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Clairmail Banks (@clarimail) on Data.com (@datadotcom) to fuel growth

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By making clean, complete data instantly accessible to all reps, Data.com has boosted Clairmail’s sales by 15%.

"We were able to beat out competitors with up-to-the minute updates through Data.com."

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Clairmail Banks (@clarimail) on Data.com (@datadotcom) to fuel growth

  1. 1. Clairmail banks on Data.com to fuel growthDo you use your smartphone for bankingtransactions? If so, chances are they’re runningon Clairmail, the platform that powers mobilebanking for a third of the top 50 financialinstitutions in North America.Mobile banking is an exploding field. Short-staffed banks jostle for the best talent from alimited pool of experienced professionals, andthe industry is in constant flux. As a result,Clairmail had a hard time finding high-qualitydata on prospects and companies. Maintaining “Data.com gives Clairmailit was even harder. Clairmail managers spenthours sampling data from list brokers, then a shot at marketing to ascrubbing and formatting it for import into population of contacts weSalesforce... only to have reps take forever toadopt it. couldn’t find elsewhere.”“We wanted our reps out selling, not repairing –Sean Mulvihill, Director of Marketing Operationsdata,” said Sean Mulvihill, Clairmail’s Directorof Marketing Operations. “And we needed asolution everyone could quickly adopt.” That’swhen Clairmail looked to Data.com.Data.Com delivers for ClairmailPRODUCTIVITY BOOST PIPELINE IMPACT REVENUE IMPACT15%more dials, more deals 20% of new deals 32% of 2010 total sales Data.com-sourced Data.com-sourced CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT
  2. 2. The right data Not only did Data.com supply more banking industry contacts than anyone else; its data Challenge quality was at least 10% better. And because • Source reliable data in a fast-changing market the service is cloud-based, Clairmail’s market- • Bring it into Salesforce fast ers could access it instantly, any time. • Keep contacts always current Get reps to adopt the data quickly In the right place • Data.com is fully integrated within Salesforce— • Free up staff from list maintenance chores so leads arrive in the correct format, inside the Solution app. Tedious data sourcing, scrubbing, reformat- • Data.com’s cloud-based, crowdsourced ting, and vendor back-and-forth are eliminated. model delivers the highest value According to Mulvihill, “We have access to the • Greater quantity of relevant leads leads we need in a fraction of the time it used • 10% percent better data quality to take.” Data.com’s automated data cleansing • Pre-integrated with Salesforce delivered an added benefit by quickly repairing • Continuous real-time updates and appending existing records—instantly • Automatic purging of dead records and turning stale, unusable contacts into appending of partial leads actionable leads. Results Plus, with Data.com’s online community • Data accessed, integrated, and adopted in minutes vs. weeks continually monitoring leads and pumping in • 15% more dials real-time refreshes, Clairmail’s contact database • 20% of new deals Data.com-sourced stayed up-to-date in a rapidly changing market. • 32% of revenue Data.com-sourced Reps could pursue leads with confidence and adoption rates soared—advantages that trans- lated directly into wins. “The magnitude and durability of ROI is jawdropping. Especially as we’re recording revenue in the tens of millions of dollars every quarter.” –Sean Mulvihill, Director of Marketing Operations Data.com Data.com is more than data; it is business DNA. Data.com recognizes that clean, accurate business data is no longer an option, but a requirement. By bringing together the innovation of Salesforce, the cloud, and leading sources of clean data, Data.com helps companies connect with customers faster, increase operational efficiency, and grow their business. Visit www.salesforce.com/data. Or call 1-877-544-7299.Salesforce.com, inc. The Landmark @ One Market, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA, 94105, United StatesGeneral Enquiries: 415-901-7000 | Sales: 1-800-NO-SOFTWARECopyright ©2012, salesforce.com, inc. All rights reserved. Salesforce.com and the “no software” logo are registered trademarks of salesforce.com, inc.,and salesforce.com owns other registered and unregistered trademarks. Other names used herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. CUSTOMER SNAPSHOT