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Fundamentals Of Organizing

MGT 201 Helpful Slides For Management Students Of Different Universities In Karachi And All Over Pakistan And World Fundamental Of Organizing

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Fundamentals Of Organizing

  2. 2. ORGANIZING  The deployment of an organizational resources to achieve strategic goals.  Organization structure  Framework in which tasks, resources and departments are deployed.  Organization Chart  Visual representation of an organization’s structure.
  3. 3. ORGANIZATION CHART President Director HR Benefit Administrator Industrial Relation manager VP IT Financial Analyst Chief Accountant
  4. 4. ORGANIZATION CHART  Represent different work  Titles with work  Reporting and authority relationships  Levels of management
  5. 5. THE VERTICAL STRUCTURE  Work specialization  Chain of command  Span of management  Centralization  Decentralization
  6. 6. Work specialization  Organization’s tasks are sub divided into an individual tasks.
  7. 7. Chain of command  Link all individuals and specifies who report to whom.  Responsibility  The assignment or task employees are supposed to carry out.  Authority  Employee having a powers, right to make decisions, give orders , draw on resources  Accountability  People with authority and responsibility are subject to reporting and justifying tasks
  8. 8. Span of management  The number of employees reporting to the supervisors.  It can be wide when:  Work is defined clearly  Employees are highly trained  Mangers are supportive  Jobs are similar
  9. 9.  Centralization  An organization in which decisions are made by top level managers  Decentralization  Decisions authority near to lower level managers
  10. 10. DEPARTMENTALIZATION  Line and staff Departments  Functional organization and divisional organization  The matrix organization  The network organization
  11. 11.  Line department  Units that deal directly with the organization's primary goods and services.  Staff department  Provide specialized or professional skills that support line departments.
  12. 12.  Functional organization  Departmentalization (sub dividing organization into smaller sub units) around specialized activities such as production, marketing and human resources.  Divisional organization  Departmentalization that groups units around products , customers or geographic region
  13. 13. The matrix organization  An organization composed of dual reporting relationships.  Some managers report to two supervisors as functional as well as divisional supervisors.
  14. 14. The network organization  Single-function firms that collaborate on goods or services.
  15. 15. ANY QUESTION