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Job Searching
Job Searching
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Questions on sourcing

  1. 1. Questions Frank Alaniz Missouri Workforce Regional Liaison SLATEMCC
  2. 2. I have skills ~ Why don’t I have a job?
  3. 3. Rules of Job Searching  Regardless of age, being out-of-date is a very common problem and not, fortunately, an insurmountable one. 1. Focus 1. One of today’s “problems” is too many opportunities! 2. How many of you are sending out more than 3 or 4 resumes a week? 2. Bring your “A” game 1. The way you handle this whole process of applying and interviewing for a job is viewed as an example of your work – which it is! 2. How many of you have Career Portfolios?
  4. 4. 1. Resume 1. Resumes have changed substantially with the availability of technology 2. How many of you have an object statement on your resume? 2. Networking 1. Studies show that the person who is referred by an employee is hired 5 times more often than the stranger who simply applies 2. How many of you have a current LinkedIn profile? 3. Be Visible 1. Being invisible is like an OUT-OF-DATE stamp on your forehead! 2. How many of you have “Google” yourself? 4. Pay Attention 1. Pay attention to what is visible about your name when someone does a search. Workcoachcafe.com
  5. 5. What does Sourcing mean to me?
  6. 6. Chirag Nangia, CEO of Reppify  With the advent of social media, companies have more information than ever on job candidates, and the process of evaluating those candidates can be lengthy. In the past, companies tried to determine candidate fit through their résumés. Today, employers perform web searches on candidates, learn more about them from social media, and examine their work samples.
  7. 7. Chirag Nangia, CEO of Reppify  We do think the use of social media by employers will continue to be the trend; and while there will be instances of Facebook password requests of candidates by potential employers so they can examine their profiles for objectionable content, these will likely remain edge cases. Most employers will pursue intelligent policies that effectively leverage relevant information from social media, such as project work on an open-source engineering site, to select the top qualified candidates.
  8. 8. Chirag Nangia, CEO of Reppify  Leveraging your network wherever possible is key. The average user on a network such as LinkedIn, for example, has around 200 connections. With hiring on the rise again, job seekers will need to use their connections to help get ahead of the competition and get through to those jobs where they are most qualified. Soon, this will also begin working in reverse – as employers adopt new technology and tools, those right jobs will begin to find you. Lisa Quast, Fobes Contributor Smart, strategic, and sometimes sassy career advice for women.
  9. 9. Sourcing
  10. 10. Recruiting by the numbers
  11. 11. Facebook  Understanding Facebook  Facebook is the #1 Social Recruiting Source in 127 of 136 Countries.  As Facebook approaches 1 billion users globally, it’s estimated that 25% of the users are company/business pages.  Also, while the percentage of Facebook users are business might be relatively small (for the sake of argument, let’s say 25%), given the nearly 1 billion profiles, that would be almost 250,000,000 global business profiles.
  12. 12. Facebook  Have you ever seen your own profile from a friends prospective?  Facebook has a feature that allows you do view your profile.  Profile Page: click on the image of the settings cog wheel with the downward pointing arrow  Click view as  On the next page, type in a friends name in the top left  If your are uncomfortable with the information available, you can control your privacy settings here: www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy
  13. 13. Facebook  Set a reminder  Every thirty (30) days to make sure that your privacy settings are up to date.  Why does this matter  25% employers have a policy of how their employees can represent themselves online.  People who need to make a decision about you -- whether that person a future employer, date or co-worker – maybe influenced by what they find online.  Make sure your online reputation is yours! Backgroundcheck.org
  14. 14. Facebook Sourcing  Simple Searches using Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/srch.php
  15. 15. Search Results
  16. 16. Using Google X-Ray  Everyone’s search results will be slightly different depending on how they use Google. Power users will have results based on how you use Google as Google has learned your search habits. Bing,Yahoo or other search engine users will obtain different results based on Google’s lack of knowledge of your search habits  Search String:  site:facebook.com (“accountant” OR CPA) (“St Louis” OR stl) inurl:people
  17. 17. Search Facebook
  18. 18. Business Pages  Search String:  site:facebook.com (“accountant” OR CPA) (“St Louis” OR stl) inurl:company OR  site:facebook.com (“accountant” OR CPA) (“St Louis” OR stl) inurl:pages
  19. 19. Company
  20. 20. Pages
  21. 21. Job Search Strategy using Facebook  Facebook Marketplace  Have a look through your local marketplace for job listings, you will be able to see a description and also who posted the job.You can now either apply or contact the person behind the position for more information.
  22. 22. Recap - Facebook Security Settings  Make sure they are setup appropriately  Don’t rely on the default settings  Untag your photos and don’t allow others to tag you  Set a calendar reminder to once a month to make sure your settings haven’t changed --- i.e. default email address
  23. 23. Virtual Assessments – New Tools for Employers?
  24. 24. Talify  WHAT WE DO ~ Allowing thousands of Missouri employers to pinpoint Missouri job-seekers as their next top performers  A free service of the Division of Workforce Development, Talify Missouri begins by asking you to provide brief demographic information interests, experience, education, and geographic preference — and continues by capturing your behavioral strengths through sophisticated online assessments built upon 50 years of research and development
  25. 25. Results • Have you ever taken an assessment for an employer and not been able to see your results? – Our reports are instantly available to you, providing you with the feedback you need to land your dream job. – We then provide you with feedback as to roles in which you are most likely to excel, coaching toward your strengths, opportunities for improvement, and unique tools to interview more effectively.
  26. 26. Quick Assessment Guide
  27. 27. Instant Feedback
  28. 28. CareerBuilder Survey • Candidate called himself a genius and invited the hiring manager to interview him at his apartment. • Candidate’s cover letter talked about her family being in the mob. • Candidate applying for a management job listed “gator hunting” as a skill. • Candidate specified that her résumé was set up to be sung to the tune of “The Brady Bunch.” • Candidate’s résumé was decorated with pink rabbits. • Candidate applying for an accounting job said he was “deetail- oriented” and spelled the company’s name incorrectly.
  29. 29. When creativity works • Candidate sent his résumé in the form of an oversized Rubik’s Cube, where you had to push the tiles around to align the résumé. He was hired. • Candidate who had been a stay-at-home mom listed her skills as nursing, housekeeping, chef, teacher, bio-hazard cleanup, fight referee, taxi driver, secretary, tailor, personal shopping assistant and therapist. She was hired. • Candidate created a marketing brochure promoting herself as the best candidate and was hired. • Candidate listed accomplishments and lessons learned from each position. He gave examples of good customer service as well as situations he wished he would have handled differently. He was hired.
  30. 30. Mistakes to Avoid – CB Survey  When asked what would make them automatically dismiss a candidate from consideration, employers’ top responses included:  Résumés with typos (61 percent)  Résumés that copied large amounts of wording from the job posting (41 percent)  Résumés with an inappropriate email address (35 percent)  Résumés that don’t include a list of skills (30 percent)
  31. 31. Questions Frank Alaniz Missouri Workforce Regional Liaison SLATEMCC