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The BUZZ Word - Entrepreneur. A Perspective of Santhosh Tuppad

It may look like many of the entrepreneurs have lost the true meaning of Entrepreneur. Santhosh Tuppad sheds light on his perspective of "Entrepreneur".

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The BUZZ Word - Entrepreneur. A Perspective of Santhosh Tuppad

  1. 1. THE BUZZ WORD - ENTREPRENEUR. A PERSPECTIVE.  Entrepreneurship in sanskrit means, ​“​Antha Prerna​,” which in translation means “​self-motivated​”.  The bitter truth is, we are confusing this meaning with money, capitalism, celebrity, impressing the  external world, richness of materialistic gains and many delusional and illusional things that exists in  this current world.     Most of the us want to become an entrepreneurs and the reasons are all external along with the reasons  that really doesn’t synchronise with your “​self​”. In my experience of this beautiful journey of life, I have  encountered ​entrepreneur ​wannabe’s having the following reasons such as, “I want to be my own boss  and that’s why I want to be an entrepreneur”, “I want to make a lot of money, and that’s why”, “I aspire to  be greatest businessman”, “I don’t like to work a lot”, “I want to make other people jealous about my  achievements” and many more such reasons of which I have heard. My only contention is, “Are these  traits connect back to ​“Being an entrepreneur”​? Going back to “self-motivation” meaning, your reasons  have to be internal and not external in terms of being influenced by the people, but yourselves in terms  of your thoughts of what you want to do and what needs to be done.    What is entrepreneurship to me?  ● To do what you crave for deep down (​listening to yourself​)  ● Something that gives you sense of accomplishment  ● Being content with what you do and how you do it  ● Accepting what comes in your way, then learning and adapting to the continuous changes  (​change is the only constant​).  ● Doing what needs to be done  ● Watching your thoughts towards the human community across the world (​Kindness​)  ● Showing up to the world (  ● Being yourself (​Remember, it’s all internal​)    What isn’t entrepreneurship to me?  ● Only making money or Making money (​Materialism is a byproduct of what I do​)  ● Always getting venture capitalists to fund me  ● Impressing my friends, family and others  ● Being unhappy, but just running behind a devil named “​Disguised Success​”  ● Ending up on my deathbed and having a moment like, “​Holy Sh*t, I don’t feel good about how I  lived my life?​”  ● Treating people around me including employees, friends, family in an unpleasant, unkind,  stressful way just because I am not making more money or I am stressed with opinions and  pessimistic views of the world about my journey.  ● An entrepreneur is an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through  risk and/or initiative. (​This ain’t entrepreneur to me. Hell No​).    Who are naysayers? 
  2. 2. Well, if you are an entrepreneur of ​self-motivation​ then probably you can put these kind of following  statements or comments filled with unpleasant or pessimistic views or opinions in the “​naysayers​” list.  ● Hey, take my suggestion and ​work for couple of years​ and then get into entrepreneurship  ● You are getting married soon​, don’t take risk by thinking about entrepreneurship.  ● You don’t have strong financial background​, entrepreneurship isn’t for you.  ● You can’t be an entrepreneur, you are just thinking about something fancy  ● Why don’t you settle for some multinational company instead of thinking about starting  something new  ● Are you an entrepreneur? Really? I am earning more than you.  ● You have started your entrepreneur journey for more than a year now, but your revenue is  nothing fascinating. Maybe you should give up!  ● You’ve failed so many times starting something new, and you must stop this time.    NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE! The list doesn’t have an end as we face. To those entrepreneurs who  have heard these kind of pessimist speech from people, I would like to say, “​Forgive them anyways and  continue with your inner-self guidance​”. Remember that “​Entrepreneur = Self-Motivation​” which is totally  internal. And these naysayers are external to you and they shouldn’t be really disturbing your journey. I  understand that, it’s easier said than done because we are social animals who have attachments.  However, your self-motivation is bigger than their words which don’t have any power unless you try to  power them. And wait, you need not distance yourself from these people; but you just need to say this, “​I  understand that I do not understand about these people​”. Also, as my wife Gina Enache (​A Psychologist​ by  profession and passion) says, “​A behavior is not a person​” which you may choose to ignore and not  ignoring a complete person. Probably, it’s peaceful for yourself that way if you practice this way.    In short, “​anyone who follows their visceral / heart / inner-guidance and is self-motivated to do any activity is  an entrepreneur.​”    Last, but not least; ​entrepreneurship is showing up​.    On “Showing Up” I have written some quotes by myself which may pump up the entrepreneurship juices  in you. I am sharing my thoughts below in quotes.    "Showing up always looks ugly until you taste the beauty of it." "  Trust your inner-self and show up like a rockstar to get the sense of beautiful life"   "Life isn't complete without showing up. what are you waiting for?"   "You don't want to say,'I wish, I had'. Showing up will only create greatness"   "You know you are beautiful, it's just that you can't explain."   "Showing up has never been easy, but those who did lived well."   "You are unique and don't be afraid to show your uniqueness to create a difference."   "Universe believes and trusts your uniqueness, get ready and show up."   "Showing up is what the universe needs to create the difference as humans."   "Great things are always challenging, but they are beautiful once faced."   "The core of life is 'making choices', and being kinder to them."  
  3. 3. "Awaken the hidden beauty of your soul through inner guidance and your values"   "Let's not give an appointment to disappointment. Grow by showing up!"   "If you wanted to choose a role-model, that person can be near you. Yes, that's you!"   "Find a passion for your well-being and nurture that passion with learning and adapting."   "Living a life of 'freedom of choices' is like climbing Mt. Everest. Once you reach the summit, you know  the feeling"   "I was judged. I was criticized. I was discouraged. I was misunderstood. And then I showed up. Best  decision of my life."   "A sunny day is mesmerizing when it shows up. Awaken the sun in you."   "Don't beat yourself up when things go wrong. Think about how you can beat the best out of yourself."   "Kindness, Trust, Polite, Respect, Love, Choice don't cost anything, but your willingness."   "Be a beautiful mirror before that makes the world beautiful with your reflection."   "You are limitless in your limits. You can expand the horizon at your will. Trust your being."   "If you did not exist, then I don't think if this planet would be beautiful."   "Beauty is not what others see in you, but you knowing your beauty."    Stay beautiful my dear entrepreneur. And never ever be a self-doubter, negativist or misogynist to yourself.    Your fellow entrepreneur,  Santhosh Tuppad