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Misceb Intro2013

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Misceb Intro2013

  1. 1. IT andManagerialPerspective How can you use enterprise technologies to improve E-Stratégies organizational performance? ©2012 LHST sarl
  2. 2. Module Schedule 12/10 9h00- 12h15 Introduction L. SCHLENKER 12/10 13h45-17H15 Les PGI J. MALAURENT 26/10 9h00- 12h15 Les services web L. SCHLENKER 26/10 13h45-17H15 Les médias sociaux L. SCHLENKER 30/11 9h00- 12h15 La notion de "Search" L. SCHLENKER 30/11 13h45-17H15 Les promesses du Cloud L. SCHLENKER 11/01 9h00- 12h15 Les sécurité informatique V. SAPY 11/01 13h45-17H15 La société Microsoft F. SITBON//J. MALURENT 17/01 9h00- 12h15 La mobilité L. SCHLENKER/S. BRISON 17/01 13h45-17H15 La société Google L. SCHLLENKR 15/02 9h00- 12h15 La société CEGID S. MOUSSE 01/03 13h45-17H15 Le cabinet LOGICA L. SCHLENKER/? Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  3. 3. Module Resources http://nism.socialgo.com/ Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  4. 4. Assessment The students will be evaluated using the following criteria: – Company relations : 35 % le 11/01/2013 – Participation: 25 % le 26/11/2012 et le 01/03/2012 – Video case study : 35 % le 01/03/2013 Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  5. 5. Module Facilitator •LHST works with senior managers to leverage networks, processes and technology to enhance individual and corporate performance. • The client portfolio in the ICT industry includes Microsoft, Apple, Ernst & Young, France Telecom, HP, IBM, Oracle and SAP .Prof. Lee SCHLENKER, •The work with the IT industry in EuropeManaging Director, LHST has included fifty partner and customerlee@lhstech.com conferences, a dozen case studies, andWeb : www.lhstech.com various marketing support activities. Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  6. 6. Does IT make sense? E-Stratégies ©2012 LHST sarl
  7. 7. Is Google Making Us Stupid? 1. What does Nicolas Carr suggest when implying that―EVERYONE has been talking about an article in technology structures both the content and the process ofThe Atlantic magazine called "Is Google Making thought?Us Stupid?" Some subset of that group has 2. What implications does Lewis Mumford (Technicsactually read the 4,175-word article, by Nicholas and Civilization) find in how clocks “disassociate timeCarr. from human events and helped create the belief in an independent world of mathematically measurableTo save you some time, I was going to give you a sequences?”100-word abridged version. 3. How can Maryanne Wolf argue that “deep reading is indistinguishable from deep thinking?”But there are just too many distractions to read 4. How relevant today is F.W. Taylor’s description ofthat much. So here is the 140-character Twitter perfect efficiency, “In the past the man has been first, inversion … the future the system must be first.” Why shouldn’t we privilege “efficiency” and “immediacy” in learning aboutGoogle makes deep thinking impossible. Media business?changes. Our brains wiring changes too. 6. Are talented manger’s Richard Foreman’s ‘pancakeComputers think for us, flattening our people’—spread wide and thin to connect with that vastintelligence.” network of readily accessible information?”AMON DARLIN Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  8. 8. What’s missing in your story? What Morgan called « the management of meaning » Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  9. 9. Does IT make sense?Technology Economy•Augmented Reality •The financial crisis•Big Data •Jobless growth•Crowdsourcing •Recession in demand (cost of raw materials)•Mobile computing •Speculation Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  10. 10. What skills do you need? • Baseline competencies – Technical skills – Process knowledge – Collaboration skills – Interpersonal savvy • Critical Differentiators – Integrity/trust – Industry knowledge – Organizational savvy – Solution selling Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  11. 11. Value comesfrom solving conflict E-Stratégies ©2012 LHST sarl
  12. 12. Demo Customer: Hughes, Hubbard & Reed LLP ..VideosHHR.wmv Industry: Legal Click here to view the case studyCUSTOMER PROFILEHughes Hubbard & Reed specializes in 30 areas of legal practice—including litigation, corporate law, and international arbitration—atoffices in several major cities around the world.BUSINESS SITUATIONLawyers at Hughes Hubbard wanted to find an innovative new way tomanage the vast amount of research, documents, and other datacollected for their casework.SOLUTION DESCRIPTIONHughes Hubbard deployed the new digital note-taking program,Microsoft® Office OneNote™ 2003, so lawyers could collect andorganize information more efficiently, leading to better knowledge “As a partner, the biggest benefit is the ability tomanagement. bring everything for a legal case into one central location that is easily searched, easily organized,BENEFITS PROVIDED and accessible by the entire team.”• Complete short projects 27 percent faster Peter Sullivan• Get up to speed on new cases 18 percent faster Partner, Litigation Group, Hughes Hubbard & Reed• Decrease time to organize notes by 54 percent• Improve document turnaround time by 15 percent• Improve client satisfaction and customer retention Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables To experience the full benefits of Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003, click here or contact your Microsoft representative. ©2012 LHST sarl
  13. 13. The tale of two lines  A senior SVP of Oracle asked us to solve the problem of the two lines  The bottom line of profilts, productivity and efficiency and a top line of innovation, passion and engagementLinear thinking from the year dot?  Where do the lines meet? Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  14. 14. Three paths to added value Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  15. 15. Which way is better? Big Data More DataCognitive Sciences More More Thought Layers AugmentedSocial Network Analysis Reality More People Crowdsourcing ©2012 LHST sarl
