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(International Telecommunication Union Facts & Figures, 2013)
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Mobile Healthcare Information For All (HIFA 2015) Campaign [Poster]

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Dr. Christine Hagar, an assistant professor at the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science, addressed the Health Information For All 2015 (HIFA 2015) campaign during a poster showing at the 2014 BOBCATSSS conference in Barcelona. She explained the need for mobile access to healthcare information and presented the preliminary research findings.

The Problem: "... Thousands of lives could be saved every day if all mobile phones had basic healthcare knowledge including and especially first aid, maternal and child health information."

The Preliminary Findings: "Vast majority of mHealth projects/programs currently in progress are SMS-based. There are very few projects that empower people with the information they need, when they need it."

Hagar teaches an informatics course for graduate students in the SJSU information school's Master of Library and Information Science program. She is also the coordinator for the school's Center for Information Research and Innovation (CIRI), a virtual research center aimed at generating exemplary new practices and innovative products to benefit a global audience.

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Mobile Healthcare Information For All (HIFA 2015) Campaign [Poster]

  1. 1. (International Telecommunication Union Facts & Figures, 2013)