AppExchange : à chacun son application métier

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Découvrez les meilleures applications sur la première place de marché des applications cloud d’entreprise
Dominique Gilles, Directeur et Manageur Regional ISV et OEM, Salesforce
Pierre-Olivier Chotard, Directeur des Solutions ISV, Salesforce

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  • Good afternoon. How is everyone?

    This session is “Extend Salesforce with the AppExchange”
    In this session we’re going to talk about how you can get more value out of Salesforce with apps from the AppExchange

    We’re going to make this fun, quick and informative and hopefully you’ll walk out of here today excited by the possibilities of what you can do with apps.

    I’m Jennifer Hersom, I am the Product Marketing Manager for the AppExchange.

    I’m going to start off this session with something that our CEO, Marc Benioff does, that I really like and think that reflects our culture as a company at Salesforce.
  • What I would like to say is, Thank You.
    thank you to each and every one of you.
    We recognize that Without you, we would not be able to do what we do.
    You are the source of our success.
    So, to everyone here, thank you.
    This conference — and this session — is dedicated to you.
    We want to share with you what we see as the possibilities and what we see as the opportunities AppExchange offers to you.
    So, thank you.

    We’re going to do something fun to kick it off today.
  • This is rare that you get to a session and the speaker says, “Pull out your mobile device.”
    I need everyone to pull out your mobile phones and go to this URL
    The url is
    While you’re doing that, I’ll pull up the survey results here

    What you’re seeing on the right side of the screen is the live, real-time survey results.

    This is an app that’s on the AppExchange called GetFeedback.
    It’s an online survey tool that can be used on any mobile device and on your desktop.
    You can see that I put in some custom-branding and a picture of Chicago in the background
    The survey responses can be mapped to Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Cases, etc.

    This survey is measuring how many apps you in this room have actually installed

    If you answered more than 7 on this survey, could you stand up please
    If you installed more than 8 apps, please stay standing
    How many apps have you installed
    So, please stay standing. My colleague will bring you a prize.
    Please introduce yourself, who you work for an your role
    So, x apps, what are some of the notable apps that you use from the AppExchange?
    Is there one app that is on the AppExchange that you’d recommend to everyone here that they should install today?
    What does that app do?

    So, to install that app, go to, search xxx, and click “get it now”
    Hopefully, that was a fun way to get us started
    I also hope that it gave you taste of the amazing things that you can do with apps on the AppExchange
  • ——
    This morning we talked about how it is important to become a Customer Company — to become a company that connects to its employees, its partners, products, devices, and, most importantly, its customers.

    The AppExchange is an integral part of helping you become a Customer Company by providing the apps that you need, all in one place. You don’t have to worry about building it all from scratch.

    I’m willing to guess that most of the people in this room don’t have an army of developers at their beck and call, ready to build an app at a moment’s notice.

    Salesforce created the enterprise marketplace, the AppExchange, as a way to help you get more out of your investment in Salesforce.
    A way To Help you find and try and buy the apps that you need to run your business.


    Here at Salesforce, we believe everything is connected! Companies are working harder to get closer to and connect more meaningfully with their customers, and that requires making sure that your entire company is connected - employees, partners, products and devices – all connected and coordinated to ensure that your customers get the best possible experience. You heard Marc talk about this on Tuesday morning in more detail, and in this session I’d like to talk about how the AppExchange fits into that vision.

    Every company is in transformation. We all have to become customer companies, we must transform to connect with our customers in a whole new way.

    Customer companies are not only connecting their customers, they are connecting employees together so they collaborate around customer accounts, problems, and ideas. Connected employees can solve problems faster and leverage expertise across your company.

    Customer companies are also connected with their partners, distributors, and suppliers so they can share customer information and better sell and service customers.

    Customer companies even have connected products. By connecting your products to your employees, your customers, and social networks, you can better service your customers. You can use product data for maintenance, marketing promotions, and sales opportunities.

