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  1. 1. Resume Name: SAMARENDRA KUMAR SINHA Date of Birth: 7th February 1964-65 Place of Birth: JAMSHEDPUR Professional qualification: PGDCA (HONS) NIIT(1991) SYSTEM MANAGEMENT FIRST CLASS Matriculation: V.S.ST Johns Higher Secondary School ((64%)(“Montfort” chain of schools)) Senior Intermediate: Andhra Loyola College (70+ %)( Also a Loyalite). Graduation (BSC Zoo HONS: PANDU College, GAUHATI UNIVERSITY (9th rank overall). Myself in Brief: I am a hard working professional of average intelligence. I like to read well- written literature; includes within my profession and imbibing the concept OF “ONE && ZERO” POINT; (”REAL OR ABSTRACT”). I believe fully in SAI humanity oriented society. I am a confirmed philanthropist. Operating System: DOS, WINDOWS, OPENVMS, UNIX & UNIX Flavours’ Languages: C, C++, java, FORTRAN, Pascal, COBOL, inline assembly and web pages Databases: Most utilized RDBMS, in memory and nosql Databases with dabbing in Business Analytics, DBA, Data warehouse, Data Mining, Tuning and tweaking, High Availability, Replication, Disaster Recovery, High Performance Computing and Privileges concepts. Concepts: Got the concept of agile software engineering, common object request broker architecture, learning high performance computing, RTR, Smart client (GUI), and Dummy client, PRS, UTS and COA concept. Realized RISC server advantages with CISC client. Security is another issue which rests well with CYBERARK; as with Cloud and virtualization. Realized that Hadoop compliments RDBMS to make business intelligence complete. Wireless-Lan system rests well with hack-proof secure bandwidth. Pioneer of devops in GOI and on the job of Internet Of things. Brief About Myself: • In 1987 I qualified in written ota then in "Madras" and am a mole in Indian Defence •I joined CRIS on 4th October 1991 as Junior Software Engineer. I was made Assistant Software Engineer in 1996 At Present I am Software Engineer (since April 1999) (PB3 scale).
  2. 2. •My first task was for MR cell (2 Months), which was a sensitive data entry exercise (Scrap project). •Then came Railway Receipt (RR) (3 Years) (Team size: 3 (Here I was asked to do onsite maintenance at the behest of Anoop Raja && Ranjan Verma) in KSHZ RR. Later I assisted the Team leaders in (development & training). Railway Receipt consisted of forwarding note i.e. Demand& Compliance of Railway receipt. The concept has been implemented in FOIS: Clipper 5.02; OS:-Dos •Then came Railway Inquiry (R&D) (1994 inducted) (Team size: Railway Enquiry Team) (implemented in 250 class A stations) culminating in www.indianrail.gov.in, www.trainenquiry.com & www.irctc.co.in (all were part of the result of my work reflected in Railway Enquiry documentation) & have been successfully maintained and appreciated. Language: - C; OS:-Windows 95 •My human resource modules in Visual Interdev in JavaScript & Html had been accepted and appreciated. •I have been associated with software training for CRIS and have been giving feedbacks in management decisions (> TWENTY Years (Silver medal)). I am comfortable at public speaking whatever the subject maybe extempore & can put my point through provided if I have an inkling of it. •I have been a pioneer with COA and suggested GPS, GIS & passive RFID technology along with practical use of GIS When need by (1999-present).I was the pioneer in data logger implementation. •I am one among the data centre project pioneers in India along with the master database management project. •I have now been associated with UTS/PRS/IRCA am learning the ropes & am associated with PRS documentation. •I had suggested journey planner with touch screen. •I had suggested refunding on internet & internet reservation & now mobile reservation through AIRTEL money. • I have suggested enhancementofcustomized hand held terminal with the thermal printer with passive RFID rolls. • I am training the boys from my experience in life and System Engineering. It is not an easy job. •My browser based smart client idea has been recommended by me in UTS and PRS; along with projection of HPC. •I have made the blueprint for DSS and; has been implemented. I designed the poet & mailed it to RADHA. • I have submitted the tentative blue print for GOI and pioneering the introduction of Devops in Cris. •I was selected for shuttle badminton below 18 for nationals from AP. I am good at Karate (sensei: Naval data) (1982-1983 Bodkia (motto: Nothing is impossible.))And also expert in cricket, table tennis, chess, billiards, carom, draught etc. •I was born at TATANAGAR at Tata main hospital unofficially on 7th February 1964 7:30 pm (Gotra Kashyap) brain dead (was in Intensive care unit)recovered on May 27th 1964 evening while in mothers’ lap on a cycle rickshaw.
  3. 3. •I am a family man and have a good friend in my wife and 2 Sons. My wife is employed in Human resource wing of CONCOR as a senior supervisor •I Own a Verified Passport for my entire family member i.e. an Indian passport. My Preconditions: •Relocation: As mutually agreed by both parties & not putting my family into inconvenience. •Salary: Negotiable as agreed upon by both parties. I am currently in PB3 band of central govt. of India. •Priorities: Any System area in which I can considerably contribute & gain valuable experience & deliver within practical deadline; no stigma on me learning about network & hardware. I soak knowledge. Residence: R-205, ANUPAM APTS, Near KARKARDUMA Court, East ARJUN NAGAR, Delhi- 110032 Mobile (Personal): 918130797431 Personal Reference: Ms. SUNITA KUMARI SINHA Mobile (personal): 9810887965 Sunitas@concorindia.com She is my better half & I am her Ivanhoe.