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  1. 1. SARAH RUSSELL 88 Skunk Hill Road, Lee, Maine 04455. Home (207)738-2186 Cell (207)794-4672 Objective To gain experience and knowledge allowing me to utilize my current skills and abilities while fostering new skills, challenges, and continued education opportunities. Employment History Pediatric Home Health Registered Nurse 8/2016 to present Cor Health Services 980 Forest Ave #207, Portland, ME 04103 • Provide one-on-one patient care. Assess child’s health problems and chart-out a care plan. 60 day 485 plan. • Administer medication, take and record vitals. Note medication administered, dose, date and time, and the patients reaction on the Medication Administration Record. Administer Medications via Gastrostomy Tube. • Assess home situations to determine that child is in the best possible environment • Plan and provide a meal program in accordance to patients health and nutritional needs. Monitor the patterns of growth (height, weight, head circumference ). Administer Enteral feeding via Mic-key button Gastrostomy tube with electronic feeding Kangaroo pump. Administer bolus hydration as needed. Assess tolerance of enteral feeds and complications. • Provide Gastrostomy tube care. Assess tube placement, skin surrounding the insertion site, leakage, tube displacement or accidental removal, breakage or rupture of the tube, granulation tissue, infection of stoma site, tube blockage, stoma closure, and peristomal infection. Assess the abdomen for distention, bowel sounds, and tenderness to evaluate functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Facilitate venting and secure the extension set. Irrigate and cleanse the tube to maintain patency. Redress the wound using clean technique of the stoma dressing. Maintain clean and dry dressing at all times. Clean extension sets. • Assist child with daily care such as oral care, grooming, bathing and toileting. • Provide emotional support to the child and their family. Support the involvement of the parents in child care. • Work with pediatricians to ensure that proper treatment is administered at all times. Review diagnostic studies or laboratory tests for impairments and imbalances. • Ensure that the treatment provided is producing the expected results and alter treatments when the requirement occurs. • Record medical findings, symptoms and observations and report to the pediatrician. • Act as a home health educator for the child and their family. Assess and improve understanding of the
  2. 2. family about the child's illness and treatment plan. • Act as a nurse advocate to safeguard the child’s rights. • Provide recreation and diversion to child. Provide stimulation activities, according to age and development. Encourage activities, while providing supervision. • Ensure the safety of the child at all times. • Monitor seizure activity and maintain soft surroundings to protect the child from injury during a seizure, observe and document: type, time and all activity to provide information for the management of the seizure disorder. Monitor for status epilepticus. Activate emegency action plan. Administar rectal diazepam as indicated. Document the rescue treatments, and signs of adverse reactions or toxicity. Provide neurological assessment and vital signs after a seizure. Allow postictal behavior while providing environmental protection. Supply supplemental oxygen as indicated. Reorient the child following seizure activity. Determine factors related to individual situation and extent of risk. Ascertain knowledge of various stimuli that may precipitate seizure activity. Education University of Maine Augusta, Augusta Maine Associates of Science in Nursing Graduation Date - May 2016 Clinical Experience Maine General Hospital, Augusta Medical/Surgical Unit Marshall’s Health Care Facility, Machias Long Term/Skilled Nursing Facility Down East Community Hospital, Machias Medical/Surgical Unit Penobscot Valley Hospital, Lincoln Medical/Surgical Unit Penobscot Valley Hospital, Lincoln Labor and Delivery Unit Penobscot Primary Care, Lincoln Pediatrics Acadia Hospital, Bangor Mental Health Licenses Active State of Maine Registered Professional Nurse, License # RN68260 Expiration date 07/01/2018
  3. 3. SARAH RUSSELL 88 Skunk Hill Road, Lee, Maine 04455. Home (207)738-2186 Cell (207)794-4672 Skills Professional Behaviors • Demonstrate professional behaviors of nursing practice including assuming responsibility for own actions, practicing nursing within legal and ethical standards, acting as a client advocate, and maintaining professional boundaries in the nurse-client relationship. • Assume responsibility for personal and professional growth. Communication • Establish, maintain, and use therapeutic skills to promote effective communication with individuals and groups. • Document client assessment data and nursing actions accurately with minimal assistance. • Communicate relevant, accurate, and complete information, written and verbal, in a concise and clear manner. Assessment • Assess the client’s health by completing a health history and performing a physical, cognitive, psychosocial and functional assessment including the impact of developmental, cultural, and spiritual influences. • Assess the client’s changing health and responses to interventions. Clinical Decision-Making • Make clinical judgments to ensure safe and competent care. • Apply components of the nursing process, to provide care to clients across the lifespan experiencing common recurring health problems. • Formulate an individual plan of care based on assessment data, and evaluate / modify care plan on ongoing basis. • Evaluate the effectiveness of care in meeting client outcomes. Caring Interventions • Demonstrate caring behaviors toward the client, significant support persons, peers, and other members of the healthcare team. • Identify and honor the emotional, cultural, and spiritual influences on the client’s health. Teaching , Learning and Collaboration • Develop, implement and modifies teaching plans for clients based on assessment data and identified learning needs. • Modify the teaching plan based on evaluation of progress toward identified learning outcomes. • Collaborate with other health care professionals and seek assistance from those with more education and/or experience to achieve optimal client outcomes. Managing Care • Coordinate the implementation of care plans for clients and significant support personnel. • Provide nursing care to multiple clients, prioritizing care effectively. • Supervise and evaluate the activities of assistive personnel. • Facilitate continuity of care across healthcare settings. • Delegate appropriate aspects of client care to qualified assistive personnel, providing effective feedback, supervision, and evaluation.