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  1. Sandip R. Hatkar Sr. Design Engineer Ross Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
  2.  Communicate (English) = ◦ Latin: communicate = make common + share ◦ Communication is the art of transmitting information, ideas and attitudes from one person to another. Communication is the process of meaningful interaction among human beings.  Powerful skill for students, engineers, businessman,etc.
  3. Oral Presentation Audience Awareness Critical Listening Body Language Written Academic Writing Revision and Editing Critical Reading Presentation of Data Non-Verbal Audience Awareness Personal Presentation Body Language
  4.  Visual Images Written Word Spoken Word Body Body Language
  5.  If no communication skills ◦ Damaging professional growth ◦ Limiting movement to top management positions
  6. o Mistake with spelling, tone and grammar make you look careless. o Don’t rely on spelling checkers. o Mistakes finding by checking own work bit Difficult so let checked By colleagues
  7.  Would you announce layoff to your team by email ? If you did you can upset everyone.  Written communication don’t allow you to soften difficult massage.  Bad news to be given in person by sensitively communicate in minimising long term upset.  Help people deal with the difficult news
  8. o Negative feedback should be avoided as small problems getting bigger . o Preparation is key to handle difficult conversation
  9.  Assertive is about stating what you need , while considering the wants and needs of other people.  “Yes to the person No to the task” Maintaining good relations.
  10.  Reacting shouted to colleague instead calmly.  This kind of emotional reaction can damage your reputation.  Acquire skill of managing emotions.
  11.  Poorly prepared presentation,reports or email can frustrate your audience bad .
  12.  We may overlooks peoples different personalities.  Appreciate people with different learning styles.
  13.  Today's workplace melting pot of ethenicity,religion,ages,sexual orientations and viewpoints. These differences creates a rich opinions that greatly enhance our life.  Set time aside to listen When you meet some new o Manage cultural Differences consider Each persons expectations
  14.  Always take time to check that people have understood your message.  e.g. when you email someone,you could encourage to ask questions or to reply. If they understood. Build time for people to discuss main points.
  15.  Sending sensitive email to wrong person or an incorrect attachment? These kind of errors can cause serious commercial problems.  Type massage first then recipient .  Cross check email id .
  16.  Everyone make mistakes in communications.  Avoid most common errors.  Such as editing your work, accidently violating privacy of people forwarding emails, and not being assertive.  Key :Think about audience.  Communication is two way process.  Good communication can greatly enhance your working relationships and your job satisfaction.
  17.  …in the new global and diverse workplace requires excellent communication skills
  18. Sandip R. Hatkar

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