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Bak Bak Karne Ka Aadat Padgaya

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reaction to the Konstant dialogue of the rajNetas...

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Bak Bak Karne Ka Aadat Padgaya

  1. 1. “I was kept in the dark” • This is not a child but the former UP chief minister Kalyan Singh saying, accusing the BJP of keeping him in the 'dark' about the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992 and hatching a 'conspiracy' against him. – After demolition he took pride and now he disowns, because he is sided from the party. I am sure a man with a little political veza (intelligence) will understand from the very glance of this news that this is nothing but an apparent attempt to woo Muslim voters.
  2. 2. hnu-hnu mein bhi bolna..
  3. 3. jo bhi karo ham bolenge hi.. • The opposition party in this country is will oppose whatever you do. If UPA, will built a superb Ram Mandir in Ayodhya today, I am sure Advaniji will oppose the same, tomorrow, in the Parliament. – All are the same. • Dr. Singh is the weakest PM ever: Advani – Silly comments. What the hell u people had done, when NDA was in power.
  4. 4. confussion between b” and “g”.. • Narendra Modi described the Congress party as 'buddhiya' Congresspersons were outraged; Modi promptly switched to the epithet 'gudiya’. ?, Priyanka Gandhi asks Modi – Modi might be thinking for an answer!!
  5. 5. 'Main boloonga to bolenge ki bolta hai' • Varun Gandhi has touched a new low by his rabble-rousing speech in Pilibhit. • I would have crushed Varun under a roller: Lalu – Asali swarup, aagaya na samne!!
  6. 6. • Dr. M. Singh reiterated that Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi had all the qualities to be a good prime minister and said he would prefer 'at some stage' to hand over power to someone younger than himself. – Can I ask, what qualities did Dr. Singh saw within him? A name with Gandhi! Is this the ISO or ISI mark to be a PM.