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Samantha Resume

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Not a typical resume, not a typical employee

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Samantha Resume

  1. 1. Meet Samantha a recent college graduate (Samantha) (Proof that Samantha just graduated)
  2. 2. She has a foundation of skills, She would like to keep & reach much, much more. building,
  3. 3. is passionate is motivated is a diligent worker She
  4. 4. She is an excellent communicator
  5. 5. She is technologically savvy
  6. 6. She is a team player
  7. 7. & she is eager to be much, muchmore
  8. 8. For the past few years she has been here… Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL
  9. 9. Doing a whole lot of this…
  10. 10. So she could do this
  11. 11. And she did! From Flagler College in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida on April 26, 2008 With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & an emphasis in Public Relations
  12. 12. Interned at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Inaddition,she… Participated in hands on class campaigns Contributed to events such as Communication Week and Stand Joined Public Relations Student Society of America She was invited to join Lambda Pi Eta, Phi Omicron Chapter Learned Online Marketing Tools, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Word, Networking sites, Web Page Builders and the Internet And she has a pretty good handle on Photoshop, Final Cut, InDesign and data entry She continues to volunteer at the Hospice of New Jersey
  13. 13. & she is eager to do much, muchmore Samantha Rauscher Communications Specialist
  14. 14. And she would like to do it here…
  15. 15. Or here…
  16. 16. Or anywhere!
  17. 17. Thank you for your valuable time! Samantha Rauscher SLRauscher639@aol.com P.S. She, is me!