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Composition 6 my last and my next birthday

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Composition 6 my last and my next birthday

  1. 1. My Last and My Next Birthday In my next birthday party 18th, I´m going to prepare one grand party in my house, I will decorate my house; the thematic of the party will be of masks so no one knows who the other persons. In my last birthday I spent with my parents and my family, we went for a walk and went to eat at a restaurant called "El Coyote". In my next birthday I´m going to go to shopping to buy lots and lots of clothes in the shops of “Sahara”, “¨Pool”, “Bershka” and many others. In my last birthday I was given only a blouse and a pair of shoes. Also in my next birthday I will learn to drive and take out my driver’s license so that my parents would give away a car. In my next birthday I have planned many things like going to nightclubs, going to go parties,I will have a boyfriend, I will come to the university, I will go to eat with my friends on“Vips”, “El Portón”, and do many, many things that I did on my last birthday.