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Dreamforce Command Center

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Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud for monitoring and engaging, we looked at the data around Dreamforce (#DF12) in real-time, pulling in insights, sharing metrics and demographics and publishing our most popular tweets. Additionally, we displayed customized Twitter and Chatter towers allowing attendees to see their conversations in real-time. Whether you're a large corporation or a small business, you can have a command center.

Learn how to build your own social media command center: http://bit.ly/Rv4Xgg

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Dreamforce Command Center

  1. 1. Setting up your Command CenterStories from the front linesCory HartlenProduct Marketing ManagerMarketing Cloud@coryhartlen
  2. 2. Benefits of a Command Center• Provides a centralized, at-a-glance understanding of online discussions around your brand, industry and competitors.• Offers bite-size social intelligence in visually-engaging displays.• Establish thought leadership in your industry.• Put Social Media at the heart of your everyday business.• Make Social something your entire organization can get excited about.
  3. 3. Steps to Know you’re Ready• Established listening model.• Social Media policy in place.• Playbook enabled, workflow and crisis escalation plan.• Engagement team, already trained on platform and policy.
  4. 4. The 4 Command Center Displays•Advocates/Fans•Consumer Product Mentions•Where In The World•Most Popular Products
  5. 5. Jason Bennett ThatcherDirector, Social Media ListeningCenter, Clemson University@jasonbthatcher
  6. 6. Social Media Listening @ ClemsonVision: A catalyst for sparking interdisciplinary research andpedagogy that connects Clemson with the world.Mission:• Resource for students, faculty, and staff• Focal point for industry relationships• Develop new technologies necessary to analyze the social web
  7. 7. Social Media Listening @ Clemson
  8. 8. Social Media Listening @ Clemson• From 200 million+ social media feeds collected by Radian6, we elicit a “social view” of prospective students, on-campus activities, outreach and athletics.• Visualization of conversations• Detailed analysis of keywords, themes, and influences• Reach back via email, facebook and twitter to engage with our stakeholders
  9. 9. Social Media Listening @ Clemson• Command Center used to stimulate student, faculty, and staff thinking about real world issues • Business Intelligence – Are customer problems local? Are demands for new services universal? • Social Intelligence – How do you track and respond to concerns about conservation? • Political intelligence – How do online conversations translate to offline action on election day?
  10. 10. We interrupt this programing … To bring you a live demonstration - Will flip to a profile around a business - Will flip to a profile around conservation - Will use slides to talk about the elections project - This is being supported by a National Science Foundation grant.
  11. 11. SML @ CLEMSON: Social Web Election Listening • Leverage the command center to: • Identify interesting races to follow • Map offline conversations to online chatter • Movement of “centers” of conversation over time • Sentiment around individuals, parties,and issue sets as the elections unfold • Ultimate goal is to leverage Radian6 and the Command Center to better inform how online conversations translate to offline action.
  12. 12. Social Media Listening @ Clemson
  13. 13. Social Media Listening @ Clemson
  14. 14. Social Media Listening @ Clemson
  15. 15. Social Media Listening @ Clemson
  16. 16. SML @ CLEMSON: Lessons Learned • Command Center is a tool for: • Visualizing conversations • Communicating with stakeholders • Problem identification • High level analysis that lets us drill into focused conversations
  17. 17. Gloria HuangSenior Social Engagement Specialist@riaglo
  18. 18. Our Social Engagement Goals1. Carry out the organization’s mission online.2. Grow our network of passionate supporters.3. Give the public a seat at our operational decision-making table.
  19. 19. What changed with Haiti…
  20. 20. Social Media becoming an integral part of disasterresponse• Growing trend in U.S. and across the world in disasters to use social media to seek help.• More people using social media, mobile technology and online news outlets in emergencies. 1. Trying to learn more about the disaster 2. Asking for help 3. Sharing information about well-being with family and friends
  21. 21. Requests from the public (Alabama Tornadoes 2011)
  22. 22. tools Insights DashboardDigital Command Center Engagement Console
  23. 23. Training digital volunteers• In-depth training on engagement tactics• Engagement console training• Group workflow and reporting system
  24. 24. Engaging during Hurricane Isaac 2012
  25. 25. Results• Leadership interest in and acceptance of social data reports during disasters• Training developed for Red Cross employees and volunteers• 20 trained staff members in various departments who can use software to monitor and deal with day-to-day issuesHurricane Isaac:• 8 digital volunteers were trained and deployed• Reviewed 2,307 posts and responded to 364 posts• Provided services on the ground in 3 instances, directly as result of social posts
  26. 26. Charlie TreadwellSocial & Digital Marketing Manager@CharlieAtCisco
  27. 27. Setting Up Your Social MediaCommand CenterCharlie Treadwell@CharlieAtCiscoSocial Media Marketing Manager, CiscoDreamforce, September 21, 2012
  28. 28. Why a Command Center? by ELuisCabrera
  29. 29. Leveraging the High Ground by compujeramey
