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Atelier thématique du Salesforce World Tour Paris 2015

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  • Hi Everyone, my name is Keith Block and it is so great to be with you here in Boston, my hometown. Over the next 80+ minutes, I’d like to take you on a journey to show you how to connect with your customers in a whole new way. And we’re going to show you how to do that with the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.
  • Key Takeaway: We are a publicly traded company. Please make your buying decisions only on the products commercially available from Salesforce.

    Talk Track:
    Before I begin, just a quick note that when considering future developments, whether by us or with any other solution provider, you should always base your purchasing decisions on what is currently available.
  • What I love about my job is the constant change in technology around us. Today, we are in a world where everything is becoming more and more connected. We started with mainframe computers and mini computers and moved to PCs and Client/server networks, to the cloud. The cloud has allowed us to do amazing new things. We’ve seen the emergence of massive social networks that connect all of us, and breakthroughs in data science change is changing how we do business. We are in a world of billions of connected things, which has lead to trillions of customer interactions- Right here in Toronto companies are connected to their customers like never before.

    Aldo- Increase in customer knowledge helps ALDO better anticipate the customers’ needs and expectations and select the best channels to engage with them more effectively. For example, customer service agents use Service Cloud to quickly access customer data, find answers, and respond to issues faster. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, ALDO can participate in conversations about its brand on social networks.
    As part of its cross-channel strategy, ALDO is also building a suite of mobile apps with the Salesforce1 Platform: “Style Guru” will be a hub for trend and style information; “Outfit Matchmaker” will help customers match shoes to outfits they already own; and “Virtual Shelf” will let customers quickly explore and purchase from the ALDO collection.

    Bombardier- BRP deployed Sales Cloud and Service Cloud portals to their 4,200 dealers worldwide, all of their dealers are connected on a community to share best practices. Creating an interconnected web of dealers who are plugged into the manufacturer, each other, and focused on delighting the consumer around key moments of truth. Often the first engagement a consumer has with the BRP brand is online. Consumers who build custom vehicles and request quotes online are automatically routed to the closest dealer through lead management in the dealer portal. Dealers can respond quickly to customer questions, do some homework on the customer, get them into the dealership, and then tailor the ultimate test ride. BRP deployed the Salesforce1 Service Cloud portal, connecting backoffice SAP data on vehicles and owners, so dealers and technicians can instantly look up vehicle information, warranty coverage, warranty claims, service history, and even have the built-in knowledgebase filter down articles for the specific vehicle.

    Cirque du Soleil- Cirque du Soleil hires a mix of circus arts and street entertainment, and always need to stay ahead of their competition with the best talent. They frequently deal with talent with no resumes given they are mainly performers. Their shows are held globally and their talent comes from all over the wold. Cirque is using the Salesforce platform to create efficiency in their method for talent acquisition. They now have an interactive site with multi-language job boards where candidates can submit video portfolios rather than a resume. It’s a collaborative tool which allows them to stay ahead with the best talent in the business.

  • As we talk to customers across the world, one thing is for sure that the lines between sales and service are blurring. While Sales is a company’s bread and butter, service is imperative to keeping your customers happy. And it's never been more important than now to make sure that these worlds are connected
  • Marketing Cloud is a platform for building personalized journeys for your customers.
    We know that managing the relationship between a customer and a brand in a multi-step, multi-stage fashion drives business results - lift, reducing churn, impacting NPS and more.
    And the marketing cloud can help you engage prospects and customers at every step - awareness, acquisition, on boarding and engagement, advocacy and renewal.
    The marketing cloud helps you build a single view of your customer using data, segment your audiences, personalize your content, orchestrate the customer journey, and then execute it across channels: ads, web, email, mobile, and social. Now lets talk about it through the eyes of a customer.
  • Zero Motorcycles is this and does this. Add some color. they use the marketing cloud, and the entire Salesforce customer success platform to build stronger relationships with their customers. Lets take a look at how they are using the Marketing Cloud throughout the various stages of the customer lifecycle.
  • it begins with driving awareness
    zero can use the marketing cloud to manage its presence on social channels like Facebook - where more than 1.5B people visit every single day. they can create great web experiences and build great mobile apps. Mobile is really important - its essentially a super channel - where we all consume email, engage our friends and colleagues on social networks and download and use apps. In fact Gartner says we spend 16 hours a day attached to our phones - so having a strategy for driving awareness for your brand on mobile is crucial - and using new capabilities like geo-fencing or Beacons to deliver a message or offer based on location at the right time are more important than ever. And of course advertising, which is on the cusp of becoming more personalized and relevant than ever before.
  • Having a customer find your brand has typically been achieved by leveraging some form of traditional mass media - TV, Radio, Print, Billboards. But in the age of digital, this is changing forever.

