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The Power of Social Proof

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Did you know that 8 out of 10 donors say that online reviews influence their giving decision? If you are a great nonprofit waiting to be discovered, build social proof around it by putting it in front of the right early supporters and create marketing campaigns designed to be shareable. Use it to find new supporters and remind existing supporters why they made a smart choice. In the age of the social web, social proof is the new marketing.

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The Power of Social Proof

  1. 1. Kate Capossela @thekatecap @greatnonprofits The leading developer of tools to inspire and inform
  2. 2. Keneisha’s Story
  3. 3. Do you have at least one client story that you tell donors? Does everyone in your organization know that story?
  4. 4. Do you have volunteers who have vivid stories to share? Do you recruit donors online?
  5. 5. Have you asked clients, volunteers, and donors to share their stories?
  6. 6. What if you let your biggest fans do your marketing for you?
  7. 7. GreatNonprofits has over 250k stories From over 26k nonprofits!
  8. 8. Real Heartfelt Stories from Real People
  9. 9. Real Heartfelt Stories from Real People
  10. 10. Real Stories from Real People Real Heartfelt Stories from Real People
  11. 11. Real Heartfelt Stories from Real People
  16. 16. GREATNONPROFITS What’s the Need? Lack of Compelling on-the-Ground Information
  17. 17. GREATNONPROFITS What is the opportunity? Social platform surfaces community-sourced stories
  18. 18. GREATNONPROFITS The Mission of GreatNonprofits • Inspire and inform prospective donors and volunteers – differentiate between nonprofits – find trusted nonprofits – inform giving or volunteering decisions • Enable great nonprofits, regardless of marketing budget, to harness their most authentic, effective advertising--stories of people they've impacted.
  19. 19. GREATNONPROFITS 250K Stories, 26K Nonprofits, 4.3M Views
  20. 20. Over 4 Million Users
  21. 21. Where do our stories come from? Client 21% Donor 12% Member of Public 15% Prof. 9% Board 8% Advisor: <1% Former staff: <1%
  22. 22. GREATNONPROFITS Distribution of Content to 20M Mobile Apps Foundation Portals Websites
  23. 23. GREATNONPROFITS Bi-Directional API Enables Stories
  24. 24. GREATNONPROFITS GreatNonprofits City Pages • Users are able to search for nonprofits locally. • GreatNonprofits utilizes geolocation to find the nearest nonprofits or cities.
  25. 25. 50% Of GreatNonprofits’ traffic is from City Pages
  26. 26. GREATNONPROFITS What Makes a Great Story? • Joy • Connection • Simplicity
  27. 27. GREATNONPROFITS What Makes a Great Story? • Positive framing. We believe in the need for positive, joyful, human stories to tell the story • Sharing pictures that reflect the story. • Asking volunteers and donors to tell their stories. (50% of volunteers become donors!)
  28. 28. Real Heartfelt Stories from Real People
  29. 29. Real Stories from Real People Real Heartfelt Stories from Real People
  30. 30. GREATNONPROFITS Making a Difference for Palante
  31. 31. GREATNONPROFITS Stories in Action: Facebook
  32. 32. GREATNONPROFITS Stories in Action: Facebook
  33. 33. GREATNONPROFITS Stories in Action: Twitter
  34. 34. Stories in Action: Fundraising Emails
  35. 35. Stories in Action: Fundraising Letters
  36. 36. GREATNONPROFITS Scalable Storytelling Many nonprofits do exceptional work, often unrecognized or misunderstood, so the ability to share and spread the story to the mass public is extremely important. GreatNonprofits allows a way to disseminate information through personal stories and true-life experiences that others can benefit from. —Board Member, 2014 Research Study
  37. 37. GREATNONPROFITS Scalable Storytelling GreatNonprofits focuses on helping people make great giving decisions through socially sourced feedback and reviews. – Bill Gates
  38. 38. Joy, Connection, Simplicity
  39. 39. What if you let your biggest fans do your marketing for you?
  40. 40. GREATNONPROFITS After referrals from friends, stories are the #1 way individuals assess giving Home to 250K Stories that Inform and Inspire