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How to use Quora for SEO

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Quora, Reddit and surveys are great ways to come up with ideas for content

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How to use Quora for SEO

  1. 1. Ideating Content from Users: Quora, Reddit, Surveys & More Eli Schwartz, Director of Organic Product Pubcon Las Vegas 2017 @5le
  2. 2. elis@surveymonkey.com Find me on LinkedIn Twitter @5le Slides are here: http://bit.ly/pubcon2017seo
  3. 3. Unique Relevant Viral
  4. 4. Site search from web logs
  5. 5. Ahrefs content gap tool
  6. 6. Ahrefs competitor research
  7. 7. Rather than start with keywords why not let users guide your content?
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. Use Google suggestions as a guide
  10. 10. 12Confidential • The mission is to grow and share the world’s knowledge • Q&A platform founded in 2009 by Facebook alumni • 200 million users concentrated in metropolitan areas • Used evenly across desktop and mobile • Questions organized by topics • Use common language rather than keywords • Very detailed questions and answers
  11. 11. 13Confidential There are topics for everything
  12. 12. 14Confidential …And subtopics
  13. 13. 15Confidential Put Topic Pages into Ahrefs Insert topics into Ahrefs to see ranking keywords
  14. 14. 16Confidential Use Search to find more topics and questions
  15. 15. 17Confidential Find the most viewed writers in the topic to find popular questions/answers
  16. 16. 18Confidential Look at their contact info or stalk them You can also discover influencers and reach out
  17. 17. 19Confidential Use Quora to build influence, but be honest and helpful
  18. 18. 20Confidential • Keyword based • Audience targeting • CPC • Targeted by platform & location Your business name: “Promoted by [company name]” in the above example. Headline text up to 65 characters in length. Text must be a statement, not a question. Description text up to 105 characters in length. Text must be a statement, not question. Desired call to action, Quora offers options such as Learn More, Sign Up and more. Bonus: Advertise on Quora
  19. 19. 21Confidential • Founded in 2005 • Calls itself the front page of the internet • Users post external links, self submissions (IAMA, Jokes, questions, stories), videos and images • 524 million monthly visitors • Not organized, really a collection of subreddits each moderated by volunteers • “Karma” is what drives where submissions and comments show up in the hierarchy
  20. 20. 22Confidential How to find subreddits
  21. 21. 23Confidential • Sidebars are a wealth of knowledge • Subscribe • Cross links • Other subreddits
  22. 22. 24Confidential Search like a pro
  23. 23. 25Confidential Comments are valuable
  24. 24. 26Confidential • Build Karma by posting interesting content – extensively research what becomes popular in each subreddit • Don’t focus on the front page, just the subreddit. The top few positions will make it in to the front page for some users • Participate in the community with thoughtful comments • If you get banned from one subreddit, you can still participate in others •Become a redditor ADD VALUE
  25. 25. 27Confidential Advertise on Reddit EXAMPLE
  26. 26. 28Confidential Bonus: Advertise on Reddit Name campaigns like you are promoting organically
  27. 27. “Surveys can help discover interesting facts “Open ended questions will give you ideas to explore “Cross-tab into results to combine different ideas Use Surveys 1 3 2
  28. 28. 30Confidential Case Study Survey case study in virality
  29. 29. 31Confidential Tools to gather data • Clipboard & paper • Google Forms • SurveyMonkey • SurveyMonkey Audience
  30. 30. Other networks
  31. 31. 33Confidential Google Trends
  32. 32. 34Confidential Trending topics
  33. 33. 35Confidential Pinterest
  34. 34. 36Confidential WIKIPEDIA
  35. 35. 37Confidential Ehow
  36. 36. 38Confidential Yahoo Answers
  37. 37. 39Confidential Screaming Frog on competitor sites
  38. 38. 40Confidential MetaFilter
  39. 39. There are forums for everything
  40. 40. 42 User ideas first Rely on Quora, Reddit, surveys and more to get you started Keywords second Ideas lead into keywords
  41. 41. Curious? elis@surveymonkey.com @5le