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Mateo falcone(World Literature)

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Mateo falcone(World Literature)

  1. 1. MATEO FALCONE By: Prosper Merimee (1803-1970)
  2. 2. SETTING:  This story was particularly happened in Port Vecchio, northwesterly direction.
  3. 3. CHARACTERS: Mateo Falcone The man who has a good reputation in their town.  Guisepa Wife of Mateo Falcone.  Fortunato Son of Mateo and Guisepa.  Gianetto Saupiero The prisoner.  Gamba Cousin of Mateo 
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION:  It is such a good story written by Prosper Merimee, the translator of much Russian literature in France. It is about the family, and a son that once in his life he made mistake and the as a punishment his father took in his life.
  5. 5. SUMMARY:     Mateo Falcone is one the most respective person in their town, he has a good reputation and said that he is good as friend and as dangerous as enemy that’s why no one was dare to do something against him. He is good in gun shooter and that’s the thing that gave him a good reputation. He has two daughter and a son named Fortunato. His daughters had their own family only Fortunato was left and he wants Fortunato to go after his footstep to continue what he had started, he wants to maintain their good reputation in their town even if he had gone. But sad to say Fortunato did not able to do it and he is the one who ruined the good reputation of his father when he accept the silver and hide Gianetto, the prisoner in their house. And when his cousin gave him a watch just for him to tell where he hide the prisoner and he also accept it and he told them the place where the prisoner was hidden. When Mateo came home and when he heard what his son did, he can’t believe that Fortunato will able to do it and ruined their good reputation. And as a punishment he delivered his son not too far away from their house, he let him pray some prayers and Fortunato keep on pleasing his father to forgive but Mateo ignored him and after he prayed Mateo shoot his son. Guisepa was not able to do something to save her son and all she can do is to cry.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION:     The main character of this story which is Mateo Falcone shows an irresponsible model as a father, he able to kill his own son just of one mistake. There is many ways to punish your child and taking his/her life is another story.  Reputation will not bring back the life of your child and actually killing his son is also ruined much more his reputation. He chose to loose his son just to justify the mistake of Fortunato. 
  7. 7. LESSON:  The most important in this world is our family, no matter what happened our family is our strength and we must treasure each and everyone. The mistake of someone is not enough reason to hurt anyone and most of all it’s not a license for us to take his/her life. Family is more important than anything else, from it is a great blessing that we will received God and we must take care of it.