results (Google Account) ̵ Location ̵ Search History ̵ Social (friends suggestions +1) ̵ Suggestions ̵ Google Instant http://www.google.com/help/features.html
  17. 17. Get to know Search Engine Features ̵ Bing (Microsoft) ̵ Suggestions ̵ Blue=popular ̵ Purple=your history ̵ Answers ̵ Social ̵ Facebook ̵ Likes ̵ Friends
  18. 18. Get to know Search Engine Features Specific Searches ̵ Websites ̵ Video ̵ Images ̵ Maps ̵ Travel ̵ Shopping ̵ Location (brick and mortar)
  19. 19. Keyword Research ̵ Wordtracker ̵ Wordstream ̵ Google Keyword Tool
  20. 20. How to Select the Right Keywords
  21. 21. Your Suggested Key Terms
  22. 22. Sets of Terms ̵ Blanket Terms Blanket ̵ Select few broad Terms terms that represent the whole website Categorical ̵ Categorical Terms Terms ̵ 2-3 word phrases describing each section of the website (directory or microsite) Longtail ̵ Specific Terms (or Terms longtail) ̵ 4-5 word phrases for specific pages (or files)
  23. 23. Keyword Placement ̵ The 2-3 broad words you chose that “describes” your entire website
  24. 24. Keyword Placement ̵ The 2-3 word phrases (terms) that describes a section of the website.
  25. 25. Keyword Placement ̵ 4-5 word phrases that an individual page is about.
  26. 26. Keyword Densities ̵ Spread the keywords throughout the page evenly.
  27. 27. Keywords - Body Keyword density in body text Individual keyword density Keyword in H1, H2 and H3 Keyword font size Keyword proximity (for 2+ keywords) Keyword phrase order Keyword prominence (how early in page/tag) Keywords - OtherSimple Right? Keyword in alt text Keyword in links to site pages (anchor text) NAVIGATION - INTERNAL LINKS To internal pages- keywords? All Internal links valid? Efficient - tree-like structure Intra-site linking NAVIGATION - OUTGOING LINKS To external pages- keywords? Outgoing link Anchor Text Link stability over time All External links valid? ̵ Less than 100 links out total Linking to Authority OTHER ON-Page Factors Domain Name Extension Top Level Domain - TLD Keyword Placement ̵ Title File Size Hyphens in URL Freshness of Pages Freshness - Amount of Content Change Freshness of Links ̵ Description Frequency of Updates Page Theming Keyword stemming Applied Semantics LSI URL length ̵ Body content OTHER ON-SITE Factors Site Size - Google likes big sites Site Age Age of page vs. age of site NEGATIVE ̵ URL (domain, directory, ON-Page SEO Factors Text presented in graphics form only No ACTUAL body text on the page Affiliate site? Over optimization penalty (OOP) Link to a bad neighborhood Redirect thru refresh metatags filename) Vile language - ethnic slur Algorithms ̵ Keyword Densities Poison words Excessive cross-linking Stealing images/ text blocks from another domain Keyword stuffing threshold Keyword dilution ̵ Page edit - can reduce consistency Frequency of Content Change Freshness of Anchor Text Dynamic Pages Internal Linking Excessive Javascript ̵ Flash page - NOT Use of Frames Robot exclusion "no index" tag Single pixel links Invisible text External Links ̵ Gateway, doorway page Duplicate content HTML code violations POSITIVE OFF-Page SEO Factors Age (Domain/files) INCOMING LINKS : Page Rank Total incoming links ("backlinks") Incoming links from high-ranking pages Acceleration of link popularity FOR EACH INCOMING LINK : Page rank of the referring page Anchor text of inbound link to you Age of link Frequency of change of anchor text Popularity of referring page # of outgoing links on referrer page Position of link on referrer page Keyword density on referring page HTML title of referrer page Link from "Expert" site? Referrer page - Same theme Referrer page - Different theme Image map link? Javascript link? DIRECTORIES : Site listed in DMOZ Directory? Site listed in Yahoo Directory? Site listed in LookSmart Directory? Site listed in inktomi? Site listed in other directories (About, BOTW, etc.) Expert site? (Hilltop or Condensed Hilltop)
  28. 28. Checklist – Internal SEO
  29. 29. Checklist – External SEO
  30. 30. SEO and Social Media ̵ Internal ̵ Sharing ̵ Commenting ̵ OGP ̵ Embedding ̵ External ̵ Profiles/Pages ̵ Content ̵ Social Actions ̵ Commenting
  31. 31. Socially Internal for SEO ̵ Share Buttons ̵ Facebook ̵ Twitter ̵ Linkedin ̵ Google+ ̵ StumbleUpon
  32. 32. Socially Internal for SEO ̵ Commenting ̵ CMS ̵ Gadgets ̵ plugins ̵ modules ̵ add-ons ̵ Facebook ̵ External Add-ons
  33. 33. Socially Internal for SEO ̵ Open Graph Protocol ̵ Basics ̵ og:title ̵ og:url ̵ og:image ̵ og:description ̵ og:site_name ̵ Location ̵ Contact Info ̵ Video ̵ Audio<head> ̵ Product<title>website/page title</title><meta property="og:title" content=“Title of Website/Page" /><meta property="og:url" content=“http://website.com/page.html" /><meta property="og:image" content="http://iwebsite.com/images/pic.jpg" /><meta property="og:tdescription" content=“The description of the website or page." />...</head>
  34. 34. Socially Internal for SEO ̵ Embedding Activity Feed ̵ Twitter Recommendations ̵ Facebook ̵ Linkedin ̵ YouTube Videos Widgets ̵ Slideshare Plugins
  35. 35. Socially External for SEO ̵ Profiles/Pages Use social networking Knowem.com websites to establish a solid presence in the search results.
  36. 36. Socially External for SEO ̵ Content ̵ Sharable Content ̵ Guest Blog posts ̵ Profile Content ̵ Tweets/Updates
  37. 37. Socially External for SEO ̵ Social Actions ̵ Share ̵ Tweet ̵ Check in
  38. 38. Socially External for SEO ̵ Commenting ̵ Blogs ̵ Articles ̵ Products ̵ Updates I like your ……
  39. 39. Don’t Black Hat SEO - http://wppw.me/6hjix
  40. 40. Advanced SEO • Getting Buy In • Analytics • SEO within the Org • Maximize ROI • Projects
  41. 41. Thank You! Twitter.com/Wappow Facebook.com/Wappow Wappow.com