    Digital started the same way as offline, we transposed billboards into banner ads, TV into YouTube. This worked for a while too, but it always promised so much more.

    And more has come. You’ve been building huge amounts of data on who your customers really are, and digital media has afforded us a range of identifiers for people, across desktops, mobiles, and now devices.

    The age of personalized media at scale has arrived.
  • We’ve been in this game for a while, since 2010 in fact. With we were beta partners with Facebook’s emerging ads platform, and have since watched it grow into the dominant media channel and identity platform it is today. We’ve also added public and professional identity platforms too, as launch partners for both Twitter and LinkedIn.

    These platforms allow you unprecedented targeting capabilities at web scale. And they started as platforms for finding these customers on their own channels, but now are reaching out into the wider digital ecosystem as well. gives you access to these powerful new way to reach your customers, optimizing everything to ensure your money is well spent.
  • Onboarding: short window in time to hook your customers (think fitbit vs paper manuals)
    If they are hooked in the first few days, they’ll be more successful with your product —> more likely to become advocates and more likely to buy more/upgrade
    JB for relationships
  • Position JB beyond on-boarding, (reference back to JB for Biz)
    Relationship building with customers
  • Now once you get your customers hooked in those first few days, it’s important to maintain that engagement throughout their lifetime as a customer.
  • Marketing Cloud : personnalisez votre marketing