    Customer companies are empowering everyone with connected devices, enabling employees, partners and customers to connect from anywhere.
  • The other thing that’s really exciting is Salesforce1 mobile app.

    If you’re a customer in the room and don’t have the Salesforce1 Mobile App yet, what are you waiting for?
    It’s a free app, you can get it from the apple app store or the google play store. I put the links on the screen or you can just search for the apps in those marketplaces.
    After you install it, you can login right now with your Salesforce credentials. And I promise you, once you start using it, you will never look back.

    Salesforce1 mobile apps work seamlessly on any mobile device and integrate cleanly with Salesforce. Today, we have 40 Salesforce1 mobile apps in the AppExchange and that number is going up by leaps and bounds every month.
    As you can see in the screen, our partner apps are front and center in the Salesforce1 mobile app and are deeply integrated into workflows.

    If you’re a partner in the room, and you're not in the mobile app, you need to be.
    If you’re a customer in the room, and you use the Salesforce1 mobile app, you need to be telling you partners, “We need you to be on the Salesforce1 mobile app”

    The Salesforce1 mobile app is amazing because it gives you the power to run your business from your phone. It incorporates partner apps right into your workflow, saving you time and giving you new insights any time, anywhere.
  • Salesforce partners are really amazing because they’re building apps that are transforming entire companies.

    Our partners are building apps for every department that are creating whole new ways of doing business. In Sales, we have amazing apps to extend the sales cloud and standalone apps as well. An example is Apttus, a CPQ solution that we are currently implementing at internally.

    We have a rich suite of collaboration tools, such as springcm, which enables document collaboration from any device.

    Other examples:

    Adobe - Adobe EchoSign is Salesforce1 ready. Send, track, and get contracts signed—anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device. Get a free Adobe EchoSign 14-day trial and experience e-signing at its easiest
    Apttus – Configure Price Quote on iPad. Select and price products and options directly in front of customers. Dynamically generate quality customer facing docs. Apttus CPQ App is 100% iPad native, data is instantly pushed into Salesforce and is 100% up-to-date.
    LinkedIn – LinkedIn information right inside Salesforce. Identify decision makers and receive real-time updates for key people.
    Conga Composer- Easily create and deliver customized documents, presentations and reports using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email and PDF forms from standard & custom objects. Generate quotes, proposals, account plans, invoices, contracts, letters & more.
    CalendarAnything - CalendarAnything is the #1 calendar app on the AppExchange with 75K+ users! Schedule appointments, manage marketing campaigns, plan projects and more with the most customizable calendar app for Salesforce


    Box - Box gives Salesforce users quicker, more flexible access to manage and update content from within Salesforce and coming soon for Salesforce1.
    SpringCM - It’s hard to get work done when you can’t find the right content. SpringCM makes it easy for teams to securely collaborate and take content mobile with shared project folders, version control, and automated alerts. Available in the office and on the road.
    Kimble - Kimble is the most feature rich Professional Services Automation solution on the platform. Our proven end-to-end management solution reduces complexity across the business allowing Kimble clients to grow on average 25% faster than their competitors.

    Bizible - Track the marketing sources of your leads, including deep Adwords, Bing Ads, SEM, PPC, Search, SEO, Social, Email, UTM parameters. Smart Adwords Sync automatically tracks new and existing ads. Install in minutes.
    Eventley Event Management - Built natively on, Eventley provides a single, integrated solution in Salesforce to create and manage events and delight attendees. Event managers can leverage our integrated platform to engage their audiences pre-, during and post-event.

