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CEU Policy on Increasing the Representation of Women as Faculty

  1. CEU Policy on Increasing the Representation of Women as Faculty
  2. What and what for? · Affirmative action Policy to increase the proportion of women in the Faculty body · Tackle the gender imbalance in professorial ranks (May 2021): ⮚ Assistant Prof: 41% ⮚ Associate Prof: 27% ⮚ Full Prof: 26%
  3. How? A one year process · Affirmative action measures were included in the GEP (Senate approval) · Inspiration: Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) June 2019, Irene Curie Fellowship Program affirmative action policy
  4. How? A one year process · First draft: ⮚ Small working group, including the Pro-Rector of Social Sciences and Humanities ⮚ Strong affirmative action ⮚ Longer than expected feedback loop; in the meantime, Pro-Rector stepped down WAKE UP CALL: not inclusive enough. Lesson learnt.
  5. How? A one year process · Wider working group: 12 faculty members across hierarchies · New draft: much softer in its affirmative action, more gender-sensitive elements across the recruitment process
  6. Close-up of the Policy
  7. The way to Senate Approval, part I - Policy passes SLT revision with strong support from Rector and Provost - Academic Forum and Senate – some faculty raise objections: 1. “against equal opportunity for men” 2. impossible to guarantee a specific gender distribution in the applicant pool 3. gender balanced Search Committees would “punish female faculty for being women”
  8. The way to Senate Approval, part II Changes incorporated: 1. Gender balanced search committee, with all possible measures will be taken to avoid overloading female Faculty with Committee work 2. “Aim” for a pool of applicants with the same gender distribution than the PhD graduates in the discipline 3. Gender balanced shortlist “as a rule”, give justification if this is not achieved
  9. After Policy approval Consultation with Heads of Departments regarding the aimed gender distribution of pool of applicants. Statistics from CEU PhD graduates and from EUROSTAT, per discipline.
  10. Challenges • Lack of online application portal makes it very difficult to monitor gender of applicants (to be solved soon) • Current slow down of hires, combined with a much softer affirmative action element will make progress slow
  11. • Strong leadership support Strenghts • Cumulative • Inclusive • Innovative • Sustainable • SUPERA as catalyst
  13. SUPERA project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No. 787829.