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Stylight: Seven Years of Making Style Happen - Case Study

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Stylight is celebrating its 7th anniversary in Germany. Founded back in 2008, the company has now grown to be a big international player, active in 15 countries worldwide with more than 10 Million users per month. On the occasion of this birthday, Stylight presents a case study explaining the approach behind this success.

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Stylight: Seven Years of Making Style Happen - Case Study

  1. 1. www.stylight.de The Shoppable Inspiration Journey at Stylight Seven Years of Making Style Happen
  2. 2. The Shoppable Inspiration Journey Fashion Assortment Search Tool Multi- device Inspiration Make Style Happen Stylight is Europe‘s leading fashion aggregator with the mission to make style happen, providingusersaroundtheglobewithaunique content-meets-commerce journey. But how does that happen? First of all, Stylight provides its customers with a large fashion assortment. Today, the lifestyle platformoffersmorethan6,000brandsfromover 350 online shops. Since its launch in November 2008 to today, the overall global product count has increased to 5.5 million. Amongst this vast offering, Stylight helps its users to find exactly the products they are looking for through an optimised search tool. But making style happen goes way beyond that: with inspiring editorial content, the users are provided with a captivating online fashion experience, whenever, wherever. This is how Stylight makes style happen for more than 10 million lifestyle-conscious users from 15 countries worldwide every month. Follow the ‚Shoppable Inspiration‘ journey. 1Nov 2015
  3. 3. All Fashion Products on One Site Extensive Fashion Product Assortment How does an extensive fashion assortment help to make style happen? At Stylight, we aim to give our target group the opportunity to discover and experiment with new trends in order to evolve their personal style. An extensive assortment enables them to do so and provides the users with inspiration on an international level, as Stylight collaborates with retailers and brands from more than 15 countries. With our „Unique Selling Proposition“ we offer millenial women - our core target group - an extensive selection of items to chose from. Q Everything you need in one place – An extensive and high quality product assortment guarantees fashion consumers an enjoyable and productive shopping experience. For a long time, online users have been searching for a unique lifestyle destination which combines a multitude of fashion discoveries - Stylight has successfully filled this niche. Stylight‘s international strategy is one of the reasons behind its success. Starting with an international strategy, the company‘s expansion has influenced a growth to almost 5.5M products, which enables local users to have a more in depth look at international fashion inspiration, whilst benefiting from tailored local commerce. DR. ROMAN HRYCYK, VICE PRESIDENT AND HEAD OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 2Nov 2015
  4. 4. All Fashion Products on One Site Extensive Fashion Product Assortment 1M 3M 2M 4M 5M 2011 20132012 2014 2015 NumberofProducts 15 countries 13 countries 3,3M 1,2M 285K 13 countries 8 countries 1 country 5,5M 4,7M Milestones December 2012 • We launched our first foreign markets and combined the assortment of large multinational retailers with that of smaller stores and local boutiques to create the right product mix for every market. 2014 • Opening our US stylight.com site meant opening a huge stream of potential new customers for our European partner stores, growing their business in US as well as giving US companies the opportunity to tap into the potential of Stylight‘s European purchasing power. 3Nov 2015
  5. 5. Finding the Perfect Product Optimized and Intuitive Search Tool How does an optimized search tool make style happen? To enable users to find what they are looking for amongst an extensive fashion assortment provides an efficient and enjoyable online experience, as it gives the consumer a real answer to their needs. Style happens through an intuitive search tool and an optimized product display; the consumer can then easily pick their fashion favourites. Looking for something floral? A polka-dot cocktail dress or a striped crop top with embroidery? If it exists, we have it! Q Online users generally struggle with finding the perfect product at the perfect time. How do we accelerate that proccess whilst engaging consumers? At Stylight, over 850 attributes are used to categorize each product, making it easier for the fashion consumer to find their perfect match. From price filter and colours, to style and pattern, if you are looking for a „pink polka dot sweater“ you will find it at Stylight. To make style happen, a machine learning process has been developed, allowing products to go live quickly, with the total being over 75M in September 2015. The optimized search tool enables the user to enjoy and discover fashion, thanks to multiple filters plus an intuituve user experience and, amongst other things, the use of multiple product images.ELISABETH KOHLBACH, HEAD OF PRODUCT PROCESSING 4Nov 2015