    Customer Service
    GetFeedback - GetFeedback is an online survey application that allows anyone to create engaging online surveys that display perfectly on smartphones, tablets, and browsers. Survey responses can be easily mapped into Salesforce on Accounts, Contacts, Cases & more
    ServiceMax - The #1 field service app on AppExchange. ServiceMax is the go-to app for 250+ companies worldwide. Built 100% on the Salesforce1 Platform, find out why this complete field service solution helps deliver flawless field service.
    ClickSoftware - Instantly plan and schedule all of your field service employees. Chat live and in context with your mobile workforce. Respond immediately to real-time activities in the field. All within Salesforce. From enterprise leader – ClickSoftware.
    TOA - Get field service employees to the right appointments, with the right information and equipment, on time. Create schedules that fit how employees work, empowering them to deliver remarkable service experiences.
    Five9 - Five9, the largest pure SaaS contact center provider, brings advanced contact center capabilities to Salesforce for inbound customer service and support, outbound sales and marketing, or automated blended operations to maximize employee productivity.

    IT & Admin:
    Skuid - Build killer pages and apps for any device. Boost adoption & productivity. Drag & drop over a dozen prebuilt interface components to create a powerful user experiences.
    Zapier - Zapier makes it easy to connect Salesforce to hundreds of apps to automate your work.
    Experian - Experian QAS is now Experian Data Quality. Verify and standardize contact data with Experian Data Quality global address, email and phone verification software
    Finance: – Streamline your opportunity to cash process, manage revenue precisely and get the visibility you need with FinancialForce Accounting, part of FinancialForce ERP. Let us help you be more efficient and stay in control while growing the top and bottom line
    Accounting Seed - 100% Native General Ledger, Project Accounting & Enterprise Resource Planning application. Run your whole business from Salesforce. Get rid of the pain and suffering from broken sync tools and duplicate databases. Start Today!!

    Jobscience –
    Fairsail -
    TalentRover - Talent Rover was built specifically for staffing and recruiting organizations. A front to back office solution featuring CRM, ATS, HRIS, integrations, reports & dashboards, social collaboration, mobility and more.
    Learnsmarter - The training admin app built for the Salesforce platform. Schedule training courses, manage trainer availability, email participants and track and record training activity. Combine the flexibility of Salesforce with simple tools to manage complex tasks.
    Cornerstone - As the only natively built Learning Management System (LMS) on the platform, Cornerstone for Salesforce revolutionizes the way organizations deliver learning to drive actionable insights!

    Kenandy - Kenandy is the cloud ERP platform for the modern enterprise. Kenandy Empowers Real People to work the way they want to work on any device anywhere in the world—it’s easy to use, implement and change. Kenandy automates all of your core business processes.
    Roostock - ERP Manufacturing software integrated with CRM and accounting 100% native on Salesforce. Is SaaS ERP, MRP software, or cloud ERP with sales order management, inventory control, purchase order tracking, or standard cost accounting right for you?
    Infor - Inforce is a native Salesforce1 application that brings your ERP-bound customer information alive in CRM.
    GoodData Sales Analytics is an out-of-the-box sales analytics solution providing visual insights into key business activities, allowing sales leaders to exceed goals every quarter. Get up and running in days and easily extend to other business areas.
    Insight Squared - InsightSquared delivers powerfully simple business analytics for companies of any size. Unlike traditional BI, with InsightSquared you’ll be up and running within 48 hours and have immediate access to 300+ Sales, Marketing, Finance & Support reports.
  • When we look around the whole ecosystem we have partners everywhere that are transforming entire industries. In life sciences Veeva is our shining example. But it's not just limited to one industry.

    We've got companies like nCino, who created a banking operations system that is driving tremendous results
    Newmarket, who revolutionizing the Hotel Management industry
    And Kenandy is a great ERP app that is changing the manufacturing industry by leveraging cloud based technology.

    Salesforce is applicable not just for sales, not just for service, or marketing, but for anyone in your company.
    I get really excited about these kinds of apps. These are apps that push Salesforce into other parts of your business.
    You as admins can be heros by helping other business leaders solve problems that aren’t just about sales.
    How do you have your delivery drivers have an app w/o having to build one? You can do it with Salesforce1.
    How do you let the people on the shop floor track inventory? You can can do it with a Salesforce1 partner app.
    There’s a bunch of great things there.

