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180927 presentation tjoapack dexter tjoa (smb hv meeting)

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Presentation on Tjoapack by Dexter Tjoa during the SMB/Health Valley meeting on September 27, 2018 at Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen, NL.

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180927 presentation tjoapack dexter tjoa (smb hv meeting)

  1. 1. Shaping the pharmaceutical supply chain to be safer and more efficient. Our knowledge and experience mean we can offer flexible packaging and supply chain services. Using the latest technologies, we are continuously looking to improve our offering and the wider supply chain. The Tjoapack Way
  2. 2. Knowledgeable • Trusted experts providing a consultative approach • Using our knowledge to shape the best solutions for our customers • Insight allowing us to prevent problems before they happen Innovative • Implementing new technologies to create a safer, more efficient and better connected supply chain • Forward-thinking approach to developing customer solutions and dedication to finding a better way of doing things Flexible • Adapt to customer requirements to ensure continuous supply • Continuous improvement to improve efficiency and reduce lead times, ultimately getting medicines to the patient faster The Tjoapack Way What makes us different?
  3. 3. Tjoapack today • Almost 30 years of contract packaging experience • 150 employees • €16.2 million turnover • Pack around 26 million packs • Manage 3,000 SKUs for customers • Supply to 43 markets worldwide • 7000sqm packaging and warehousing facility • Established partnerships with technology providers to drive innovation
  4. 4. How we can help • Integrated oral solid packaging • Postponement packaging • ‘Fit-for-purpose’ secondary packaging • Unit dose packaging • Biotech packaging • Serialization • Quality supply chain services, including QA and product release • Supply chain management services
  5. 5. Postponement packaging • Late-stage customisation designed to streamline customers’ supply chains and reduce product wastage • A strategic European location • Improved information flow and sharing among supply chain partners • Guaranteed regulatory compliance • Help customers to realise the working capital benefits of postponement
  6. 6. Obstacles for innovation in pharma supply chain • Regulatory hurdles and complexities • Siloed data and information • Lack of supplier engagement programs • Product integrity requirements
  7. 7. Tjoapack and Veratrak • Launching blockchain based tool to secure data sharing within the pharma supply chain • Combination of pharma & tech expertise to develop a workable valuable solution for real life problems Collaboration Case
  8. 8. • Educational platform to bring pharma companies together to learn and explore new technologies and developments • Members get access to written content, webinars, events, and a network of like-minded peers • Interested? Get in touch!