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Cristea Brunel Helsinki

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Double gametes and embryo donation

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Cristea Brunel Helsinki

  1. 1. Comparative Analysis on the Situation of Double Gamete and Embryo Donation in Romania and France Nicoleta CRISTEA – BRUNEL, Helsinki, July 2016
  2. 2. Disclaimer I declare that I have no commercial or financial interests pertaining to the subject of this presentation or its content.
  3. 3. ISL GBR NDL BEL FRA ITA MLT PRT NOR SWE FIN POL CZE SVK UKR ROU HRV MNE BGR TUR GRC Allowed Not allowed No regulations Double Gamete Donation ESP DEU
  4. 4. ISL GBR NDL BEL FRA ITA MLT PRT NOR SWE FIN POL CZE SVK UKR ROU HRV MNE BGR TUR GRC Allowed Not allowed No regulations Embryo Donation ESP DEU
  5. 5. Legal Regulations – France vs Romania • Double gamete donation → not allowed • Embryo donation → allowed No legal regulations
  6. 6. Legal Regulations – France (I) Three main legal principles for embryo donation: • Volunteering • Free of charge • Anonymity
  7. 7. Legal Regulations – France (II) • 100% reimbursement, if If the woman is under 43 • Success Rate: 25% per embryo transfer (2009) • Significant times of waiting (1 – 2 years or more)
  8. 8. Legal Regulations – Romania • No ART law • 6 attempts without success since 2004 • Neither double donation of gamete nor embryo donation are regulated in Romania • The persons / couples are guided by Romanian doctors to look for solutions abroad
  9. 9. Testimonials • 24 women: 16 women from Romania, and 8 from France • 21 in a stable couple and 3 of them are single mothers • Their children are between 2 months and 6 years old.
  10. 10. Results 14 9 1 One Procedure Two Procedures Three Procedures Success after... 15 9 Donated Gametes Embryo Adoption Procedure Type
  11. 11. Motivation severe infertility in the case of both partners 13 egg reserve severely diminished and woman without a stable partner 3 confirmed genetic issues 3 just one of the partners had a certified severe infertility 5 The reason why they went to double gamete or embryo donation
  12. 12. Location for performing the procedure
  13. 13. Survey Results At this moment in time, in your daily life, the fact that you do not have any genetic connection to your child is:  not important at all  not very important  more or less important  quite important  very important ✔ All 24 interviewed mothers opted to tick ”not important at all”.
  14. 14. Acknowledgements • Patients and doctors from France and Romania • Fertility Europe colleagues
  15. 15. Thank you !