    1. 1. Jean-Philippe Baert | Regional Vice President Marketing Cloud : personnalisez votre marketing
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    3. 3. Milliers Millions BillionsMilliards d’objets connectés d’interactions clients Résaux sociaux Mobilité Cloud Données SNA Terminal Mainframe LAN/WAN Client Serveur Connectez-vous avec vos clients comme jamais !
    4. 4. Sales Service Marketing CommunityApps Analytics THE CUSTOMER SUCCESS PLATFORM Connectez-vous avec vos clients comme jamais ! La Customer Success Platform
    5. 5. Salesforce Marketing Cloud L’application de marketing digital n° 1 Réseaux sociauxEmail MobileWebPublicité
    6. 6. Médias sociaux Web Mobile Géorepérage Beacons Publicité Le parcours client
    7. 7. Augmentez votre awareness grâce à des publicités personnalisées Communication de masse, impersonnelle Communications personnalisées à grande échelle
    8. 8. Augmentez votre awareness grâce à des publicités personnalisées & Active Audiences Activez vos données clients Construisez des segments d’audience Créez des publicités sur les médias sociaux Optimisez vos dépenses publicitaires Clients >> Zero Motorcycles >> Request Demos
    9. 9. Le parcours client Concours & offres Sites web Opt-ins Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring Automatisation marketing
    10. 10. Acquisition de clients grâce à l’automatisation marketing Campagnes Pipeline
    11. 11. Le parcours client Produits Applications Emails de bienvenue Préférences emails Formation Parcours
    12. 12. Onboarding de vos clients grâce à des parcours personnalisés Onboarding hors-ligne d’utilisateurs anonymes Onboarding automatisé en ligne de clients connus
    13. 13. Onboarding de vos clients grâce à des parcours personnalisés Journey Builder Le bon message Au bon moment Sur le bon canal
    14. 14. Le parcours client Réseaux sociaux et mobiles Newsletter Anniversaire Abandon de panier In-store E-mail
    15. 15. Engagez vos clients sur tous les canaux Campagnes marketing dissociées Campagnes multicanal ciblées et personnalisées
    16. 16. Engagez vos clients sur tous les canaux Marketing Cloud Construisez une vue unique du client Personnalisez le contenu Communiquez par e-mail, mobile et web
    17. 17. Pierre-Alexandre Bruneau Principal Sales Engineer
    18. 18. Le parcours client Écoute Publication Engagement Automatisation des processus Génération de leads Service client
    19. 19. Facilitez la recommandation grâce aux médias sociaux Médias sociaux en silos Médias sociaux connectés
    20. 20. Facilitez la recommandation grâce aux médias sociaux Social Studio Analysez les conversations Publiez sur les médias sociaux Engagez vos clients Connectez les ventes et services
    21. 21. Le parcours client ne s’arrête jamais…
    22. 22. HUBFORUM# Futur du e-commerce et Innovation 2015 9 octobre 2014 Marc LOLIVIER Délégué Général Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance Salesforce World Tour Les grandes tendances du marché e- commerce Jeudi 25 juin 2015, Paris Marc LOLIVIER Délégué général Fédération du e-commerce et vente à distance
    23. 23. #1 CROISSANCE 700 Mio de transactions pour un montant de 56,8 Mds Source : FEVAD iCE, 2014 Le e-commerce progresse 10 fois plus vite que le commerce 8.4 11.6 15.6 20 25 31 37.7 45 51,1 56.8 62.4 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 (p) +10% + 11%
    24. 24. #1 CROISSANCE Source : FEVAD iCE, 2014 87 90 89 91 91 93 89 94 92 93 87 90 89 92 89 93 93 92 87 92 92 91 86 88 88 87 85 85 85 85 83 82 82 81 80 06,2006 09,2006 12,2006 03,2007 06,2007 09,2007 12,2007 03,2008 06,2008 09,2008 12,2008 03,2009 06,2009 09,2009 12,2009 03,2010 06,2010 09,2010 12,2010 03,2011 06,2011 09,2011 12,2011 03,2012 06,2012 09,2012 12,2012 03,2013 06,2013 09,2013 12,2013 03,2014 06,2014 09,2014 12,2014 Panier en baisse de 4% en 2014
    25. 25. #1 CROISSANCE Source : FEVAD iCE, 2014 7.1 7.3 8.7 9.8 11.4 12.3 13.7 16.1 18.0 20.1 5.0 10.0 15.0 20.0 25.0 0.0 5.0 10.0 15.0 20.0 25.0 30.0 35.0 40.0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 nb acheteurs nb transactions / acheteur / an 1625 € par e-acheteurs en 2014
    26. 26. #1 CROISSANCE Source : FEVAD iCE, 2014 138,000 144,000 147,200 154,600 157,300 12,2013 03,2014 06,2014 09,2014 12,2014 Série 1 20.000 nouveaux sites en 2014
    27. 27. #1 CROISSANCE Source : FEVAD iCE, 2014 Rang Marques Visiteurs uniques moyens par mois Couverture moyenne (en % de la population internaute) Visiteurs uniques moyens par jour 1 Amazon (B) * 17 516 000 37,5% 2 072 000 2 Cdiscount (B) * 10 732 000 23,0% 886 000 3 Fnac (B) * 10 684 000 22,9% 874 000 4 eBay (B) * 7 947 000 17,0% 910 000 5 Carrefour (B) * 7 587 000 16,2% 557 000 6 PriceMinister (B) * 7 540 000 16,1% 590 000 7 (B) * 6 860 000 14,7% 500 000 8 La Redoute (B) * 6 839 000 14,6% 464 000 9 vente-privee (B) * 5 963 000 12,8% 995 000 10 E.Leclerc (B) 5 553 000 11,9% 451 000 11 Darty (B) * 5 424 000 11,6% 332 000 12 Leroy Merlin (B) 5 005 000 10,7% 346 000 13 Auchan (B) * 4 890 000 10,5% 364 000 14 Rue du Commerce (B) * 4 665 000 10% 296 000 15 Decathlon (B) 4 361 000 9,3% 242 000 Top 15 des sites de « e-commerce » les plus visités en France - Octobre Novembre 2014
    28. 28. #2 MOBILE 20% du CA des sites leaders 14% des internautes ont déjà acheté sur l’internet mobile 43% des mobinautes ont consulté leur mobile en magasin Sources : Médiamétrie, 2014 – FEVAD, 2014 - Baromètre FEVAD/Médiamétrie, 2014
    29. 29. #3 PLATEFORMISATION En moyenne plus de 20% des ventes des sites avec market place Source : FEVAD iCE, 2014 10% 15% 21% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 100 150 200 250 2012 2013 2014 poids volume d'affaires places de marchés croissance volume d'affaires places de marchés +53% +50%
    30. 30. #4 INTEGRATION 23% des cyber-acheteurs ont déjà utilisé le click & collect 64% en ont profité pour acheter un autre produit Source: Baromètre FEVAD/Médiamétrie 2014
    31. 31. #5 INTERNATIONALISATION 15% des européens achètent sur des sites étrangers 57% des sites FEVAD sont présents à l’international Sources : Enquête FEVAD/LSA, 2014 - Eurostat, 2014 = plus de 70 millions de consommateurs
    32. 32. Source : FEVAD, février 2015 2015 : LES PERSPECTIVES SELON LA FEVAD Le e-commerce franchira le cap des 60 milliards 10% du commerce de détail (hors ali.) sur Internet Près de 180 000 sites marchands actifs + de 80% des e-acheteurs seront équipés de Smartphones 1 e-acheteur sur 2 aura recours à la conso collaborative 1 colis sur 2 livré hors domicile chez les sites leaders ¼ des e-acheteurs reliés à des objets connectés
    33. 33. HUBFORUM# Futur du e-commerce et Innovation 2015 9 octobre 2014 Marc LOLIVIER Délégué Général Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance Plus d’info sur
    34. 34. Merci ! 1 2 3 Donnez votre avis aux bornes d’enregistrement ou en ligne et recevez un cadeau. Profitez du cocktail networking dans le salon Cloud Expo dès 17h45. Rendez-vous à Dreamforce à San Francisco du 15 au 18 septembre. Plus d’infos sur :