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Oodles Blockchain App Development Services

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Oodles Blockchain app development services enable organizations to experience the transformative benefits of blockchain solutions.

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Oodles Blockchain App Development Services

  1. 1. Oodles | Blockchain App Development Services
  2. 2. Explore the real-world applications of blockchain technology Our blockchain app development services fulfill end-to-end automation requirements for a variety of industries. We enable enterprises to enhance the performance of operational processes by eliminating technical bottlenecks with appropriate blockchain technology.
  3. 3. Hyperledger Application Development Services We provide blockchain app solutions with Hyperledger utilities like distributed ledgers, smart contract engines, client libraries, utility libraries, and graphical interfaces. Our development services provide enterprise-grade levels of decentralization, continuity, trust, and confirmation to implement business specific use cases ● Hyperledger Consulting and Development ● Hyperledger Architecture and Design ● Hyperledger Smart Contract Development ● Hyperledger Performance Engineering
  4. 4. Ethereum Application Development Services We develop Ethereum applications to automate operational processes in decentralized network infrastructures. Our Solidity experts build smart contracts that eliminate downtime, censorship and third-party interference. Our solutions are instrumental in creating new markets, registry storage and executing transactions that conform to predefined business rules. ● Smart Contract Development ● Token Development ● DApps Development
  5. 5. Stellar Application Development Services Our blockchain experts develop Stellar applications that provide a highly consistent payment experience. They enable quick, reliable and cost-efficient transactions. We have the expertise to implement cost-efficient systems for financial institutions that augment customer outreach efforts. ● Custom Payment Application Development ● Remittance Application Development ● Mobile Financial Application Development ● Micropayments Application Development ● Micro-financing Application Development
  6. 6. EOS Application Development Services Our EOS application development services provide operational scalability and improved performance. We create both public and private blockchain applications that cater to specific use cases. Our developers adopt the best go-to-market practices to create EOS enterprise applications with high transaction capacity. ● Decentralized Apps Development ● Games Application Development ● Networking Apps Development ● Wallets and Exchanges Development ● Smart Contract Development
  7. 7. NEM Application Development Services We use NEM smart asset blockchain to improve financial management, secure records and enable better control of decentralized organizations. Our NEM application development services range from simplified fintech solutions to large enterprise management systems ● Smart Assets Application Development ● Fintech Application Development ● Reconciliation Application Development ● Exchange Development ● Token and ICO Development
  8. 8. Our blockchain application development process Oodles follows industry-specific standard practices to provide blockchain app development services and DLT solutions that provide enhance security, increase efficiency, augment transparency, improve traceability, reduce costs, and facilitate speedy transactions. Requirement understanding ● Analysis of business requirements ● Analysis of use cases Ideation, Conceptualization and Developing Proof of Concept ● Identifying suitable blockchain technology or distributed ledger platform ● Identifying on-chain and off-chain entities ● Defining Application Roadmap
  9. 9. UX/UI Design and Architecture Development ● Creating the application flow diagram ● Defining scalable and robust architecture Coding and Development ● Developing application components ● Developing blockchain components ● Implementing interface between application and blockchain Testing and Deployment ● Deploying on test environment (cloud or on-premise) ● Functional testing and load testing ● Deploying on production environment ● Application launch
  10. 10. Unit No 951-955 , Tower B1, Spaze I-Tech Park , Sector 49 , Sohna Road , Gurgaon India , 122001 oodles.crm Contact Us: blockchain@oodlestechnologies.com +65-3138-9043 +61-8-7078-8023 +1-707-691-0744 +44-142-520-8536 +91-11-66488033 Blockchain Technology Solutions For Your Business!