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Community-Driven Programming: Creating a Culture of Community

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Now that social media channels are a part of the fabric of how we communicate, nonprofits are looking beyond shiny social tools to understand the value of community. Learn strategies from Megan Keane for setting up organizational processes to create a culture of engagement at your organization and find quantifiable ways community can contribute to your mission and impact.

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Community-Driven Programming: Creating a Culture of Community

  1. 1. Community-Driven Programming Creating a Culture of Community #sf4np
  2. 2. Megan Keane Membership Director, NTEN megan@nten.org @penguinasana @NTENorg Welcome! #sf4np
  3. 3. #sf4np Why Community [In an organization with good communications, you’ll find] “..A mature, transparent culture around sharing information internally and externally.” – Sarah Durham, President, Big Duck
  4. 4. #sf4np Social media shift Bright, shiny tools, externally-facing Internal staff engagement & advocacy
  5. 5. #sf4np Metropolitan Museum of Art bit.ly/metsocialstaff
  6. 6. #sf4np Metropolitan Museum of Art • Preparation for “post-digital” world • Digital as regular business activity • Skill-building and training across the organization • Decentralized content development and other digital tasks
  7. 7. #sf4np Metropolitan Museum of Art • Dashboard mockup • Track and coordinate activities across channels • Real-time analytics • Automated reports
  8. 8. #sf4np Edutopia • Culture of continuous enhancements, iteration • Weekly stat sharing, small experiments • Course-correct along the way
  9. 9. #sf4np Edutopia
  10. 10. #sf4np Dosomething.org
  11. 11. #sf4np Creating a culture of impact • Regular, instant feedback • Value of choice • Fast-changing • Transparency • Public
  12. 12. #sf4np Human Rights Watch Leveraging personal brands of its employees on Twitter
  13. 13. #sf4np Human Rights Watch • Identified channel to reach target audience • Social media policy and trainings for staff • Internal listserv to share suggested tweets, ideas • Point person on staff for questions • Over time, Twitter became standard part of work
  14. 14. #sf4np Impressive results • Flipped relationship with media • Complementary advocacy by reaching out to policymakers, building awareness • Thought leadership from subject matter experts • Robust content flow using content curation and social listening
  15. 15. NTEN Community #sf4np
  16. 16. #sf4np Value of community
  17. 17. #sf4np It’s official
  18. 18. #sf4np Built into staff evaluations How did you engage the community in your work this quarter? How can this person better display NTEN’s values?
  19. 19. #sf4np Staff Involvement • Expanding definition of community engagement beyond social media • Staff rotate writing monthly newsletter introductions • Member Appreciation Month: different staff running events • Integrating community into educational programs
  20. 20. #sf4np Measuring value of community • Qualitative and quantitative data from annual surveys • Community activity data in CRM • “Crossover” participation • Member retention • Web traffic
  21. 21. #sf4np More tips • STRATEGY! Have one • Encourage sharing of expertise and learning • Appeal to interests • Make the case with data • Internal back channel • Twitter lists, shared hashtags
  22. 22. #sf4np Have a policy Social Media Policies board Curated by Debra Askanase
  23. 23. Questions? #sf4np
  24. 24. Megan Keane Membership Director, NTEN megan@nten.org @penguinasana @NTENorg Stay in Touch #sf4np