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Planer machine ppt

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Planer machine ppt

  1. 1. Kinematic study of planer machine PRESENTED BY Sukhen Biswas(150101160030) B.Yogesh Kumar (150101160032) Prashant Kr. das (150101160027) Shanta Roushan(150101160037) Arun Kr. Patra(150101160036) Ch. Mandeep(150101160025) Sunil Patro(150101160029)
  2. 2. Introduction Planer is machine that use to generate accurate flat surfaces and cutting slots. It is similar to a shaper, but it is larger than shaper machine. And with the entire workpiece moving beneath the cutter, The work table is moved back and forth on the bed beneath the cutting head either by mechanical means, such as a rack pinion gear ,or by a hydraulic system.
  4. 4. Parts
  5. 5. Classification Double housing planer 1. It is very old system machine. 2. Massive bed on which worktable reciprocates. 3. A planer having two housings to support the cross rail, with two heads on the cross rail. 4. two vertical columns on which two tool head slides.
  6. 6. Open side planer:- 1.It consist of vertical column may be mounted on the cross rail. 2.Column and cross rail consist of single and double tool head. 3.Used for the machining of wide work pieces.
  7. 7.  Divide type planer:- 1.It also called tandem planer. 2.Consist of two worktable. 3.Used for continuous mass production. 4.Two table are also join together when needed.
  8. 8. Mechanism The two important mechanisms of a planer are :- 1.The table drive mechanism. 2.Feeding mechanism. The different mechanisms used to drive the table are:- 1.Open and cross belt drive . 2.Reversible motor drive. 3.Hydraulic drive.
  9. 9. Operation Planning flat horizontal surfaces:- while machining horizontal surfaces, the work is given a reciprocating movement along with the table and tool is fed crosswise to complete the cut. Both the railheads may be use for simultaneous removal of the metal from two cutting edges.
  10. 10. • Planning vertical surface:- The vertical surfaces of a work is planed by adjusting the saddle horizontally along the cross rail until the tool is in a position to give the required depth of cut
  11. 11. Thank you