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20151215 Company Profile Denkfaktur

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20151215 Company Profile Denkfaktur

  2. 2. If you always do – What you always did You will always get – What you always got! Abraham Lincoln ...to take on the challenges and initiate change DENKFAKTUR
  4. 4. DENKFAKTUR MISSION Ø Being the client‘s partner Ø Focus on requirements of brand Ø Effectiveness comes before efficiency Ø Consultation without obligations and demands Within this fast moving and unstable time “old fashioned“ qualities are strongly needed. Client Neutrality Experience Effectiveness Responsibility
  5. 5. THE DENKFAKTUR ADVANTAGES Ø 20 years of job experience within consultancy and steering media decisions of various blue chip companies Ø Obvious savings by smart selected and implemented media Ø Pinpoint accuracy of strategy with optimized media-solutions Ø Media neutrality and corporate independence Ø Individual consulting Ø Transparent time and costs through project-based work As a result of long-time experience within media the Denkfaktur understands the challenges clients face and is able to offer targeted solutions.
  6. 6. THE DENKFAKTUR MODULES The Denkfaktur specialises in the development of high class media- and communication-strategies which can be complimented with media services. Strategy Development of extensive and effective media- / brand-campaigns Media-Management Support for internal customer oriented processes and external service providers Media-Services Realisation, analysis and optimisation of projects and strategies
  7. 7. Strategy Media- Management Media- Services STRATEGY The Denkfaktur tailors strategies to precisely target their clients needs – from short check to long-term-strategy. Strategy Quickcheck Short, quality oriented analysis of the latest marketing and media activities. Short-Term-Strategy Time and extent limited strategy for projects / products / promotions. Long-Term-Strategy Development of an extensive, effective media- / brand- strategy that involves all relevant areas like budget recommendation, target group, market analysis, media selection, implementation, KPIs, roadmap.
  8. 8. 360° MEDIA EVALUATION TV Radio Newspaper Magazines Digital Outdoor TV Newspaper Digital It doesn‘t always have to be a 360°-plan, but a 360°-reflection is crucial for a successful strategy and the best media fit. *) Fragmentation of German advertising market 2014/ Nielsen Media selection bestfitting to address targetgroup.
  9. 9. OUR RESEARCH TOOLS Consumer Check Brand Check Creative Check Effectiveness Check Subject Targetgroup Brand value + Positioning Concept+ Creation Campaign impact Question Socio- und Psycho- demographics, Consumer /User, Decision Maker. Touch Points Image profile plus Brand Position within competitive environment Communications- Output: • Quintessence • Branding • Likes / Dislikes • Activation Impacton defined KPIs (High Profile, Sympathy,consumer acceptance,etc.) Tools Desk Research,if necessary Online Survey (Access panel) Desk Research,Brand Association in Social Media, Online Survey b4t and / or Online Survey within Target group (Access panel) b4t or Online Survey, Analysis with versus withoutcontact Due to the Denkfaktur’s cooperation with leading market researcher it ensures high quality results.
  10. 10. MEDIA-MANAGEMENT The Denkfaktur supports its clients by analysing and optimising internal processes. Strategy Media- Management Media- Services Media- Management Process Optimization Analysis and optimization of internal communication and work flows. Coordination Management Securing a smooth interaction between advertising companies and external agencies. Interim Management Temporary assignment regarding internal reorganisations, set-up of departments or management of media-related divisions.
  11. 11. MEDIA-SERVICES The Denkfaktur not only stands for the development of successful media strategies, moreover it offers a functional, elaborate implementation if required. Strategy Media- Management Media- Services Media-Services Agency Services Transformation, analysis und optimization of media- strategies. Qualitative Audit Evaluation of the latest marketing- and media-activities to reveal useful potential. Project Management Temporary limited strategic development for a project / product / promotion.
  13. 13. THE DENKFAKTUR MANAGEMENT Sabine Kopsch Experienced, international media consultant responsible for corporate brand strategies and passion for products & advertising. Agencies • Mediaplus • Universal McCann • ZenithOptimedia • MEC • OMD Client experience • Renault / Opel • Visa • Monster • BASF • Canon • Viag Interkom (O2) • ...
  14. 14. THE DENKFAKTUR MANAGEMENT Daniel Kopsch Focusing on strategic topics within international consultancies and companies as well as design and set-up of start-ups. Experience: • Detecon International GmbH • Ravensburger AG • Versatel GmbH • Various start-ups
  15. 15. CONTACT Denkfaktur GmbH Fuerstenwall 228 40215 Duesseldorf Germany info@denkfaktur.de Phone: +49 211 7495 1572-0