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Tesla ppt

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Tesla powerpoint by Aloke Desai

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Tesla ppt

  1. 1. Tesla Graham MacWilliams and Aloke Desai
  2. 2. History  Founded in 2003 by Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, and Marc Tarpenning  March 2008- Tesla begins production of Roadster. Eventually sells 2,150 of Roadsters.  June 2008- Announce Model S  Jan 2010- Tesla registers for an IPO  May 2010- Tesla buys former GM factory in Fremont, CA and Toyota signs deal to cooperate in EV development
  3. 3. The Macro Outlook  Electric car sales have increased 228% in last year alone  17,000 in 2011 compared to $38,000 in 2012  Tesla essentially started the electric car market in the United States (Volt and Leaf didn’t exist before)  EV market has been trailing off  $10,000 tax rebate for EV cars this next year under the Obama administration  Makes EV cars more competitive
  4. 4. Why Tesla?  Biggest opportunity for growth  Elon Musk’s proven leadership (PayPal and SpaceX)  Appleizing the car industry  New form of selling cars with no dealerships  Prove to transform the market, first to produce electric cars relatively cheaply
  5. 5. Model S  Announced in 2008  Released this past summer  The specs of a sports car while still being completely electric  Competitively price—starts at $49,000  Equipped with some of most the advanced technology— 17’’ screen  Voted car of the year by Autmobile.com
  6. 6. Room for Growth  Stock is so low because Tesla lost $1 billion on the Roadster  Most don’t know it was planned  Competitive price can allow for unlimited growth, especially in countries like China  EV market is constantly expanding, Tesla leads the market with very few legitimate competitors  Tesla plans to release Model X (cheaper, mini-SUV) where they start making profits
  7. 7. Valuation Measures
  8. 8. Historical Information
  9. 9. Comparison with Market
  10. 10. Competitors  Main competitor is Fisker  Karma starts at $96,000  Repeated troubles safety-wise  Chevy and Nissan both have Evs, but neither are sports cars  Sales of both are down
  11. 11. Main Concerns  Lost money on the Roadster  Analysts limit value of EV market  Production capacity
  12. 12. Questions ?