  16. 16. Trends in the workplace • Economic transformation: The transformation from a manufacturing- based economy to a services-based economy now underway throughout the developed world will accelerate. • One World of Business. Political and economic dynamics are forging a single global market, a global workforce, global customers, partners, and suppliers. • Always On, Always Connected. The challenges of the ―always on, always connected‖ world will be converting information into insights; managing time and staying focused on high priority tasks • The Transparent Organization. The systems that make organizations more agile also make them more accountable. • NetGen Meets Baby Boom. Workers who will be delivering the innovations and productivity growth of tomorrow, this technology not only won’t come as a surprise, it will be a positive expectation. • Competing for Talent in a Shrinking Workforce: Because demographics show an aging, shrinking workforce in most of the developed world over the next 50 years, maximizing the productivity of the workers that are available is critical. Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  17. 17. Convergence? • Globalization : the increasingly circulation of information across borders. • Technical progression: the transformation of communication « atoms to bits » • Economic integration: vertical and horizontal integration to profit from economies of scale • Social innovation: human attempts to create new forms of expression • Multitasking : individual efforts to use multiple communication platforms Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables Henry Jenkins ©2012 LHST sarl
  18. 18. The management of meaning • The assumption of order • The assumption of rational choice • The assumption of intentional capacity • The assumption of identity Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  19. 19. What is the linkbetween IT and managerial perspective? E-Stratégies ©2012 LHST sarl
  20. 20. The Origins of Perspective… H. DAMISCHH Frame Cloud Figure (s) Oracle Antonello da MessinaLet’s focus on the Frame, the Figures, the Horizon and the Oracle Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  21. 21. The Frame Have we got the whole picture framed? • A mindset that supports and reinforces our view of work • To help us put the pieces of our business together into a recognizable whole • To allow employees and managers alike to think differently about business“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” H. Simon • Does IT today provide the appropriate frames? Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  22. 22. The Figures Do the figures add up? • Scorecards are only as good as the underlying data used to calculate them • They are byproducts of the organizational effectiveness • Semiology, Syntactics and pragmaticsObstacles to improving management • Shouldn’t ―numbers crunching‖ require more than insuring that our scorecards are green? Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  23. 23. The Horizon Leon Battista Alberti? • the figures provide an open window through which we see our world • a horizon separates the present from the future • processes and projects constitute visual rays that permit us to move forward towards points of convergence • The manager’s role is visualize what Management isnt about doing things, its about getting things done. can be done today from will be done tomorrow Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  24. 24. The Oracle Why do organizations continue to look to consultants for help? • The Oracle as a prophet, a message, a technology • Do experts offer a bridge between a vision and an audience? • Clear and simple answers vs. rhymes and riddles • How can information technology An examples of hyperreality? influence managerial perspective? Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2012 LHST sarl
  25. 25. IT andOrganization E-Stratégies ©2012 LHST sarl
  26. 26. Should IT be modelled after structures ? Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  27. 27. Should IS be modelled after technology ? Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  28. 28. Should IS be modelled after business processes ? Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  29. 29. Should IS be modelled after organisationalcompetencies ? Technicity Method Reflection Action Imagination Cooperation John Holland Intro Value Perspective Mirror Deliverables ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl
  30. 30. How important is IS today? McKinsey Quarterly ©2012 LHST sarl
  31. 31. What do we want to learn? McKinsey Quarterly ©2012 LHST sarl
  32. 32. What are the challenges? McKinsey Quarterly ©2012 LHST sarl
  33. 33. Deliverables E-Stratégies ©2012 LHST sarl
  34. 34. Participation • Choose a topic for Scope.It • Curate and make it your own (title, link, analysis) • Participate in the http://www.scoop.it/t/mobile-business discussion! • Evaluation : le 26/11/2012 ©2012 LHST sarl
  35. 35. Chargé des relations MDSI-entreprise • Créer et tenir à jour une fiche analytique du groupe traçant ses activités, ses objectifs, son implantation en France et sa politique d’emploi • Créer et tenir à jour une liste des contacts clés de l’entreprise, ainsi que le réseau des anciens de l’école • Solliciter un entretien avec la DRH du groupe afin de présenter le Mastère et de proposer votre rôle d’intermédiation • Promouvoir et gérer les relations de « parrains » avec les Mastériens du groupe • Tenir à jour une liste des offres de parrainage, de stages et d’emploi disponibles et à la portée des Mastériens, et lesEvaluation : le 11/01/2013 communiquer à l’intérieur de la promotion • Promouvoir, à travers des communications et des événements ponctuels, les compétences et les motivations des Mastériens pour la DRH du groupe. ©2012 LHST sarl
  36. 36. Videocast In your five minute videocast, incorporate testimony, pictures, give us your perspective on the strategic use of technology. Your case study should shed light on the following points: – How did the organization define the business problem? – What beliefs and prejudices must be put into question? – What figures, and what metrics made sense? Management isn’t about doing – Which horizons define the state of the art today and things, its about getting things done tomorrow? Evaluation : le 01/03/2013 – What visions allow each of us to frame the problem, understand the figures and reach out beyond the horizon? ©2010 LHST sarl ©2012 LHST sarl