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Newspaper analysis 3

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Newspaper analysis 3

  1. 1. Sara McGranaghan Tameside Advertiser
  2. 2. Sara McGranaghan
  3. 3. Sara McGranaghan Characters The main image is of a father and his son holding a turkey, looking very proud. The father and son look very close on this image as they are knelt down together. This shows that they are connected to a positive story as they have a happy expression on their face. The other image on the cover is a close up of a serial killer called Shipman. He appears very serious and angry, reflecting his malicious character. He is a villain here as he is a very negative character which many readers will be familiar with and will buy the newspaper to read the story. On the second page there is an old photograph of a soldier who has passed away. He is dressed in an army uniform, suggesting he is patriotic and loyal. He appears to be a serious character on the image showing that he was very dedicated to the army. He is a hero in this story as he has fought in the army for his country for many years before his death. Setting The man and his son are both in what appears to be their back garden. It looks quite small with other houses in view behind, showing that they are likely to be from a working class family. Also, the boy is wearing a school uniform which shows that he goes to a local school, which readers may recognise as it is a local newspaper. The black and white photo of a man shows him wearing a military uniform. He looks like he is taking part in a British army parade due to what he is wearing and the soldiers behind him. Many patriotic people who read the newspaper will recognise this and be interested in the story. A landmark theatre building in Hyde is up for auction and is photographed on the next page. People local to the area are likely to be familiar with this building. This will encourage readers as they may be concerned or interested by this and want to read the article. Iconography The turkey on the main image is iconic of Christmas, making the newspaper very festive. The theatre building in Hyde is a landmark building in Hyde which many people will recognise. This is iconic of Hyde because it was first built in 1902 and has been a ‘multi-use venue’ ever since. The image of Shipman is also iconic, as he is well-known and a recognised criminal. This is iconic of crime as he is a man who can be directly connected to the murders he has committed. As crime stories are conventional of newspapers this story ensures the newspaper encourages readers. Finally, the image of the soldier is iconic of the British army as it looks like a typical old soldier photo. This is iconic of Britain as the army is a very important aspect of the country. Narrative events The main story headline “Police have done nothing wrong” shows the 2nd stage of Todorov’s 5 narrative stages as it creates questions as to what the police have done wrong. It creates a narrative enigma for the reader as they do not know what the statement is relating to, encouraging them to read the article. This is an example of Barthes hermeneutic code, as elements in the story are left unexplained. Underneath this is a picture of Shipman, which shows Levi Strauss’ theory of opposition as good and evil is shown, creating a binary opposition on the newspaper.
  4. 4. Sara McGranaghan Technical codes The Guttenberg principle has been used on the newspaper as the masthead has been conventionally placed in the primary optical area, allowing readers to easily recognize it. The main headline is also in the primary optical area, which means readers eyes will be drawn to reading this first. This will encourage people to read the newspaper as they will be intrigued to find out what has happened. The layout is very similar to the Salford Advertiser, in that an advertisement is down the right side of the page and along the bottom. This ensures the advertisements are not taking a central part of the newspaper. Also, a very similar colour scheme has been used to the Salford Advertiser which is mainly blue but with red and yellow. This is a colour scheme which creates an informal image for the newspaper but is also very appealing.