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PRSSA Kent: National Conference 2011 Re-cap

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Presentation used by PRSSA Kent at the 10/19 general meeting to re-cap the 2011 PRSSA National Conference. Each officer shared key takeaways from a session. The team of 5 presenters also shared an outline of best practices from Kent's chapter development presentation.

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PRSSA Kent: National Conference 2011 Re-cap

  1. 1. PRSSA National Conference 2011 Re-cap Orlando, Florida October 14-18, 2011
  2. 2. Chapter Development Presentationo Cash in onCommunication:Reaching YourFundraising Goalso Video
  3. 3. Chapter Development Presentationo Fundraising best practices o Use a strategic approach o Build relationships with donors o Few large fundraisers –less is more o Plan early and be organized o Partner with local companies o Secure participation
  4. 4. Lindsayo President’s Leadership Workshopo Health Care: Perceptions in Flux
  5. 5. Christineo From What To Say to What To Do: The Mandate for Public Relations in the Age of Complexity
  6. 6. Tayloro Entertainment: Creating the Limelighto Fashion: Know How to Work It
  7. 7. Heathero Travel and Tourism: Making the World Your Backyard
  8. 8. Erino Breaking Into the Business of Sports
  9. 9. Saraho Crisis Communications: Confronting Reality With Strategyo Corporate vs. Agency: Finding Your Place
  10. 10. Tommyo Storytelling: Let the Audience Do the Acting
  11. 11. Look Ahead: PRSSA National Conference 2012o San Francisco, Californiao October 12-16, 2012