  30. 30. Cisco’s Social Media Listening Center
  31. 31. Cisco’s Social Media Listening Center San Jose London
  32. 32. Social Media Listening Center Visualizations
  33. 33. Customer Listening & Engagement Journey Stage 5 Fully Engaged Stage 4 Stage 3 Impactful Stage 2 Operational • Social listening and Stage 1 Experimental engagement drives real • Share insights broadly Traditional business results • Dabbling in social listening • Key players/responders occurs identified (i.e. product, • Cross-functional teams• Customer understanding marketing, support) partner to listen, engage occurs via focus groups, • Initial understanding of consistently and make surveys, or phone conversation landscape • Develop initial response changes based on insights channel/support • Perceive potential benefits of process, start engaging listening • Starts to be embedded in • Listening data matched with• No concerted effort around other data to provide real- • Still disconnected to business operations social listening; possible time overall health of brand skepticism about benefits business operations • Executive sponsorship Based on Ant’s Eye View Social Engagement Journey: http://www.antseyeview.com/blog/the-social-engagement-journey-how-companies-are-transformed-by-social-media/
  34. 34. Gaining INSIGHTS to drive real business results… Identify Emerging Themes Capture Find Fans Industry Trends and Advocates Competitive Discover Product Insights Issues Benefits of Listening Uncover Crisis / Risk Influencers Management Message Product Development Penetration Feedback Sales Leads
  35. 35. Create a Playbook • The Big Picture Positive Negative Take reasonable action to fix issue and let customer know action taken Yes • Plan Yes Does customer need/deserve No Assess the more info? Do you want to Evaluate the respond? message purpose Gently correct the facts Yes Yes No • Build Unhappy Are the facts No Response Customer? correct? No No Yes Can you add No Dedicated Yes Are the facts value? Complainer? correct? • Promote No Yes Explain what is being done to Yes correct the issue Respond in kind Comedian Want- Is the problem Thank the person & share to-Be? being fixed? No Let post stand and monitor Yes • Implement • Measure • Resources and References
  36. 36. Engagement Opportunity Framework Marketing Product Support Crisis Management Pre-Sales Research Product Issues Resolve Issues and Answer Safety Issue Support Questions Igniting Fans Product Quality Issues Gather Info for Product Content Generation Development Critical Support Issues Website Errors or Problems Thought Leadership / Trusted Advisor Provide Product Updates Promote Cisco Support Highly Negative Post / Identify Gaps in Product Community Mentions of Lawsuit Reputation Management Portfolio
  37. 37. Social Media Response Strategy Take reasonable action to fix issue and let customer know action taken Positive Negative Yes Yes Does customer No Do you want Assess the Evaluate the need/deserve more to respond? message purpose info? Yes Unhappy Yes Are the facts No Gently correct the factsNo Response Customer? correct? No No Yes Can you add No Dedicated Yes Are the facts value? Complainer? correct? Explain what is being No Yes Yes done to correct theRespond in Thank the Comedian Is the problem issuekind & share person Want-to-Be? being fixed? No Let post stand and Yes monitor This framework was built using the USAF Blog Triage
  38. 38. Listening Liaison Network Listening Liaison Product/Solution Listening Liaison Mktg, etc.SMEs Crisis Comms, etc. Dedicated Team for Support Listening Liaison Network Response & Engagement, Technical Services Listening Liaison Partner/Field Mktg, etc. Listening Liaison Product/Solution Customer Listening Center, Digital Marketing, etc. SMEs & Social Media Marketing
  39. 39. Listening Liaison Network Workflow Diagram Login to Follow-up; Engagement Repeat flow as Console needed YES YES Include Appro- Engage Level: 1) Review “My Requires comments in priate to Engage* Commented,Tasks” in order of Engage? follow-up? the Notes Awaiting Reply priority AND 2) Section SME Listening NO NO Stack Assign to YES Reassign; Customer YES Engage Level: Engage Level: someone recommended confirms Resolved, no else? follow-up resolve? further action NO NO Engage Level: Engage Level: Reviewed, closed, Commented, no engagement closed required *Engage means that you will respond Response may be posted through EC, sprinklr, etc.
  40. 40. Listen Early and Listen Often 10:00 AM, June 29th, Word Cloud Screen software using firmware install allow linksys tracking cloud data access connect pushing automatic trust cisco history security allows router
  41. 41. Gather Intelligence… not Data 10:00 AM Issue Logged by Listening Team
  42. 42. Evolution of our Listening Center CMOExecutive Briefing Center
  43. 43. Key Takeaways• Enables an elevated perspective, does not replace people on the front lines• Create a playbook or process and identify priorities• Develop a network of subject matter experts• Shows company’s dedication to social and VoC• Change agent for executive support… but• Be prepared for challenging questions
  44. 44. Learn more at salesforce.com/marketing-cloud
  45. 45. Speaker Name Speaker Name Speaker Name Speaker Name Speaker Title, Speaker Title, Speaker Title, Speaker Title, @twittername @twittername @twittername @twittername
  46. 46. Speaker Name Speaker Name Speaker Name Speaker Name Speaker Title, Speaker Title, Speaker Title, Speaker Title, @twittername @twittername @twittername @twittername
  47. 47. Slide parts Use certification logos as appropriate; copy and paste next to speaker name
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