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2015 Save the Date

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2015 Save the Date

  1. 1. 36th SAVE THE DATE National GenealogyConference The Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society The 36th national AAHGS conference will celebrate Virginia’s unique place in African-American family history while recognizing that the year 2015 also marks the anniversaries of various national events in the history of the Civil War, Emancipation, and the Civil Rights Movement. The conference will explore Virginia family history, local and national episodes in the American history narrative,and connectionsbetweenVirginiaand the rest of the nation. Enjoy more than thirty conference sessions and take advantage of the manyopportunitiesto do family research in the Richmond region. Conference registration materials will be available in Spring 2015. For further information, emailconference@aahgs.org Hotel reservations may now be made by calling 888-236-2427 Request AAHGS 2015 rate ($149 single, $159 double, etc.) Rates in effect from 10/12 –10/18. October 15-17, 2015 Richmond Marriott Hotel 500 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia Virginia, Where African-AmericanRoots Run Deep: Family Historyand the National Narrative