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Spawny: A New Approach to Logins



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Spawny: A New Approach to Logins

  1. 1. Spawny A new approch on logins
  2. 2. What is it ? Service for ofering login capabilities
  3. 3. The basic approch Unify the workfow from a developer and user
  4. 4. The basic approch
  5. 5. How does it work ?
  6. 6. Greeters Text-mode Greeter is shipped with the service Can be used as fallback for failure & misconfguration No dependency on any Toolkit
  7. 7. Graphical greeters? anna ● https://github.com/marcelhollerbach/anna
  8. 8. spawny as a subproject spawny is using meson use spawny as subproject in your project You can use sp- greeter-set to set your greeter as default That will install all spawny part along with your greeter
  9. 9. Future Goals Monitor greeter hangups Secure Lockscreen Support fnger readers
  10. 10. Take away Graphical frontend for using a getty Undependend from Xserver Focus is on keeping responsive system