    There’s also industries.
    Industries are becoming a bigger and bigger focus for us. Because we know that every industry has a different need and different solution.
    Whethere they’re industries like healthcare or banking with nCino, evariant with healthcare.
    There’s a bunch of great, great solutions out there.

  • ~~Talk track not updated~~

    Just like Apple has the App Store and Google offers Google Play, offers the AppExchange so you can add apps to Salesforce. The AppExchange is the leading cloud ecosystem for business with over 2,000 apps built by Salesforce partners. It’s where you’ll find a wide range of applications including apps for specific uses such as ServiceMax for field service or apps for project management and ERP applications.

  • There’s a bunch of ways that AppExchange apps can help you. They can do things like help you with sales.
    Sales effectiveness. Whether it’s Document generation or finding what’s near you with map anything. There’s 800+ of these.
    This is the bread and butter.
    That’s because Salesforce as a company started with Sales Cloud.
    So It’s natural that there’s so many apps that are around productivity and sales methodologies

  • The other core extension is around Service Cloud.

    There’s all sorts of great apps — things like survey tools, field service, agent productivity, etc.

    Ways to integrate your phone systems into one single screen so that your reps don’t need to switch around manually copy and pasting data
  • There’s also ways to drive marketing. These are a handful of apps on the AppExchange. Whether its events or campaign stuff.

    But there’s also a bunch of great apps that are on the AppExchange from our Partners of ExactTarget. They also are doing amazing things around marketing.
  • How many people in the room are admins? This is like the admin love-fest session here. This is awesome

    We’re all responsibel for making sure Salesforce runs well.
    And there are so many tools that are built for you.
    Not for your users, but for you.
    These apps help you manage tickets, data, everything from integrations…
    You need to have those kinds of things.

    Rollup Helper - Rollup Helper aggregates any Salesforce data. Save time & be a hero! No coding! Supports count, sum, max, min, concatenate (text) and avg rollups.
    Grid buddy - Increase productivity with list views where you can inline edit, inline create & mass delete related records on a single page. Create editable related lists in record detail pages. Display the exact data you need with multi-object filters.
  • The one last htings I ‘ll say before I bring up Garry, is that there’s a bunch of solutions out there that are free.
    Shopping on AppExchange doesn’t have to be a proposition of everything that you do is about
    When you do buy an app on the AppExchange, that company has a commitment to support you in a way that you don’t get when you take a free app. So, just hink about that as you make your decision.

    With that, I’ll turn it over to our customer speakers because they’re going to share what they love on the AppExchange. Then we’re going to have an open Q&A with all of our customer speakers up here and you can ask them questions and share your insights or you can ask questions of me.

    Garry, do you want to come up here and join us? Dan works at a phenomenal company that … Dan can you tell us a little bit about what you do?
  • The one last htings I ‘ll say before I bring up Garry, is that there’s a bunch of solutions out there that are free.
    Shopping on AppExchange doesn’t have to be a proposition of everything that you do is about
    When you do buy an app on the AppExchange, that company has a commitment to support you in a way that you don’t get when you take a free app. So, just hink about that as you make your decision.

    With that, I’ll turn it over to our customer speakers because they’re going to share what they love on the AppExchange. Then we’re going to have an open Q&A with all of our customer speakers up here and you can ask them questions and share your insights or you can ask questions of me.

