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Diabetes Mellitus type 2

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Diabetes Mellitus type 2

  1. 1. Type 2Diabetes Mellitus
  2. 2. The most common cause of Diabetes…are you at risk?
  3. 3. Risk factors for Diabetes type 2 A close family member has Diabetes You have high Blood pressure You are a smoker You carry weight around your middle You rarely exercise You make poor food choices
  4. 4. You Could be at Greater Risk if: You are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander over 35 You are from Indian, Chinese or Pacific Islander origin You are a woman who has given birth to big babies over 4.5kg You are a woman who has had gestational diabetes during pregnancy You are a woman who has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
  5. 5. Aboriginal Australians • Are three times as likely as non-Aboriginals to develop diabetes Aboriginal Australians• Living in remote areas are twice as likely as non-Aboriginals to have diabetes Aboriginal Australians• Are diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 at a younger age and die earlier from avoidable complications
  6. 6. Diabetes can be Prevented but Cannot be Cured…
  7. 7. Eat plenty of legumes, veg and fruits, eat wholegrain bread Include milk, and cereals, pasta and rice. yoghurt and Include lean meat, fish or cheeses, limit poultry. saturated fat, drink plenty of water. PREVENTION Maintain a healthy weight - eat healthily Monitor BP – control cholesterol levels
  8. 8. S.N.A.P Type 2 Diabetes Management SMOKING increases  Set a quit date. risk of illness and  Identify smoking triggers premature death eg coronary heart disease  Enlist support – discuss quit strategies or nerve damage or kidney disease  Aim for 7 serves of fruit and veg per day NUTRITION excess weight is associated  Set Goals for an achievable weight reduction with diet and levels of physical activity  Get support and seek dietary advice.
  9. 9. S.N.A.P Type 2 Diabetes Management ALCOHOL too much  Sip alcohol slowly alcohol increases the risk  Drink water or a soft drink first to of developing prevent thirst complications, can increase weight and BP  Drink low alcohol beer  Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach PHYSICAL ACTIVITY aids  Talk to your doctor before starting in weight reduction, an exercise plan reduces anxiety and  Consider joining a group exercise depression and reduces program risk of a range of disease  Increase daily incidental activity like walking or cycling or taking stairs rather than lift.
  10. 10. Sick days Overseas travel will take require extra planning care You will need Some occupations an assessment are not suitable for to drive diabeticsHaving Diabetes can make daily life more challenging
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