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IIoT and how Smart Machines help shape the future

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As presented at the 2015 SPS Nuremberg Show:
Meet our Industry experts on:
- The Industrial Internet of Things: an Evolution to a Smart Manufacturing Enterprise by Clemens Blum. Learn More: http://www.schneider-electric.com/b2b/en/campaign/internet-of-things/industry.jsp?
- SMART Machines: what they are and how they contribute to the future of the industry by Dr. Rainer. Learn More: http://www.schneider-electric.com/b2b/en/solutions/system/s1/machine-control.jsp

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IIoT and how Smart Machines help shape the future

  1. 1. Digital Conference Clemens Blum - Executive Vice President, Industry Business Dr Rainer Beudert - Marketing Director, Machine Solutions (System and Network) Jean-Marie Amann - Vice President, Drive Products #SEsps2015
  2. 2. Schneider Electric live from SPS Nuremberg - Press conference > Meet our Industry experts on: - The Industrial Internet of Things: an Evolution to a Smart Manufacturing Enterprise by Clemens Blum - SMART Machines: what they are and how they contribute to the future of the industry by Dr. Rainer Watch NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI7JnKh3eV0
  3. 3. Agenda • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): The evolution of the Smart Manufacturing Enterprise Clemens Blum - Executive Vice President, Industry Business • SMART Machines: What they are and how they contribute to the future of industry Dr Rainer Beudert - Marketing Director, Machine Solutions (System and Network) • SMART Devices: The Altivar Machine range of variable speed drives, an innovative concept to meet any machine performance requirement Jean-Marie Amann - Vice President, Drive Products
  4. 4. Page 4 We see the Industrial Internet of Things as an “evolution” not a “revolution” The Industrial Internet of Things is bringing about a world where our smart, connected products and systems operate as part of larger systems of systems. In our world, smart plants and machines with intelligence embedded at their core cooperate to enable the Smart Enterprise – where tangible business value is realized through improvements to efficiency and profitability, increased cyber security and innovation, and better management of safety, performance, and environmental impact.
  5. 5. Page 5 With products and solutions you can buy today Schneider Electric - an Industrial Internet of Things Pioneer A History of Innovation…. 1996 The first of a series of patents for Web servers in automation devices 1997 Introduction of Modbus/TCP and ‘Transparent Factory’ for Automation 1999 Computerworld Smithsonian award winner 2004 MB/TCP submitted to IEC for standardization 2010 Convergence of MB/TCP & Ethernet/IP
  6. 6. Page 6 • Eurotherm Online Services: anywhere anytime web access to vital plant information, and calibration certificates stored in a secured cloud platform • Altivar Process: built-in optimisation algorithms and dynamic QR codes for improved asset performance …that continues with offers you can buy today • Modicon 580 ePAC: the award-winning IIoT-ready controller with embedded Ethernet backplane & cyber security
  7. 7. Asset Performance Using cost-effective wireless sensors, easy cloud connectivity (including WAN), and data analytics will improve the performance of an asset or set of assets. Focus of IIoT Tomorrow’s Smart Manufacturing Enterprises will excel in 3 areas Augmented Operators The combination of mobile devices, data analytics, augmented reality, and transparent connectivity will increase operator productivity. Device-centric to User-centric Smart Enterprise Control Next-generation IIoT systems will allow better integration of legacy production, life-cycle, and supply chain systems to improve overall enterprise efficiency and flexibility. Principle Objective of Industry 4.0 Page 7 ERP MOM/MES Control Sensors/ Actuators IIoT Next GEN System Interfacting With Legacy “Wrap & reuse” PLM SCM CRM Product Life Cycle Mgt Supply Chain Mgt Customer Relationship Mgt • Cloud-based apps • Wireless connectivity • Low-power WAN • Low-cost sensors Smart Glance Altivar Process Zelio Relay RE22
  8. 8. Today, we have answers for these 3 areas. Visit our booth! Asset Performance Page 8 Altivar™ Process, the first range of services oriented drives Wireless Devices Industrial Switches Smart Machines Smart Enterprise Control Augmented Operators Dynamic QR Code Maintenance Smart Glance Harmony eXLhoist
  9. 9. Smart Machines How they will reshape the future Presented by: Dr Rainer Beudert Marketing Director, Machine Solutions (System and Network)
  10. 10. Page 10 What Smart Machines are… The term “smart machine” implies a machine that is better connected, more flexible, more efficient and safe. Aspects of smart machine technologies And how they will shape the future It can quickly respond to new demands. Based upon a collection of smart, connected products, it maximizes efficiency through intuitive collaboration with its users. A smart machine is also capable of participating in predictive maintenance practices while minimizing its own environmental footprint and total cost of ownership.
  11. 11. Page 11 Case Study: Tassimo “T-Disc” Coffee Pads Tassimo’s Smart Machines are self aware, modular and closely networked Palletizer Coffee Doser T-Disc Feeder Robotic Sorting and Inserter Sealing and Filling Collect Packer Flow Wrap Carton Box Erector and Loader T-Discs Wrap Film Boxes T-Discs Parts Warehouse ect. Smart Machines provide information about their status, configuration, condition, quality, and features. Standardization is key - therefore our machine PLCs support standards like: • OPC and OPC UA • PackML, S88 And have features like: • Support for motion with transparency combined with the openness of standard Ethernet • C2C via Sercos, allowing modular architectures with distributed controllers and high synchronization accuracy
