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Safer Internet Armenia at ArmSIG

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  1. 1. Safer Internet Armenia ArmSIG Haykaz Baghyan, Narine Khachatryan July 20, 2017
  2. 2. • 2009 Internet safety awareness raising campaigns launched in Armenia. Safer Internet Day celebrated • 2010 Safe.AM platform launched. A variety of tools in Armenian language produced: Council of Europe Internet Literacy Handbook, INSAFE's eSafety Kit, etc. • 2010 Concept on Media Literacy developed. Internet Safety Simultaneous Lessons organized in Armenian Schools
  3. 3. Place your screenshot here Safe.AM lesson plans, tips, activities, interactive resources, tests, school websites
  4. 4. 2011 Child-specific and educational e-content developed, internet & media literacy lessons organized
  5. 5. Open Lessons Competitions Hotline 60272212 Meeting w/ Parents TeacherTraining Campaigns Safer Internet Armenia
  6. 6. • 2012 In February Safe.AM became the first most visited Armenian web site in Education & Science category • 2012 over 15 000 children took part in Internet Safety open lessons across 800 schools - 70 per cent of Armenia’s schools • 2012 We became ICANN At-Large Certified Structure (ALS) • 2013 - 2014 7 delegates, including 2 school children took part in ICANN meetings (Beijing, Singapore, London)
  7. 7. • 2015 over 120 out of 1430 Armenian schools joined European eSafety label EU Program (the highest score in Europe) • 2015 Safe.AM - ArmNet Awards 2015 nominee in the category of 'Social Impact’ among 140 participants • Safer Internet Armenia joined STOP.THINK.CONNECT. Global Online Safety Convention to collaborate on public awareness content on online safety and security to demonstrate cross- jurisdictional collaboration and messaging for the safety and security of all online citizens
  8. 8. 2017
  9. 9. • Open lessons in Internet safety and meetings with parents reached over 10 000 children and their parents in 200 secondary and high schools of Yerevan and Armenia’s regions. • In frames of the STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ Global online Safety Campaign ‘Chatting with Kids about Being Online’ book published in Armenian language • ‘The Web We Want: Young and Online - Activities by young people for young people’ and ‘The Web We Want: Teachers Online: Handbook for Educators’ in Armenian • Works in 32 Armenian schools to raise the safety levels of school environments to meet the requirements of the European eSafetyLabel, a European quality mark for Internet safety • Safer Internet Armenia assisted 25 teachers from Yerevan and Armenian regions to participate in the European SchoolNet Online Safety Course, 11 teachers received European SchoolNet certificates • Safer Internet Program had 2 delegates in the European Dialog on Internet Governance - EuroDIG and South Eastern Europe Dialog on Internet Governance • 23 teachers of ICTs were awarded prizes and certificates in frames of the Safer Internet 2017 Program 2017
  10. 10. What are your online rights and responsibilities?
  11. 11. Our partnerships
  12. 12. Thank you! info@safe.am http://safe.am Follow us on social networks https://www.facebook.com/safe.am https://www.facebook.com/groups/igf.youth/ https://www.youtube.com/user/saferinternetarmenia