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Tweet and Repeat: How Twitter Can Refill Your Drying Pipeline

  1. Tweet and Repeat: How Twitter Can Refill Your Drying Pipeline #SM4NP
  2. #SM4NP Barriers to success.
  3. #SM4NP If you build it they will come. Take time to build your Twitter following. • Search hashtags for people with similar interests. • Engage your followers. Build rapport. Ask questions. Listen. • Use Followerwonk to find people who mention your cause/interest in their bio. • See if you larger prospective donors ($100,000+ are active on Twitter)
  4. #SM4NP Followerwonk 101. Keep in mind that many people say Boston College differently: Proud BC alum. BC Eagle BC ’07 Search ‘em all!
  5. #SM4NP On Twitter? Respond for godsakes. Before, we had to call, connect with an agent, and get help. (Now it’s a robot) We email brands and hope to get a response. (typically 24- 72 hours, but can be up to two weeks) In this instant age (text, etc.), we expect instant service. Instant gratification. Instant help. robot icon by Sotirios Papavasilopoulos
  6. #SM4NP Use Tweet Deck alerts. “I am a proud Eagle who made…” #WeAreBC
  7. #SM4NP How to set up a Tweet Deck alert. 1. 2. 3.
  8. #SM4NP It’s always a good idea to publicly thank and recognize your donors.
  9. #SM4NP Have alerts for VIPs. • If a fundraiser has a VIP donor, set up a Tweet Deck alert for their handle. • You can also use a service called Encore Alert (pricey, but you won’t miss anything) to guarantee you’ll know when they tweet and your social media manager can respond. • Use Google alerts for their name so your account can tweet about their accomplishments (everyone loves free PR)
  10. #SM4NP Use Twitter lists. And label them properly.
  11. #SM4NP How to create a Twitter list. Regardless if it’s public or private, people will know that they have been added to the list and what the list is called. Do NOT call it Prospective $1M Donors! Prospective $1M Donors
  12. #SM4NP And take it a step further. • Once you know someone’s Twitter handle, let your research team know and add it into the field in Millennium, etc. • Fundraisers will appreciate having another contact method if/when an email magically disappears. It will also give them insight into what this person is passionate about. • Tell your event team. If someone is tweeting/sharing about your organization, they probably would make a great volunteer.
  13. #SM4NP Set up a battle. • If you have access to celebrities, great. See if they can entice their followers to donate to you. • Set up a “March Madness” style Twitter battle to see which part of your organization/class/person can get the most donations.
  14. #SM4NP Put a twist on an old favorite.
  15. #SM4NP Have an anonymous donor set up a Twitter milestone. • Be sure to use e-mail, Facebook, and other marketing tactics to make sure people are aware of the cause and to be “on the lookout for” the tweet. • And have a “Not on Twitter? Not a problem!” line ready with a link where they can donate.
  16. #SM4NP Track progress. • Twitter is the news feed. Track progress in 140 characters or with vibrant images and videos. • Create quick videos (<15 seconds) every time a milestone is reached and share on Twitter.
  17. #SM4NP To build a great Twitter pipeline. • Get active. Use hashtags and Followerwonk to build your audience. • Have alerts, especially for your VIPs. Free PR for them may make them engage with you. Encore Alert is a great resource for this. • Use Twitter lists – it’s great for your followers to connect and event better for you and your fundraising team. Just watch the labels. • Thank your donors publicly. You may not roll out the red carpet in person, but always do so on social media. • Set up battles, “March Madness” rounds, RTs to give on Twitter. Use other social media and marketing tools to advertise it. • Capture data. Above all, capture the data. • Keep at it. Success doesn’t happen overnight. When opportunity knocks, you have to have someone answer the door.
  18. Questions? @StephStMartin
  19. #SM4NP