  12. 12. Automatic switchgear mounting on DIN rails Innovative IIoT cabinet production • Decentralized cloud-based data collection and use • Each switchgear equipped with communications technology • Consumption, referencing and status data from the control cabinet in the field to the cloud • Access to current readings worldwide for individual electrical devices • Automated assembly of complete switchgear will also allow users to link online measurement data with CAD planning • Solution engineering for line automation and data management • Industrie 4.0 enabler based on QR Codes • Solutions for complete automation • Customer benefits from the Ethernet connectivity of Schneider Electric PLCs • PacDrive 3 as Line Control M251 for each magazine tower Page 12 Customers Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH Cloud Energy data of all installations CAD Program Energy data Energy data by type Mangelberger Control Cabinet Production Assembly plan Update • Analysis • Optimization • Documentation • Material flow • Manufacturing
  13. 13. The benefit of digitized machines in a fully virtualized engineering environment Save costs (e.g. invest less in real equipment/machines) and limit the impact of poor design on the project Machine simulation in packaging Increase product quality by testing a wider variety of processes and systems Save time in development by creating PLC programs in a simulation model CAD-Layout SolidWorks Simulation IndustrialPhysics Motion Builder (ECAM) Page 13 live live
  14. 14. What Page 14 How Customer benefits • Create new business opportunities for our customers • Get harmonized standards for data exchange, presentation, and syntax • Simplify integration in any given environment • Support standardization in bodies • Focus on software • Build services • Help OEMs to change their business models • Invest in Ethernet • Innovate with virtualization • Connect to the cloud • Simplify technology
  15. 15. Altivar Machine A range of variable speed drives for smart machines Presented by: Jean-Marie Amann - Vice President, Drive Products
  16. 16. Page 16 Get ready to make your machines smarter Smart machines in modern processes are: • Connected, to give production insights in real-time • Flexible, to meet and exceed every challenge in production • Efficient and Safe, for better reliability To meet those criteria, smart machines require variable speed drives that: • Unleash creativity thanks to their performance and automation capabilities • Can provide substantial savings on machine build costs • Offer reliability thanks to robustness and safety Altivar Machine variable speed drives Altivar Machine drives are up to that challenge
  17. 17. Page 17 Improved device connectivity and integration Access machine information in real-time thanks to unprecedented connectivity. Full Ethernet compatibility is available: • Either embedded or as an option in all variable speed drives • For all functionalities, from the most basic applications up to real-time communication Thanks to tight integration with Schneider Electric’s MachineStruxure™ solutions, Altivar Machine drives offer the best route to: • Reduced engineering and design time thanks to ready-to-use, PLCopen-compliant libraries. • Real-time production data at all levels of the automation system. Ready for the machine of the future. Advanced Ethernet connectivity efficiently integrated into MachineStruxure Altivar Machine drives offer extensive ethernet connectivity out-of-the-box These variable speed drives fear no limits
  18. 18. Complete flexibility in machine design. Inside the machine body or side-by -side in the machine cabinet... whatever the constraint, Altivar Machine has the answer. Achieve maximum flexibility Page 18 Machine design with no limits • Available in both book and compact form factors, Altivar Machine drives reduce installation costs. Whether mounted in a machine frame or electrical cabinet, they optimize machine construction. • Fewer additional devices are needed to manage machine safety and repeated sequential movements, as both are managed internally within the drive. • Regardless of motor technology (asynchronous or synchronous) the unprecedented motor control capabilities of Altivar Machine drives maximize machine performance. Altivar Machine simplifies integration into any given environment Altivar Machine drives set the new standard for machine performance
  19. 19. Page 19 Extended machine availability When robustness is at stake, machine builders accept no compromise. Altivar Machine drives are the result of more than 20 years’ experience in the design of variable speed drives. In addition to a proven record of robustness, Altivar Machine drives offer: • Continuity in machine operation: Even in harsh environments with high levels of ambient temperature, dust, electrical interruptions, or mechanical disturbances, Altivar Machine drives remain operational at all times. • Maximized machine operating time: Production changes, maintenance, safety diagnostics, network configuration, and system integration can all be accomplished quickly. Altivar Machine drives carry on their predecessors’ tradition Harsh environment. Altivar machine can withstand extreme conditions with high temperatures and dust levels. Altivar Machine drives operate reliably wherever installed
  20. 20. Extended machine availability Functional Safety. A complete range of functionality to meet challenging requirements easily. Altivar Machine drives meet modern machine safety requirements Page 20 For modern machinery, functional safety is no longer optional. • Thanks to the embedded functionalities of Altivar Machine drives, machine safety compliance has never been so easy. Comprehensive configuration and complete, ready-to-submit commissioning reports make certification just a formality. • Safe Torque Off functionality is a standard feature of all drives in the range. • Whether in simple or high performance applications, Altivar Machine drives offer an extensive list of functions for machine safety. Any safety requirement for any motor technology can be managed quickly. Altivar Machine drives make meeting the most demanding safety needs just a formality.
  21. 21. Versatile drive solutions for the machines of the future The Altivar Machine range comprises two models Page 21 Altivar 320 Altivar 340 • Power Range: 0.18kW to 15kW • Designed for simple or advanced machines • Open-loop speed and torque control for asynchronous and asynchronous motors • Available in both compact and book form factors that allow efficient space usage in various cabinet layouts • Power Range: 0.75kW to 75kW • Designed for high-performance machines • Open and closed-loop control of speed, torque, and position for asynchronous and synchronous motors • Designed for real-time communication and maximum performance
  22. 22. Questions? Page 22
  23. 23. THANK YOU. Page 23