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ScaleUp Summit 2017

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ScaleUp Summit 2017

  2. 2. GREG BRENNEMAN Right Away & All At Once
  3. 3. “The fastest way to make money is stop doing things that lose it.” - Greg Brenneman
  4. 4. “Think money in, not money out.” - Greg Brenneman
  5. 5. “Whenever I enter a new company, I take a blank piece of paper and ask: what would be the most ideal organization chart, with the best players in the best place? Most of the time, only 20% of the boxes are filled with the right people.” - Greg Brenneman
  6. 6. “Turn your employees loose, and let them find their own true potential.” - Greg Brenneman
  7. 7. “Money is a wonderful servant but a relentless master." - Greg Brenneman
  8. 8. “Check the five pillars of your life: faith, family, friends, fitness, finance. Ask yourself: what do I have to execute on to create the legacy I would want to create?” - Greg Brenneman
  9. 9. ALLARD DROSTE Semco In De Polder
  10. 10. “Bij mij mag een medewerker single-handed een apparaat kopen van €300.000. Ik vertrouw mijn mensen op hun beoordelingsvermogen.” - Allard Droste
  11. 11. “Mensen kunnen thuis ook hun beslissingen en verantwoordelijkheden nemen, zonder jouw inbreng. Dus waarom niet bij jou op de werkvloer?” - Allard Droste
  12. 12. “Wanneer is werk leuk voor mensen? Wanneer ze worden vertrouwd en wanneer ze als volwassenen hun eigen keuzes mogen maken.” - Allard Droste
  13. 13. “Ik geloof heel erg in de kracht van dromen, zowel voor leidinggevenden als voor medewerkers. Bij Aldowa doen we alsof de gezamenlijke droom al werkelijkheid is; daar acteren we dagelijks naar.” - Allard Droste
  14. 14. VERNE HARNISH Scaling Up
  15. 15. “When you grow from startup to scaleup, there is one great barrier, and it is spelled E-G-O.” - Verne Harnish
  16. 16. “When people are dependent on your judgment call for every single decision (…) then after a while, they won’t do any thinking of themselves.” - Verne Harnish
  17. 17. “You have two jobs: to figure out the right question for your business and then find the best people to answer this question.” - Verne Harnish
  18. 18. “For EVERY opportunity and challenge you face, the #1 question is always: WHO?” - Verne Harnish
  19. 19. “Pricing is perception. You should always have a premium product that serves as an ‘anchor’.” - Verne Harnish
  20. 20. “Always use Ogilvy’s 4 E’s of marketing: Experience – Exchange – Everyplace – Evengalism.” - Verne Harnish
  21. 21. “We are so obsessed with growth that we forget to bring structure and predictability in your core processes.” - Verne Harnish
  22. 22. “Obsess on easiness and caring. If you master those two, you have mastered the essentials of nearly all the best books on customer excellence.” - Verne Harnish
  23. 23. JACCO VANDERKOOIJ Blueprints For a sSales Organization
  24. 24. “The best way to go from startup to scaleup is to start with high-volume/low-profit sales, to high- volume/high-profit sales. Look at Netflix, LinkedIN, and the like. They all started with free or low-priced products, sold at very high volumes. This is very costly, of course, but it is ‘easier’ for you to then pivot your product and business to a very high revenue model.” - Jacco VanderKooij
  25. 25. “In Europe we are raised to think like a chess player: every move will be countered by a move from your competitor. This is often result in ‘action paralysis’; we overthink so much that we forget to take action. All because we don’t want to lose from the chess opponent. What we actually should learn is to think and act more like how you play Angry Birds: aim - shoot - aim - shoot - learn - aim - shoot learn.” - Jacco VanderKooij
  26. 26. “In order to win more deals, focus more on educating your prospects about their problems – and the possible solutions.” - Jacco VanderKooij
  27. 27. “Make how you sell as important as what you sell.” - Jacco VanderKooij
  28. 28. DAVID RENDALL The Freak Factor
  29. 29. “How can you AMPLIFY the ‘weaknesses’ in your business?" - David Rendall
  30. 30. “Dont try to fit in, find the right fit.” - David Rendall
  31. 31. “What can you STOP doing tomorrow?” - David Rendall
  32. 32. “Appreciate your weaknesses, exaggerate your weaknesses (…) remember: what makes us weird also makes us wonderful.” - David Rendall
  33. 33. DANK VOOR JE AANWEZIGHEID! NAMENS HET SCALE UP TEAM Kees de Jong Pieter van Osch Bart van Nol Hannah Boere Malou Suërs Anne-Marie Houten Marieke Harderwijk Jan Smit Benjamin van der Veldt
  34. 34. IS JOUW BEDRIJF KLAAR VOOR DE VOLGENDE GROEIFASE? Donderdag 1 juni 2017 SCALING UP MASTERCLASS De unieke ééndaagse Masterclass Scaling Up (mastering de Rockefeller Habits 2.0, gebaseerd op het nieuwste boek van Verne Harnish) is het uitstekende startpunt voor versnelling van uw groei in 2017.
  35. 35. CONTACT Atoomclub Amsterdam Overschiestraat 65 1062XD Amsterdam 0642450230 Info@scaleupcompany.com