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How is The New Always-Connected Travel Consumer changing how we sell?


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How is The New Always-Connected Travel Consumer changing how we sell?

  1. 1. How is The New Always-Connected Travel Consumer changing how we sell? Tim Gunstone, Founder, EyeforTravel Ltd.
  2. 2. @eyefortravel
  3. 3. The 5 Stages of Travel Travel stages courtesy of Google Inc
  4. 4. Mobile is powering bookings… 45.3% of travellers surveyed would make a last-minute booking on a tablet up to a week before travel, while 43.8% would do so on a mobile Source: EyeforTravel’s Social Media & Mobile in Travel Distribution Report 2013
  5. 5. Mobile Budgets Are Increasing In 2013, 57.3% of travel brands surveyed planned to increase mobile spend… …..versus 52.3% in 2012 #analyticseu
  6. 6. Mobile leads to new customers In the first 2 months after the launch of its iPad app, Jetsetter saw over 250,000 downloads and 7,000 new customers
  7. 7. Savvy travel brands ARE making money from mobile • In 2011 InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) had seen revenues from mobile rise from $1 million to $10 million in just 12 months • By the end of 2012 mobile revenues hit $330 million • In 2013 it’s hitting $40million per month
  8. 8. Where are travel marketers spending their mobile budgets? #analyticseu
  9. 9. @analyticseu
  10. 10. Wide cultural variances #analyticseu
  11. 11. Attitudes vary by country 50% of Dutch 40% of French 40% of Brits 35% of Americans 29% of Germans…. ….would not book travel via a smartphone EyeforTravel Ltd. #analyticseu
  12. 12. Trend for last minute • Google reported that 41% of last minute queries to airline websites were via mobile devices • For hotels, 33% of last minute queries were via mobile devices #analyticseu
  13. 13. Germans still like to book early…. 62% of Germans will book via a tablet a month or more in advance with just 7% booking on the day
  14. 14. Whereas in France… 53% would book a month or more in advance and 10% would book on the day
  15. 15. 2 consumer comparisons
  16. 16. German travel consumers • Don’t like to book last minute (even via a mobile) • Most likely to use a mobile device whilst on holiday compared to other nations • 39% want to check-in via their mobile • Slow loading times (33% significant impact) and negative reviews were strongest deterrents to booking (30%) • 43% don’t share travel plans with friends/family via social media
  17. 17. Dutch travel consumers • Higher aversion to booking via a smartphone (50% - often citing security/payment as a concern) but are much less averse to booking via a tablet • Prefer to use mobile for map function (43%) and reviews (44%) • Hidden costs (56%) and slow load times (42%) biggest deterrents to booking • They like to be able to compare deals (62% said this would mean more likely to book) • Less social with 55% never share travel plans with friends via social media
  18. 18. How much do consumers want to spend? Of those willing to spend on mobile, the majority felt comfortable purchasing up to a value of €600 via mobile #analyticseu
  19. 19. Mobile is not just about bookings…. …your customer is looking to interact with your brand via mobile @anigba
  20. 20. Several Mobile driven trends emerging
  21. 21. Mobile is driving on-trip ancillary spend and Could be a a huge market • Tours &Activities Euros 67 billion in USA and EU… • It’s highly fragmented. Often run by small organisations. • No yield management no cross selling yet Quoting Fernando Rodríguez Merino interview with EFT
  22. 22. What’s driving/hindering On-trip spend • Relevant Mobile friendly media and the old concierge • Availability – the last battle ground in online travel – most T+A providers are happy to offer pre trip inventory but not on trip – This is changing • Price – for age old reasons • Weather - for age old reasons @eyefortravel
  23. 23. Mobile enabled On trip products for intermediaries • After the hotel or flight has been booked on trip spend is a huge opportunity • Travel intermediaries are succeeding with real time offers – either self built or using third party solutions – such as Check My Trip and Trip Case
  24. 24. On trip mobile enabled products for travel suppliers • Suppliers have the greatest opportunity as hotels and airlines own the customer when they are on trip • Travel companies can either source inventory through Plug and play widgets that allow the travel supplier to be the owner of bigger part a traveller’s journey or are doing it themselves
  25. 25. People who win in this space will be those that • Understand their customer • Tailor message • Create the right partnerships
  26. 26. Mobile driving inspiration
  27. 27. Mobile-originated content is dominating the social media space. Short videos, photography and micro-blogging can add real value to your proposition #analyticseu
  28. 28. ‘Social media and mobile are not two entities to be worked on separately. They are part of a #analyticseu
  29. 29. The industry is Integrating your mobile and social strategies! Gatwick airport uses a Social, Local and Mobile approach They have a presence across Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Soundcloud, and Instagram
  30. 30. The result? • 50% of passenger enquiries at Gatwick are now via their mobile site • The size of their Facebook community has ballooned to 42,700 fans • Over 100,000 check-ins at Foursquare locations, 40,000 offers claimed • First airport worldwide on Instagram – 3,125 followers , 4,500+ images tagged #gatwick or #gatwick airport #analyticseu
  31. 31. Data is becoming social media’s key unique selling point for travel brands as the consumer information available is vast and highly useful… @anigba
  32. 32. Data is proving key to mobile • Mobile limited sales space means you less opportunities to provide the right product • Reactive products based on the browsers behaviour, location (and as many data sources as you have access to) can mean more mobile sales.
  33. 33. To conclude: • Social Media, Mobile, Tablet and (shortly) wearable technology are opening up a wide range of new and exciting opportunities to engage the new always connected customer • It’s not all about bookings – but driving awareness, engagement and loyalty. Mobile and analytics lets you understand your customer more and so sell mor travel product • European attitudes to privacy, security and technology vary so watch out. Could explain the US Eu discrepency.
  34. 34. Thank You! Tim Gunstone Founder and managing Director EyeforTravel Ltd. +44(0)207 375 7557 tim@eyefortravel.com