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Aeg keynote xperience efficiency dc

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Aeg keynote xperience efficiency dc

  1. 1. How Sports Is an Environmental Game Changer Jennifer Regan, Sustainability Director, AEG
  2. 2. It’s Time to be a Game Changer • Over 6 venues have each saved between $850,000 to $1.2 million per year over 5 years • Green sports recognized by the White House, Department of Energy, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company • 13% of Americans care about science, 61% care about sports
  3. 3. Leading Game Changers • Leagues: NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL have commitments • Jewel Events: US Open, World Cup, Olympics, all- star games, and jewel events such as Super Bowl and Stanley Cup • NBA: Portland Trailblazers, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets • AEG 1EARTH: Industry’s most comprehensive environmental program
  4. 4. AEG 1EARTH Components 1. AEG 1EARTH Environmental Policy and Goals 2. Ecometrics 3. Education and Communication 4. Environmental Best Practices
  5. 5. Environmental Policy • Signed by CEO • Commits AEG to: - Continual improvement - Compliance with environmental regulations - Setting and achieving environmental objectives - Listening to the concerns of employees, guests and other stakeholders
  6. 6. Energy and Climate  20% reduction in GHG  15% renewable energy Recycling and Waste Diversion  25% solid waste diverted  75% diversion at 10 venues Water Conservation  20% reduction in water use Sustainable Purchasing  50% of all purchases in key categories Education  100% environmental messaging AEG 2020 Environmental Vision Goals
  7. 7. • Up to 30 data points measured monthly • Benchmarks performance • Accounts for growth • First in industry AEG Ecometrics
  8. 8. Energy and Climate at AEG
  9. 9. Waste at AEG • AEG Facilities currently has a 42% diversion rate • 8 venues have over 75% diversion rate
  10. 10. Employees: •Green Teams •Environment on Agenda •Departmental Trainings Education and Communication Guests and Public Outreach: •Sustainability Report •Website and Social Media •Outreach events: Earth Hour 3/31, Earth Day 4/22, America Recycles Day 11/15
  11. 11. Partnerships
  12. 12. For more information on AEG 1EARTH please visit: www.aegworldwide.com/aeg1earth Or contact: Jennifer Regan, Sustainability Director jregan@aegworldwide.com Thank You!