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SSG S-M-A-R-T Growth

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Business growth faces challenges: Changing demographics, cultural trends, technology, new media, and societal 'reset.'

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SSG S-M-A-R-T Growth

  1. 1. www.SantiagoSolutionsGroup.com  t: 818.736.5661S-M-A-R-T GROWTHThrough Opportunity Right-SizingCarlos SantiagoPresident & Chief StrategistSantiago Solutions GroupJuly, 2012Excerpts of -Chapter 2 written by Carlos Santiago inM. Isabel Valdes’ new book WIN! The Hispanic Market
  2. 2. Need: “Go” or “No-go” &Hispanic Initiative Funding Allocation Decisions2• Boost corporate growth rates• Optimize brands’ full potential• Decide where & how much to invest• Attain reasonable ROIRight-sizing the Hispanic Market Opportunity
  3. 3. S-M-A-R-T GrowthStrategic Planning Framework
  4. 4. 4• Long term view• Consistent investment andresource allocationHispanic Right-Sizing  S-M-A-R-T Growth
  5. 5. 5• Tailored, proven scientificapproachesHispanic Right-Sizing  S-M-A-R-T Growth
  6. 6. 6• Objectives, operations, incentives &accountabilityHispanic Right-Sizing  S-M-A-R-T Growth
  7. 7. 7• Clear goals & dashboards including netconsumer growth, revenue, profit and ROIHispanic Right-Sizing  S-M-A-R-T Growth
  8. 8. 8• Operationalized growth strategies in-syncwith proven outcomes, organizationalcapabilities and progressive scalingHispanic Right-Sizing  S-M-A-R-T Growth
  9. 9. Revenue Growth due largely to appropriate Hispanic Allocation9• For Consumer Packaged Goods and Technology-Telecom-Entertainmentsectors as well as for their retailers… Hispanic Allocation alone explainsabout a third of increases in revenue growth~33%~67%OtherDrivers* Hispanic Allocation ‘Top Tier’ revenue growth rate outpaces “Mid Tier”competitors by 3 times* According to Credit Suisse, Hispanic competitive advantage translates into a20%+ company valuation differential!Hispanic MarketAllocation
  10. 10. www.SantiagoSolutionsGroup.com  t: 818.736.5661Carlos SantiagoO: 818.736.5661Carlos@SantiagoSolutionsGroup.comwww.SantiagoSolutionsGroup.com¡Gracias!• Strategic Growth Consultancy,including planning andimplementation• U.S. Hispanic, Multicultural & LatinAmerican markets focus• Deep experience across Services,Products and Social Sector• Hands-on capabilities from client-side experience with end-to-endoperations• Driven by ROI for 12+ years