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Horizontal Directional Drilling in India

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Apollo's A400, is the first Indian HDD Machine for laying OFC, Power cables and crude oil pipes, water pipe lines etc

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Horizontal Directional Drilling in India

  2. 2. India’s First Horizontal Directional drill Equipment By Apollo Proud to be an Indian Manufacturer
  3. 3. ABOUT THE COMPANY • Apollo Techno Equipments Limited – We’re India’s First Horizontal Directional Drill(HDD) Machine manufacturer. • Incorporated in the year 1991, as a name of Roadtech Equipments Private Limited. Initially, Company started with manufacturing of Road Construction Equipments like Mechanical Pavers and Transit Mixers. • Looking towards the new opportunities of the Underground Construction like Cable and Pipe laying sectors in India, Our Company has decided to manufacture Horizontal Directional Drill machine. • Our journey began with a very clear vision of; with what and for whom we’re catering to & what we’re going to achieve with the same. • Apollo Techno Equipments Limited is a global equipment force with innovative leadership and strong on customer focus. • We are committed towards total satisfaction of our customers by providing Quality Products & Services at the highest standard & value for money.
  4. 4. GROUP COMPANIES • We are the India’s premier manufacturer in wide range of world-class equipment like Mechanical Paver Finishers, Hydrostatics Paver Finishers, Batch Mix Plant and Hot Mix Plants. • Recently, Our Subsidiary Company Apollo Construction Equipments Private limited had collaboration with Swiss based company Ammann Group, a global Manufacturer of Road Construction Equipments Machinery. • List of Group Companies, Gujarat Apollo Industries Limited, India Apollo Industries & Project Limited, India Apollo Earthmovers Limited, India Apollo Maschinenbau gmbh, Germany
  6. 6. INTRODUCING APOLLO A400 • India’s First HDD Machine produce by Apollo Techno Equipments Limited. • Under the Consideration of Indian Contractors and Make In India concept, Inspire Apollo Team to make FIRST Indigenous Machine. First Step of Machine at our Trail Place A400 at Our Facility
  8. 8. FEATURES IN A400 For stability Two Auto- anchoring has Loaded at Front For more accuracy and better angle Rod Clamping Fiber Panel
  9. 9. FEATURES IN A400 Drilling Lights for Night Vision to get better Output. Three Lights Available on Machine, • Operating Panel / vise Clamping for Better vision • Gear-box Area • Rear side on Diesel Tank Drilling Lights
  10. 10. ADDITIONAL FEATURES AVAILABLE Auto Rod-loader will be available as an Optional. Auto Rod-loader System
  11. 11. ADDITIONAL FEATURES AVAILABLE Water Flow FEATURES to Control Flow Water Flow Indicator
  12. 12. ADDITIONAL FEATURES AVAILABLE Hydraulic Enable Horn For Safety
  13. 13. ASHOK LEYLAND WITH 130 HP Everyone Knows about the Ashok Leyland. It’s Indian Technology. Apollo uses 400 Ashok Leyland Engines at their Products. We have also used Ashok Leyland in HDD Machine. The Fuel Consumption is 5-6 LPH (Subject to customer reviews and Trails) Engine Details Make & Model Ashok Leyland H4CTINES24/1 FUEL CONSUMPTION 6-7 LPH Maximum Engine Speed 2400 RPM Fuel Type Diesel Number Of Cylinders 4 Cylinders with Turbo Charger Horse-power Rating 130 HP (97 KW) Maximum Torque 460 Nm @ 1400 RPM
  14. 14. WATER PUMP Water Systems (2 Speed) Type High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump Max Working Pressure 2200 PSI Max HP 60 HP @ 600 RPM Max Plunger Load 1950 KG Lubrication Type/ Grade/ Quantity Splash/ SAE 80 W 90/ 8 liters Flow 76 / 154 LPM Working Temperature 60 Degree
  15. 15. THREE SPEED GEAR BOX Gear Box rotates in 3 Speeds, 1. Low 2. Medium 3. High Maximum Spindle Speed 260 RPM Maximum Spindle Torque 5500 Nm Maximum Pump Relief Pressure 5000 PSI
  16. 16. THRUST & PULLBACK FORCE We have added Ti-Diamond Leaf Chain, Which has 25,860 KGF Tensile Strength. The Thrust & Pullback Systems Operates through Leaf chain & Hydraulic Cylinder. Thrust Force 8150 KG Pullback Force 11810 KG Thrust/Pullback Pump Relief Pressure 3000 PSI
  17. 17. STEEL TRACKS • Durable and Long Life Steel Tracks. • Crawler Chain width 400 mm for better stability. • Steel Tracks can do better and Improved handling and stability of the machine is various conditions. • We have an option for Rubber Pads. Which makes to Steel Tracks superior than Rubber Tracks.
  18. 18. LOCATING SYSTEMS DCI Digitrak F2DCI Digitrak SE
  20. 20. Registered Office & Works Apollo Techno Equipments Limited 151,152,162,163 GIDC Estate, Phase-1 Mehsana-384002, Gujarat, India Email – info@apollotechno.in Phone- 02762-251665, Fax- 02762-232546 North Ajay Kumar Harit Regional Manager-Marketing C-479, 2nd Floor, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110018 Phone- (+91) 9910339415 Email- ajay.harit@apollotechno.in West Safar Mohammad Khan Regional Manager-Marketing 151, GIDC Estate Phase-1, Mehsana-384002, Gujarat, India Phone- (+91) 9825193651 Email- smkhan@apollotechno.in Service Support Sailesh Prajapati After Sales Service - Head 151, GIDC Estate Phase-1, Mehsana-384002, Gujarat, India Phone- (+91) 7874481465 Email- saileshprajapati@apollotechno.in Customer Support Parth Patel 151, GIDC Estate Phase-1, Mehsana-384002, Gujarat, India Phone- (+91) 9825141176 Email- parth@apollotechno.in East Rajib Samaddar Regional Manager-Marketing Phone- (+91) 9883072193 Email- rsamaddar@apollotechno.in www.apollotechno.in
  21. 21. Let’s Provide Better Solutions To Our Nation…!
  22. 22. THANK YOU