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CSEOL Pitch - Schools and Satellites

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During the CSEOL competition (www.cseol.eu), and after an intensive two-day Bootcamp, Monica Estebanez Camarena pitched our pilot proposal 'Schools and Satellites' using these slides. With this project, we aim to improve rainfall information for Ghana and adding to the school curriculum with a Climate Change module.

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CSEOL Pitch - Schools and Satellites

  1. 1. <16 % correlation with GMet ground stations <20 % of ground stations in Ghana than in Europe
  2. 2. Aerosols Land surface temperature Ground Truth Data
  3. 3. If it doesn’t work right, go left!
  4. 4. Schools and Satellites A reliable rainfall product for West-Africa CSEOL Pitch
  5. 5. Algorithm Development Ground Truth Data Demo Day December 2020 PoC Algorithm Training and validation Validate Algorithm Start of Citizen Science pilot Start engaging schools Share resultsEducational module S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 9
  6. 6. Citizen Science Hydrology Earth Observation Project Management Ghanaian local situation Machine Learning Meteorology
  7. 7. So, why do we need the money?
  8. 8. 70.000 euros
  9. 9. So let it rain knowledge! CSEOL pitch – Team SaS
  10. 10. Engagement • Get schools engaged • TAHMO and GMet network with schools • Visits & outreach • During the project • Sensing umbrellas • Internet time • Competition between schools and groups