    Garry, do you want to come up here and join us? Dan works at a phenomenal company that … Dan can you tell us a little bit about what you do?
  • Go, Try, Buy
    Go to the
    Try an app today – hundred of free apps
    Buy or Use an app

  • AppExchange : à chacun son application métier

    1. 1. Démultipliez Salesforce avec l’AppExchange Dominique Gilles Directeur,& Regional Manager, ISV & OEM South EMEA @d_gilles in/dominique Pierre-Olivier Chotard Directeur,& Regional Manager, Directeur ISV Solutions in/pchotard
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    3. 3. Using the template Salesforce 2014
    4. 4. Avant de commencer… Connectez-vous avec ce lien depuis votre appareil mobile…
    5. 5. Connectez-vous à votre Internet de Clients avec l’AppExchange Partenaires Connectés Clients Connectés Produits Connectés Appareils Connectés Employés Connectés Connectez-vous comme jamais auparavant avec l’Appexchange
    6. 6. Les Apps d’AppExchange, maintenant dans l’application mobile Salesforce1
    7. 7. Les Partenaires de Salesforce transforment toutes les fonctions Ventes Marketing Customer Service ERP & Finance Ressources Humaines IT & Admin Cameleon CPQ Config, Prix, Devis Signea Signature électronique Galigeo Analyse géographique CBC Développement Qualité des données FollowAnalytics Usage des apps mobile Digit’m Qualification trafic web ClickSoftware Tournées, Planification Vocalcom Centre de contacts Get Feedback Enquètes client Numm Comptabilité SoFacto Facturation Anaplan modélisation et planification Momindum Présentations vidéo CrossTalent Gestion RH CloudApps Gamification Ipanema Optim réseau IP CDC Arkhineo Archivage Nomalys Mobilité & Intégration
    8. 8. Les Partenaires de Salesforce Partners transforment chaque secteur industriel Hotellerie Import-Export Neurored SCM Pharmacie Veeva Gestion des visiteurs médicaux Valorisation 4.2mds Hotel Ninjas Gestion d’Hotel Banque Tier1 Banking & Finance Front-Office
    9. 9. Démultipliez Salesforce avec la 1e place de marché d’application d’entreprise 2,300+ Apps 2.4M+ d’installations Facilité d’essai avant l’achat
    10. 10. Développez la productivité commerciale avec + de 900 apps Config, Prix, Devis Signature électronique Gestion géographique de territoire Composition de documents
    11. 11. Impressionnez vos clients avec un service exceptionnel Enquêtes de satisfaction client Productivité du centre de contact Gestion des équipes Tournées, plannification d’interventions
    12. 12. Boostez vos campagnes, évènements et plus Gestion d’évènement Analyse de l’usage des app mobile Qualité des données Qualification du trafic web
    13. 13. Les experts IT utilisent des apps pour rendre leur travail plus facile Archivage Mobilité & Intégration Gestion de performance IP Gestion d’incidents
    14. 14. Gagnez en agilité et en productivité Facturation Gestion des ressources humaines Comptabilité Vidéo présentation Gestion de RH connectée
    15. 15. Des applications spécifiques à votre secteur industriel Agences immobilières Hotellerie ONG Banque
    16. 16. Et des tonnes d’applications gratuites très utiles à essayer ! Gestion documentaire Tableaux de bord Enquêtes Productivité
    17. 17. Sylvain Daumer Responsable Organisation & AMOA
    18. 18. UFF, Leader depuis 1968 • Créateur du métier de conseil en gestion de patrimoine, l’UFF réinvente sans cesse le métier. • Avec 200 000 clients l'UFF figure au premier rang français des sociétés de conseil en gestion de patrimoine. • Présente partout en France à travers 25 agences et avec 1 100 collaborateurs dédiés
    19. 19. MomindumMyCorpTV gère le changement chez UFF Présentation video Créez des présentations vidéo interactives avec votre webcam ou votre caméra. Partagez vos vidéos synchronisées avec le plan, les mots clés et la transcription sur Chatter aussi facilement qu’un PowerPoint. Collaborez sur les présentations vidéo. Disponible dans Salesforce1 Mobile
    20. 20. Q&A
    21. 21. Connectez vous sur et essayez une nouvelle app Essayez par exemple une de ces apps gratuites: Visitez l’expo pour en voir bien d’autres