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Guest Blogger Guidelines: 'Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem'

Want to blog with us? We're welcoming submissions our new blog, 'Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem'— a blog for and by businesses in the Salesforce ecosystem. Share your experiences and lessons learned with current and prospective Salesforce partners, and become an inspiration to businesses just like you.

Find out more about what we're looking for and how to submit in this deck.

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Guest Blogger Guidelines: 'Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem'

  1. 1. Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem Blog Contributor Guidelines
  2. 2. Introducing: Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem A new blog created to regularly deliver inspiring, exciting and educational thought leadership content to existing and potential partners. Audience ● Potential Partners: Inspire the next generation of innovative app builders, whether you’re already a rapidly growing ISV, or an entrepreneur with an idea. ● Existing Partners: Engage the Salesforce partner trailblazer community to celebrate partner successes and share best practices.
  3. 3. Thought Leadership Platform for Salesforce Ecosystem Grow Your BrandInc Conference Event Inc 5000 Winners Targeting Tell stories about: • Business growth with Salesforce • General business growth • Partner-to-partner connections • Dreamforce experience • Event experience What you get: ● Bio and headshot with links ● Social sharing from multiple Salesforce social handles ● Future collaboration opportunities ● Expand your thought leadership Share Your Expertise Make Connections Share your experience in: ● Thriving in the partner ecosystem ● Building on the Salesforce Platform ● Growing your business with tech ● Sales & marketing best practices ● Customer success Top thought leaders are invited to contribute to the blog to spark social conversations and share their vision of how small and mid-sized businesses can drive success in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  4. 4. Blog Post Guidelines Attention-grabbing, short headline Clear, prescriptive points that help, not sell 1-2 short paragraph intro Break content into 4-5 sentence paragraphs 500-1000 words
  5. 5. Blogging Best Practices
  6. 6. Tips for Writing Engaging, Actionable Blog Posts Who is your target audience? Entrepreneurs? Prospective partners? Before putting pen to paper, ask yourself these questions Why is this topic important and why should readers care? What actionable tips will you offer? What is the call to action? How do you draw on your experience to form a unique perspective?
  7. 7. Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Blogging • Be honest and transparent. All posts must be factually accurate with supporting stats cited. • Include a catchy title – make sure it’s clear and enticing enough to click on. • Lean on your team members and other teams for ideas and thought starters. • Shape your blog posts around things that you find interesting. • Get creative with different blog post formats. Bulleted lists, numbers, quotes, calculations, etc. are all fair game. • Conclude the post with a main takeaway and call to action for the reader. • Skimp on personality! Use first person when writing or draw examples from personal stories. • Pitch yourself, a product, anything! The blog is all about thought leadership. • Be afraid to take your post further with big ideas, like eBooks, infographics or even haikus! • Try to be the expert on everything. Write about what you know or find resources to cite areas outside your expertise. • Forget to spell check before submitting. DO DON’T
  8. 8. SEO and Linking Guidelines ​ Keyword selection: Determine your key phrases and naturally (not forcefully) work those keywords into your headline, intro copy and subheads. • Pro Tip: keep the ‘keyword density’ (i.e., percentage of total word count) to 5-8% ​ Linking ‘out’: Guide the reader to a helpful next step. Hyperlink your content to relevant pages and resources that are helpful to the reader and not just a promotional tool for your brand. • Pro Tip: Always end your post with a next step link
  9. 9. Promotion Plan Partner Success Community Salesforce Ventures Community sharing Partner Sharing Social SharingNew Blog Post Employee Sharing (Click to tweet) Success Community Posts Partner Newsletter Internal Sharing Paid Social Media @partnerforce Syndication (Outbrain)
  10. 10. Ready to blog? 1. Complete this form: bit.ly/ecosystemblogger 2. Upon approval, Salesforce will reach out 3. Submit post through Medium 4. Publish date to come from editor