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20160126 smb avivia hans platteeuw

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Presentation SMB Meeting January 26, 2016 on Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen

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20160126 smb avivia hans platteeuw

  1. 1. From startup to scaleup Drs. Hans Platteeuw
  2. 2. Avivia History • In 2005 Avivia started as a one-man company focussing on providing consultancy services in pharmaceutical product development • In 2007 the company was restructured into a limited liability company and the first personnel was hired • In 2010 the decision was taken to scale down the consultancy business and start investing in our own ideas and on setting up joint ventures with other SME-companies
  3. 3. The opportunity to take the next step • In 2013, Synthon announced that it would close down its small molecule development activitities in Nijmegen, The Netherlands • Several people saw this as an opportunity to make the change from being an employee to becoming an entrepeneur • In 2014, we started working together and through SMB we hired a business consultant, Peter van de Laarse, to advice us on how best to setup a combined business
  4. 4. Getting the basics right for Avivia 2.0 • Avivia 2.0 is a merger between 3 new one-man companies with an inventory of equipment and an established company with a network, running business and development projects • Main issues that needed to be adressed: - what assets does each individual company bring to the table - what is the value of those assets within the new company - how does that translate into the total value of the company and the distribution of shares - what is the optimal legal and fiscal setup for the new company - who will lead the new company - financial forecast and business plan (with a 7-year horizon) - we have setup the control systems for our business, like the financial, project and contract administration and time allocation • Avivia 2.0 was legally formed on the 14th of July, 2015
  5. 5. Avivia Team Slide 5 Within Avivia we have the capabilities and the expertise to develop any pharmaceutical drug product from scratch to cGMP Menno Wiltink Synthon Analytical development Hans Platteeuw Synthon, Dafra, Avivia Managing Director Dennie van den Heuvel Intervet, Synthon Pharmaceutical Development Hans van der Steen CP Kelco, Synthon Analytical Research Thomas Verbeek AUV veterinary services Controller Marleen De Vriese Dafra, Avivia Project Manager
  6. 6. Avivia Professional Panel Slide 6 In our operations we have close ties with a number of professionals that work with us on a daily basis in various aspects of our business. Wout Wouters Solvay, TNO, Pantarhei In vitro testing and in vivo animal studies Han van ‘t Klooster Pharmacytics, Chamaeleo Business development Laurens Theunis Galapagos, Formac, Chamaeleo Investment manager Frank Vanderdonck Pfizer, UCB, Ipsen, Chamaeleo Business Intelligence/Medical Liaison Peter van de Laarse PWC, Belastingdienst Business Consultant Gelein Platteeuw Intervet/MSD Facilities/Procurement
  7. 7. Avivia business • Avivia has developed a number of opportunities for repurposing of existing drugs in various clinical fields, e.g. Gastrointestinal Inflammation, Womens’ Health, Oncology and Tropical Diseases • We currently have 2 products in a screening stage, 3 in feasilibity and 4 in proof of concept testing (phase II clinical testing in patients/volunteers) • We are also open for other companies to support them in their product developments, either as a pure fee for service (contract research) or in co-development deals Slide 7
  8. 8. Avivia within 5 years • Within 5 years aim to become a flexible, dedicated, creative pharmaceutical product innovation company with a focus on drug repurposing programs • We expect to employ 20-25 people and have an annual turnover of at least 10 million Euro
  9. 9. For more information, please contact: 9 Hans Platteeuw Van Leeuwenhoekweg 12 5482 TK Schijndel The Netherlands Mobile: + 31 6 286 75 973 E-mail: hansplatteeuw@avivia.nl Skype: hans.platteeuw