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Multi-Channel Effective Strategies - Sagittarius Travel Marketing Masterclass


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Multi-Channel Effective Strategies - Sagittarius Travel Marketing Masterclass

  1. 1. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  2. 2. agenda. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg Paul Stephen, Sagittarius multi-channel effective strategies Paul Fennemore, Sitecore aligning business goals & ROI Break Jaz Sidhu & Dan Whitehouse Reevoo & Titan Travel case study Duncan Smith, iCompli privacy equals trust: building profitable bridges Q&A
  3. 3. PaulStephenC.E.O. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  4. 4. growth acceleration programs. digital marketing that drivestraffic and createsravingfans. ecommercewebsites and apps that convert more sales. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  5. 5. what is personalisation and why should I care? @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  6. 6. 22%less bounce rate 7%more holiday searches 32%more hotel page views 107%increase in facebook likes 120%increase in customer feedback 55%more conversions to booking process personalisation. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  7. 7. but personalise what? @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  8. 8. data is the key. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  9. 9. segmentation (not personalisation). @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  10. 10. the challenge? @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  11. 11. data builds over time. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg explicit data implicit data
  12. 12. digital growth acceleration. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg what can we learn from the real world?
  13. 13. what is marketing? @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  14. 14. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg know your customer?
  15. 15. it’s all about the experience. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  16. 16. the whole journey? @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  17. 17. 200,000 visits 2,000 bookings 1% conversion @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  18. 18. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  19. 19. all the channels at all stages. › Website › Email › SEO & PPC › Social Media › Direct Mail › Point of Sale › 3rd Party Advertising › 3rd Party Referrals › Apps @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  20. 20. more than a ticket. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  21. 21. social media strategy. % of social conversations 1% 3% 1% 1% 23% 27% I need a holiday! Where should I go? I want to go to… I booked my holiday! On holiday… Back home 37% of people are motivated to make a travel purchase based on a customer review @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  22. 22. create raving fans. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg
  23. 23. . recap. @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg you should care. it works. start with analytics. know your customer. the whole experience. use all the channels.
  24. 24. thank you. PaulStephen paul@sagittarius.agency @SagittariusMktg @paulrstephen #travelmktg

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Please ask questions. No such thing as a stupid question.
  • We work with brands on digital growth strategies
    That work increasing uses data and personalisation for acquisition and retention
  • What is personalisation and why should I care?
    Really! We’re all here to talk about personalisation!
    Now the real reason is it can improve our all important sales figures
  • Ski Case Study
    The stats speak for themselves – and so do the awards
    improve product
    improve marketing
    improve customer experience
    create raving fans
    What I hope you all lean from today is how important it is and how it needs to be central to your business strategy
  • But personalise what?
    Analytics are the key
    Before you put lots of effort in you need to know where to put the effort
    Typically our clients are very similar to Skiweekends and initial acquisition is not the problem.
    Its getting them through the funnel.
  • Data is the key to everything
    This is the Big Data hall at CeBit last year
    Customer Data
    Website Analytics
    Commerce Data - CRM / Res System
    Social Data
  • Segmentation not personalisation
    Too many people to be personal
    We need put people in to buckets
    Profiles not personas
  • The Challenge
    Data Protection
    Cost / Investment - average percentage?
  • Data builds over time
    Explicit – their email, the device
    Implicit – what they looked at, what campaign they triggered, search facets, number of visits, their social interests – the list goes on
  • What can we learn from the real world?
    I grew up in a village corner shop and we used to collect data to improve customer experience all the time. Yes really! Back then we used to call it remembering previous customers, what they like or what they did yesterday and then treating them accordingly. Or personalisation and conversion optimisation if you like.
    So we have a lot to learn from traditional retail. Buying something from a shop didn't used to be called a customer experience but it's certainly something that retail has been working on and refining for centuries.
  • What is marketing?
    Marketing is the process of getting someone to pay more for your product (not less)
    So we’re trying to ‘sell’ not give it away
    Do it right and you create a level of ‘desire’ where customer will pay a premium
  • Know your customer
    Whats the right price to park at an airport?
    Depends who you are…
    So even where the ‘product’ is the ‘same’
    There is something for everyone
    So we all need to focus on what we are good at and on the right people
  • Its all about the experience
    Not the holiday experience
    The transactional experience
    The whole experience
    So many distractions (or opportunities)
  • The whole journey
    Travel is a brilliant sector for digital marketing.
    Its something that people kind of like to take their time over and this gives you so many opportunities to sell and add value
    Too much focus on the initial ‘pull’ or awareness
  • SkiWeekends Stats
    1% = 100%
    2 main issues
    Too many people falling out of the funnel
    Never enough ‘selling’ to convert more interest in to ‘desire’
    To often once we’ve got their money we stop selling.

  • Use all the channels
    We all use SEO and Paid Search for creating initial brand awareness and then perhaps use email to send them offers.
    How could you be using Social Media to drive awareness?
    If you are not creating your own content to send out interested customers that aren’t creating desire then all you are doing is trying to sell with price.
    Are you looking at how people are opening emails and following up accordingly.
    Are you remarketing to people based on their on-site activity
    How could you be using direct mail to make customers feel good about you after they’ve just spent x thousand with you.
  • More than a ticket
    Customer communications are part of the holiday
    We are selling experiences. Not products in boxes
    But too often travel brands simple send what is basically an order confirmation and then maybe tickets the week before and then a survey afterwards.
    This is just ‘hygiene’ really.
    Lots of opportunity to add value and cross sell after ‘the sale’
  • Social Media Strategy
    The missed opportunity
    Its not about a broadcast channel
    As a channel – This is where lots of journeys begin, using social as a channel to inspire, inform and delight the audience at whatever stage they are at: thinking about a holiday, on holiday, post holiday.
    Over 50% of travel conversations are during or just after the holiday
    37% are motivated to make a travel purchase based on a customer review
    So travel brands need to be doing more later in the customer journey
    As a forum - Get involved - get closer to your customers
  • Create raving fans and build your brand
    Ultimately this is what we want, this is how we grow sustainable businesses. By having raving fans or evangelists we stop having to pay a premium to market