  6. 6. 25M 75M 50M May 13Jan 13 Jun 14Nov 13 Dec 14 Jul 15 Number of Products live 1.3M Products 5.3M Products 11M 70M Number of Attributes live Finding the Perfect Product Optimized and Intuitive Search Tool November 2014 • Cross-functional Product Processing team set up February 2015 • Machine Learning tags all products into 3 to 4 category levels March 2015 • Category tree extended by 90 more categories June 2015 • Added pattern and style filters August 2015 • Machine Learning tags gender • Showing multiple product images • Added occasion tags Milestones 5Nov 2015
  7. 7. Whenever, Wherever Multi-device approach How does multi-device approach make style happen? You can use Stylight whenever you want, wherever you are. Whether you‘re at a café, waiting for the bus, or on the sofa at home - independent of the device you are using - Stylight is there for you to inspire and present the products you need to evolve and implement your personal style. Q Userstodaydonotacceptlimitationsinservice due to the device they are using. They want to seemlesslybeabletosearchforinspirationand products wherever they are. Stylightprovidesitsuserswithoptimisedversions for every device - be it their desktop PC, tablet, or mobile. And this is a sustainable trend - the usage of Stylight via tablet and mobile devices continues to increase - today around half of our users come to Stylight via these devices. Stylight caters to this need for flexibility. MICHAEL LUDWIG, SENIOR PRODUCT OWNER 6Nov 2015
  8. 8. Whenever, Wherever Multi-device approach 2008 • Launch of a first iOS app 2013 • Introducing responsive Design • Launch of new iOS app 2014 • Launch of Android app 2015 • Introducing universal app for Android and iOS • Integration of magazine content in apps Milestones 20M 10M 30M 45M 50M 2008 2013 20142010 20122009 20152011 UniqueUsers Mobile & Tablet Users Total Users 27.1Mio 53.9Mio 7Nov 2015
  9. 9. Get Inspired and Evolve Your Own Style High Quality Editorial Content How does in-house editorial content make style happen? At Stylight we believe style is having an idea, then acting on it. It’s learning and evolving. It’s using the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts, the how tos and the DIYs. And having the right encouragement to go on your own style journey. Stylight gives you all the options you need to be the you you want to be. As it is sometimes hard to recreate all your lifestyle ideas, our mission is to make style happen. To live up to our mission we offer shoppable inspiration that makes it easy to know what to buy and how to style it. Q Launching its online magazine as recently as January 2015, Stylight has already become Germany‘s fastest growing magazine for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty with more than 2.8 million readers. Since its launch, the Stylight editorial team has provided its users with more than 2,200 articles, including more than 100 videos and about 500 galleries - all produced in-house. It covers a broad spectrum of issues: from the latest celebrity style and news, fashion events, trends, and practical fashion and beauty advice. MAX MÜLLER, MANAGING DIRECTOR 8Nov 2015
  10. 10. 0.5M 1.5M 1M 2M Feb2015 JulApr JunMar Aug SepMay Sessions 2.3M January 15 • Launch of the Stylight Magazine at the company’s Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards in Berlin March 15 • We established Stylight as the fastest growing fashion lifestyle and beauty magazine in Germany on the web, mobile, and through our apps April 15 • Stylight starts producing and publishing its own videos November 15 • The editorial team continues to grow, now with 15 people Get Inspired and Evolve Your Own Style Milestones High Quality Editorial Content 210K Views 9Nov 2015
  11. 11. At Stylight we aim to be the destination for style for our users. We therefore strive to accompany them along their entire fashion journey - from inspiration to shopping. They find entertainment and inspiration about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty - as well as practical advice helping them to evolve their personal style. We then lead them to our product offer and support them in finding the perfect items to match their style and needs. BENJAMIN GÜNTHER, FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR STYLIGHT This is what we mean when we say we make style happen. 10Nov 2015
  12. 12. www.stylight.de Become a part of Stylight Contact us Elisabeth Kröss Lead Business Development Manager DACH Nymphenburgerstrasse 86 80636 Munich Tel: +49 (0) 89 – 1222 895 - 36 elisabeth.kroess@stylight.com Contact Elisabeth on LinkedIn Joëlle Homberger Lead PR & Communications Manager Nymphenburgerstrasse 86 80636 Munich Tel: +49 (0) 89 – 1222 895 - 25 joelle.homberger@stylight.com Contact Joëlle on LinkedIn